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Al Ghurair iron and steel is the largest flat steel rolling and hot-dip galvanizing complex in the GCC regions. In the past five years, it has become an increasingly important segment of the steel industry sector in GCC.  (agis, 2020).

It caters the requirements of fabrication, construction and other non-automotive industries in the regions. It is committed to maintaining the health and safety of its employees, customers and stakeholders while preserving the integrity of its environment. Working with more than five different nationalities, its cultural values and behaviors are considered very essential favoring all categories of its employees.

The present global business that is full of competition focuses on quick improvement and sustainability of the market; this means organizations look for different means on how to become successful.

The fortune of the enterprise comes from the result got between customers and employees, companies and products produced. Both employees and customers need to be motivated. Therefore, in order to establish a business that is self-driven and focused on an organization, such fundamentals have to be considered and should work together to bring gains to both the employees and the company. Therefore, it is important for a company to form a culture where workers can see themselves being valued. All this can be achieved by giving gifts, bonuses, benefits and incentives in return for the good work done. With such outcome, workers can do whatever possible with the aim of achieving an organization’s objectives.

Problem Statement

Motivation in an organization is a very essential feature in satisfying the employees through acquiring a consistent development and the employees awareness is an essential phase to expose how contented and happy the employees are towards the organization’s involvement in assisting them while doing their work. An organization should give better services, proper gathering of information; encourage them while solving their problems. This indicates that the organization is capable of doing its work as it provides a favourable environment.

Although it is known that motivated employee is a productive one, any type of injustice towards the organization to a bigger extent can affect the workers. Therefore every company is providing greater priorities in order to maintain its employees with motivation.

Employee motivation is considered as an important matter by the business person where efforts are drawn and programs started or initiated. Once the employee is not motivated by the work his doing, then there is a possibility of employee work turn over, reduction in productivity, doing mistakes at work, absenteeism and others therefore keeping this matter in view, all companies are doing the best to identify the areas where motivation can be improved to get rid of the mentioned problems.

Al Ghurair iron and steel has been facing the problem of lack of motivation among some of the employees, this has affected its performance, leading to employees being unproductive, employee work turn over, increasing absenteeism especially at lower levels of employees. All these are leading to less contribution to the bottom line. In this regard, a study has been done on behalf of Al Ghurair iron and steel to find the level of motivation on different work-related areas.

Research aim:

The study is aimed at analysing a range of factors which affect the motivation levels of employees at Al Ghurair Iron and Steel. The research will further look into assessment of factors and current motivation levels of the employees.


Research Objectives:

  1. To identify factors affecting employee motivation at Al Ghurair iron and steel
  2. To study the levelsof employees’ motivation at Al Ghurair iron and steel
  3. To recommend strategies for improving motivation level of employees at Al Ghurair Iron and Steel Company

Research Questions:

  1. What are the factors contributing to motivation levels at Al Ghurair iron and steel?
  2. To what extent the employees at Al Ghurair Iron and Steel feel motivated towards their work?
  3. What are the recommended strategies to improve motivation level of employees at Al Ghurair Iron and Steel Company?

Research Rationale / Significance of Study (benefits)

Justification of Choice (Personal interest / accessibility / Professional)

I am interested in understanding how different workers react towards different kind of motivation like extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Knowing motivation provides us with variety of very important awareness into different characteristics of people.

It makes clear why aims and objectives are set and the way how they can be achieved.


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