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A-Plan (Direct Strategy) management Assignment


A-Plan (Direct Strategy) Assignment

Today you received a sales letter from Anna Cheney, a professional trainer in diversity management, inviting you to purchase her services. It so happens that, as a human resources manager at Custom Publishing (CP), you know of some diversity-related friction in the company caused by several recent hires and promotions. For many years, CP, like most publishing firms, employed only white men for the technical, sales, and managerial positions and hired women as support staff only. But the growing company has been increasing its international clientele, and it recently hired a Middle Eastern and two Asian programmers. It also hired a female translator and promoted a female administrative assistant to Project Manager. You know from informal conversations with these minority employees that they’re feeling socially isolated and sometimes left out of important information loops, though none of them have filed a formal complaint – yet.

You decide to write to Dr. Cheney to investigate the possibility of her conducting some kind of diversity-appreciation training for CP’s employees. You want them to become aware of little ways that newcomers can be made to feel welcome, and you also want the employees to see that it’s in the company’s best interest to open up to more kinds of co-workers an customers. On the other hand, you don’t want the employees to feel preached at or accused of ‘political incorrectness.’ This is a delicate situation, and you don’t want your efforts to improve it to backfire.
Write an email to Dr. Cheney to find out if CP should hire her. Tell her about your company, including any details that might help her, but without putting the company in too negative a light. Find out what kinds of training she offers and what her fee is (the amount of time and money that you could get approved for this kind of training would probably be limited). You also want a better sense of who she is. What are her credentials? Is she tactful? Is she interesting? It would be great if you could talk to some of her prior clients. Try to get enough information to be able to make a reasonable confident decision on this important issue.
Dr. Cheney’s email address is

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