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  1. Introduction

This is an individual report – 1,500 words in total, 25% of total assessment:

The first assessment in Term 1 comprises one marked, group-based individual essay/report of around 1,500 words (+/- 10% margin) to be submitted on 17th  Feb 2017.  The quality/logic of the contents/arguments is of critical importance.

Advances in Accounting Assignment Help
The essay will be based on a published research paper. You are required to critically review t h e provided article and comment on its aspects. In particular, we will be looking for the following points:

  • Identification of paper’s key research question, rationale, and objectives;
  • Summary and comment on the range of key views as expressed in the literature review;
  • Presentation of the key research approach used in the paper;
  • Assessment of paper’s impact on further research;
  • Analysis of practical implications of views presented in the article;
  • Your summary and analysis on the key findings and final conclusion.

The article which you will receive for analysis will not necessarily be one published in the last few years. In this situation you will need to (1) assess to what extend the paper shaped further intellectual debate and genuinely contributed to enhancement of the research in the field as well as (2) analyse the paper’s impact on economic policies and/or decisions of market participants.

To undertake this type of analysis you will need not only to review the impact of the article (measured, for example, by number of citations) but support your reasoning by using the recent (last two years) articles which make clear reference to the article you are assessing, either supporting or rejecting its key findings/implications.

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The structure outlined above has several objectives:

  1. Reinforce knowledge of the research process as covered in formal lectures,
  2. Support the development of your analytical and critical skills -your ability to critically review and evaluate theory,
  3. Encourage you to initiate and carry out projects, including your ability to take decisions in complex group work situations,
  4. Present the research as a continuous process of discussion,
  5. Teach you  the  skills  necessary  for  future  analysis/research  –  outside  the University. Achieving  the  objectives  presented  above  will  supports  the  unit’s  Learning Outcomes, as defined in the unit information form.

Achieving the objectives presented above will supports the unit’s Learning Outcomes, as defined in the unit’s Handbook.

You are strongly encouraged to visit the StudyHub web site for general help with preparing for assessments and access to a range of relevant additional on-line resources.

  1. Assessment

Paper Critique – Broad Guidelines / Marking guide

A critique consists of well-considered and balanced review/comments on something, in this case an academic paper. In doing so, you can use your own arguments as well as those of other experts on the subject. So, by all means, include comments from other articles that you think have relevance to the subject matter in the article (by properly citing/quoting).

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Below is one suggested way of approaching the task. It is not the only way and you are encouraged not to regard this as a box ticking exercise. Evidence of original thoughts/arguments and the imaginative use of other literature to support your arguments will earn recognition in the marking.

Please do not focus your critique on the abstract –  as this simply gives  you  a summary of the paper as a whole.

  1. It is however useful to start with an introduction – this should show that you have understood what the paper is about – its research question/objectives/rationale.(10 marks)
  1. Then focus on the paper’s arguments: ( 50 marks)
  2. i) Identify the key lines of arguments included in the literature review – for and against
  3. ii) Identify the paper’s own key findings/arguments (in the data analysis/findings section). Then, comment on the extent to which you think they coincide/diverge from the literature review? What do other authors/papers before but more especially after this paper have to say about some of the key arguments made in the paper – for and against?

iii) Identify the paper’s research approach/methods – what are your views on the research approach/methods   adopted? Limitations/strengths

  1. iv) Identify the paper’s key  conclusions  –  To  what  extent  you  think  the conclusion is consistent with the prior sections? Having seen other articles since this paper, to what extent you think the paper’s findings/conclusion still stand?
  2. Your overall views/comments/conclusion on the paper (15 marks)
  3. Assessment of paper’s research impact and practical implications (15 marks)
  4. Bibliography/structure/logical arguments (10 marks)

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2.1 Coursework submissions

A submission will constitute a recognisable response to the task brief. All written coursework must be submitted electronically through TURNITIN on BREO and a hardcopy is not required. The submission deadline is as follows:

  • A copy of the report must be electronically submitted through TURNITIN on BREO by 17th Feb (by 10.00 GMT)

Late work is not accepted, and will be deemed a fail and graded “0” (Non- submission).

Working to deadlines is an important life-skill and I would encourage you to develop appropriate practices.

If you believe that you are likely to miss a deadline because of extenuating circumstances you should apply to Student Support through your Program Manager for an extension. Your application should be accompanied by documentary evidence of your extenuating circumstances. Please note that lecturers are not able to extend published deadlines.

You can find out more details about extenuating circumstances and how to apply

If you do submit a claim, you should not assume that it is necessarily going to be accepted; it is your responsibility to make sure that you complete all assessment requirements in a unit as far as possible.

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  • Feedback and Grades

The university policy is that you will receive prompt feedback on your work within 15 working days of the submission date. Exceptionally where this is not achievable (for example due to staff sickness) you will be notified as soon as possible of the revised date and the reasons behind the change.

The policy also states that final grades are available after 20 working days. You can expect to receive feedback via BREO by 3rd March. Your provisional grades on your marked assignments will be available to view on E-vision by 17th March 2017.

  • Referencing

Referencing is the way in which you arrange in your work the quotations you make from other authors or the sources on which you draw. Details of how to reference effectively can be found here:

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  • The learning resources web site
  • The invisible library
  • PAD also run sessions on effective referencing (see and their BREO site for further details).

If you don’t reference correctly then you are at risk of being accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism is an academic offence which covers both direct copying and copying or paraphrasing with only minor adjustments:

  • A direct quotation from a text must be indicated by the use of quotation marks and the source of the quote (title, author, page number and date of publication);
  • A paraphrased summary must be indicated by attribution of the author, date and source of the material including page numbers for the section(s) which have been summarised.

The Business School adopts the Harvard Reference System and no other method should be used.

of topics or to book one-to-one appointments. You will also find a Professional Academic Development link on your home page within BREO which provides access to a range of additional on-line resources.

Please CHAT WITH LIVE Assignment Advisor to know more about Referencing styles and Citations.


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