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Assembly language programming help


  1. Your program should compile and run without any error.
  2. You must provide a batch file with the complete commands which are needed to compile and execute your source file. Any sample input file, if applicable, must also be provided.
  3. Provide sufficient error handling.
  4. Code should be properly commented.
  5. All projects should be accompanied by a readme.txt file detailing the program behavior, expectations, input type and output sample.
  6. Mention your name and roll number in the readme.txt file.
  7. Make a folder with your roll number, place all the files you want to submit inside this folder. Zip it and then email the zip file at
  8. Do not copy paste from internet, copy/paste Prj will be marked zero.


Write a program which given an input string, prints all permutations of the string. If the input is XOM, the output is XOM, XMO, OMX, OXM, MOX, MXO.

String should consist of 4 or 5 letters.i.eabcde.  Use counters accordingly. Run it to check it if it works successfully. Should be in assembly language not in c/c++.



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