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Assignment for Managing Communication

Assignment Task

Unit Name  :   Managing Communication

Level 5  :   15 Credits




You work for a training organization.  They are reviewing their series of ‘training packages’ and have asked you to help.  One of their most popular courses is ‘Managing Workplace Communication.’  The actual training package is out of date, and you have been asked to rewrite it.

You will plan all elements of the training package. You will need to include a performance with accompanying notes and have appropriate hand-outs and exemplary materials.

This training package will:

  • apply theory to practice
  • draw on your experiences of communication within organizations and use case studies as appropriate to exemplify practices
  • show delegates how to review communication within an organization, using your exemplar material
  • reflect on own interpersonal communication skills

At the end of the process you will also:

  • reflect on own interpersonal communication skills

Activity 1

The first part of the preparation package will deal with how information and experience are communicated supported by examples, either from your own experiences or case study material.  Make a clear and informative presentation to enable delegates to learn how communication and knowledge are communicated to organizations and those factors that impact on workplace communication.

Presentation materials should be supported by notes as well as information sheets/hand-outs as appropriate.

You must cover the following topics:

  • An analysis of critical information and knowledge requirements for a range of stakeholders in different organizations
  • An example of the systems used for communicating this information and knowledge
  • a summary of potential(and real) barriers to effective workplace communication
  • An evaluation of how values and cultural factors influence the interaction
  • An explanation of how technology can be used to benefit as well as hinder the communication process
  • A description of how policies and procedures can impact on the communication processes.

Assessment Criteria 1.1/1.2/1.3/2.1/2.2/2.3

Activity 2

Delegates from the training should now be in a position to review communication within their organizations. To permit them to do this you will require providing exemplary material for a communication analysis/report that you have carried out yourself within an organization. Delegates will be able to use this as a template and model of good practice.

Produce a formal report in which you:

  • provide the findings from your own communications audit
  • apply methods of organizational information
  • create a project which can be used to improve knowledge within the organization
  • Identify areas to evaluate the success of the plan to develop workplace communications.

Assessment Criteria 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4

Activity 3

You are aware that the ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill. You understand that promoting effective interpersonal communication is essential in all aspects of life including the workplace. You decide to carry out your report.

You decide to:

  • assess the effectiveness of personal communication skills
  • apply theories of interpersonal communication to yourself
  • Request feedback from others
  • Plan own personal development to improve communication skills based on this feedback.

Provide all information as a detailed log.

Assessment Criteria 3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4

Module Specification and Learning Outcomes:

Managing Communication 
Unit aims This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of how communication takes place within and between organizations, the potential pitfalls and the benefits of good practice.
Unit level 5
Unit code  D/503/7074
GLH 60
Credit value 15
Unit grading structure Pass
Assessment guidance Assignments in accordance with awarding organization guidance. The learners will carry out a review of communication within an organization.
Learning outcomes The learner will: Assessment criteria The learner can:
1 Understand how information and     knowledge is communicated within an    organization 1.1 Analyze key information and knowledge       requirements for a range of stakeholders within different organizations1.2 Explain the systems used for communicating

key information and knowledge to        stakeholders

1.3 Analyze potential barriers to effective

workplace communication

2 Understand factors that impact on    workplace communication 2.1 Evaluate how communication is influenced        by values and cultural factors2.2 Explain how technology can be used to benefit as well as hinder the communication process

2.3 Explain how policies and procedures can        impact on the communication processes

3 Be able to promote effectiveinterpersonal communication


3.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of  own       communication skills3.2 Apply theories of interpersonal        communication to oneself

3.3 Request feedback from others on own        interpersonal communication skills

3.4 Plan own personal development to improve        own communication skills, based on feedback from others

4 Be able to review communicationwithin an organization


4.1 Carry out a communications audit 4.2 Apply theories of organizational communication4.3 Create a plan to improve workplace        communications

4.4 Identify measures to evaluate the success           of the plan to improve workplace communications


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