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120372 Explain Fundamentals of Project Management Summative Assessment Answers

Explain Fundamentals of Project Management Case Studies

Assessment Brief:

  • Words limit: 3000 for 3 case study topics
  • Course Title: 120372 Explain fundamentals of project management
  • Total: 6000 words
  • Level: Doctor level

Case studies related to the above Porters five forces analysis Health operations management Quality improvement Health Policy Project management it should be a case study and its marking rubrics.

  • Health policy and Universal Health coverage as foundations of Healthcare Management
  • Health operations Management
  • Quality standards, quality improvement

Assessment Summary

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120372 Explain Fundamentals of Project Management Case Studies Assessment Questions

Question 1 (SO 1, AC 1; AC 2)

1.1  Identify one project that you are running or is being run in your organisation or community. Identify the key characteristics of the project.   (Mark 6)


1.2  Give three examples of operations in your organisation. Give key differences between these operations and the project you identified above.  (Mark 6)


Question 3 (SO 1, AC 3)

Explain project management life cycles in relation to the project you identified.  (Mark 6)


Question 4 (SO 1, AC 4)

Explain why the project you identified was undertaken.  (Mark 2)


Question 5 (SO 2, AC 2; AC 5)

5.1  Draw the job description of a team member and project manager of your project from.  (Mark 6)


5.2  Using your project as an example, explain the different project management processes. What recognized best practice do you use or adhere to in managing the processes.  (Mark 5)


Question 6 (SO 2, AC 4)

Using your project explain the difference between project management processes and technical processes. (Mark 4)


Question 7 (SO 3, AC 2)

Explain the difference between programmes and project hierarchies using examples from your organisation or community.   (Mark 6)


Question 8 (SO 3, AC 3)

Decompose your project into small manageable components and explain the reasons behind decomposing your project.    (Mark 5)


Question 9 (SO 4, AC 2; AC 3)

9.1  Describe and explain project management structure in a written format.     (Mark 4)


9.2  Identify any two roles in your project and describe their purpose and key responsibilities.   (Mark 4)


Question 10 (SO 5, AC 1; AC 2)

Identify and explain key processes, supplementary sub-processes and activities that take place to manage your project from beginning to end.      (Mark 6)




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