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A blitz is different from a blitzkrieg because only a Blitz

A “blitz” is different from a “blitzkrieg” because only a Blitz

A.  German bombers targeted London and other British cities’ cities, ports, and industrial sectors.

B.  Between September 1940 and May 1941, it had occurred.

C.  Because only a blitz solely relies on air force, it differs from a blitzkrieg.

The Correct Answer is: – C. Because only a blitz solely relies on air force, it differs from a blitzkrieg.


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A “blitz” and a “blitzkrieg” are related terms but have distinct meanings:

  1. Blitz:
    • Blitz is a shortened form of the German word “Blitzkrieg,” which translates to “lightning war.”
    • In a broader sense, “blitz” can refer to a sudden and intense military attack or campaign. It is often associated with rapid and overwhelming offensives aimed at taking the enemy by surprise.
  1. Blitzkrieg:
  • Blitzkrieg is a military strategy and tactic developed by the Germans in World War II. It involves using highly mobile and coordinated forces, such as tanks, infantry, and air support, to launch a rapid and overwhelming attack on an enemy’s defences.
  • The goal of a blitzkrieg is to quickly penetrate and disrupt the enemy’s lines, encircle their forces, and create chaos, thereby achieving a decisive victory.
  • The term “blitzkrieg” specifically refers to this World War II German military strategy characterized by its speed and surprise.


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