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3HS504 Promoting Equality in Human Professions Assignment Answers

3HS504 Promoting Equality in Human Professions Case Study Help


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 2000


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Component A

Title: Identify inequality and the impact it has on a group of service users.

This is designed to meet Learning Outcome 1 (LO1): Identify potential sources of inequality and its impact on different groups of service users.

To achieve a pass mark, in this part of your coursework, based on the case study, you need to:

  • Demonstrate your ability to identify inequality experienced by the family and/or its members and to relate that inequality to the causes of
  • Link personal/individual experience to the social structures and
  • Critically analyse the evidence of inequalities and the connection between social structure, human agency and This will consider the limitations of personal choices arising from the wider cultural, social and economic context.
  • Identify and analyse the short term and long-term impact of these
  • Include at least four academic sources (books, journals, and other appropriate, valid, current and reliable resources).
  • Present the discussion in an academic writing style that is appropriate for level 3 and is written in a third person narrative.


Component B

Title: Consider how your personal values, behaviours and experiences influence your response to the case study

This is designed to meet Learning Outcome 2 (LO2): Recognise the effects of personal values and behaviours when working with others.

To achieve a pass mark, in this part of your coursework you need to:

  • Use a model of reflection to structure this assignment, and to support your critical You may choose not to use a model of reflection, and to develop your own


structure. If you do choose to use a model of reflection, you should provide a reference source for this.

  • Describe and analyse how your values, behaviours and experiences have been formed and the key
  • Critically analyse how have these values, behaviours and experiences influenced the way in which you have identified and analysed inequality experienced by the family and/or its
  • Consider the impact of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination on promoting equality in human professions (relate to your future occupation/role).


Case Study 

Renée and family

Renée is a 40-year-old Black woman who works as a mental health support worker in the NHS. Her hourly rate is just above the minimum wage and, although she takes as much overtime and night shift work as she can to increase her earnings, the family still struggle to get by. The family rarely gets to spend much time together – they haven’t been on a day out for three years due to lack of time and money. Renée is in arrears on her rent and other bills and is fearful of the government’s impending changes to tax and benefits.

With her youngest daughter three years old and her youngest son eight, Renée’s long working hours mean that she has very high childcare costs. London has the highest childcare costs in the country. Renée spends £115.80 a week to keep her three-year-old daughter, Zennisha, in nursery, compared to a national average of £96 a week. She also pays £32.50 a week in after-school care for her 8-year-old son, Tyrone.

Renée’s 80-year-old mother, Edith, has poor eyesight and trouble walking long distances, so she now lives with her daughter. Edith helps as much as she can with the childcare, and without her help Renée would struggle even more.

The family live in a three-bedroom council flat on a Hackney estate. There is severe damp in the flat and one of the bedrooms in uninhabitable. The family is forced to share not just bedrooms but also beds. Edith shares a bed with her grandson, Tyrone, and Renée and her two daughters share a bed. The family can’t afford to move into better housing and the council have told them they are adequately housed.

Don’t forget! Additional information about the case study and videos of the family can be accessed on:


You might also consider introducing further dimensions to the case study to explore other influences on equality such as:

  • Domestic
  • Gender
  • Mental
  • Sexuality and sexual


Assignment guidance

  • Present the discussion throughout in an academic writing style that is appropriate for level
  • Component B can be written with a first-person Therefore, you can use ‘I’ or ‘me’ when describing your thoughts and feelings.
  • Otherwise, use the third person narrative (names, he, she, they).
  • Support your observations and opinions with theories and
  • Include at least four academic sources (books, journals, and other appropriate, valid, current and reliable resources).
  • Follow the university referencing guidance – see ‘Cite them Right’ which you can access via the library website at:


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