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(BAAT4041) Maintenance Management MCQs with Answers – Mid Term Test

Maintenance Management (MCQ) Multiple-Choice Question with Answers


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Answer all questions.

1.  The following statements are perceptions about maintenance except

A.  A cost centre to business

B.  Under utilized

C.  Bottom of management group

D.  Generate production capacity


2.  What are THREE components of maintenance

(i).  Maintainability

(ii).  Reliability

(iii).  Availability

(iv).  Sustainability


A.  i,ii,iii

B.  ii,iii,iv

C.  iii,iv, i

D.  iv,i,ii


3.  Three elements of effective maintenance management are:-

(i). Maintenance cost

(ii). Optimum utilization

(iii). Extended operation

(iv). Reduce downtime


A.  i,ii,iii

B.  ii,iii,iv

C.  iii,iv, i

D.  iv,i,ii


4.  “Should clearly describe he vision, mission, objectives and goals of the related activity”

The above strategy is one of the strategy refereeing to:-

A.  Sustainable management policy

B.  Management commitment

C.  Maintenance management policy

D.  Managing maintenance as business

5.  “ The best productivity can be achieved when each individual in an organization has a definite job to do in a define way and time”

The above principles was scientifically formulated by

A.  W. Taylor

B.  A. Westerkemp

C.  Patton

D.  W. Nibel


6.  The size of the maintenance departments is directly related to the size of

A.  Department

B.  Organizations

C.  Shop

D.  Area


7.  The following are Three main resources that are very curcial for maintenance management cost effectiveness EXCEPT.

A.  Human resources

B.  Material resources

C.  Maintenance resources

D.  Infrastructural resources


8.  OEM( Original Equipment Manufacturer) and vendor training is a training to ensure

A.  To generate knowledge and skills par with team player

B.  To transfer knowledge for the experiencedstaff

C.  Undertake maintenance job independently

D.  Obtain information on new equipment maintenance from the manufacturer directly


9.  Unsuccessful implementation of computer maintenance management due to the following reason EXCEPT.

A.  Lack of movement of floor personnel

B.  Lack of fundamental research on computer related

C.  Lack of IT knowledge

D.  Lack of support from maintenance staff


10.  The type of maintenance is used when failure does not significantly affect operation or production and generate any financial losses is classified as

A.  Time Based Maintenance

B.  Preventive Maintenance

C.  Break down Maintenance

D.  Corrective Maintenance


Figure 1

 11.  Based on the figure 1,what kind of maintenance process X  refers to

A.  BM (Breakdown Maintenance)

B.  TM (Time Based Maintenance)

C.  CM (Corrective Maintenance)

D.  CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)


12.  Three (3) types of condition monitory are:-

  1. Offline condition monitoring
  2. Online periodic condition monitoring
  3. Offline periodic reliability monitoring
  4. Online continuous condition monitoring


A.  I, II, III


C.  I, III, IV

D.  I, II, IV


13.  One of the important and the prime mover of the maintenance department for maintenance cost effectiveness is

A.  ICT Resources

B.  Infrastructural Resource

C.  Material Resource

D.  Human Resource


14.  Type of sourcing that is utilizing the existing non-maintenance personnel in a business environment to identify, prevent and avoid potential failure of equipment is

A.  Material quality source

B.  Maintenance insourcing

C.  Maintenance outsourcing

D.  Preventive maintenance source


15.  One of the disadvantage Of maintenance outsourcing is

A.  Increase monitoring requirement

B.  Reduction of training costs

C.  Elimination of need to hire high skill staff

D.  Flexibility to increase or decrease the staff

X refersFigure 2

16.  Refer to figure 2, X refers to

A.  Reliability

B.  Cost

C.  Quality

D.  Time


17.  The description of failure that leads to functional failure of equipment named as.

A.  Failure Mode

B.  Failure cause

C.  Reliability failure

D.  Failure Analysis


18.  Benefit of Reliability Centered Maintenance is

A.  Increase facility life cycle

B.  Increase safety

C.  Enhance economy perspective

D.  Eliminate failure mode


19.  Description of Type C failure in reliability bath curve

A.  Early stage failure

B.  Constant increased failure

C.  Gradual increase probability

D.  Low failure probability


20.  A period in bathtub curve with decreasing failure rate at beginning of a system called.

A.  Random failure period

B.  Wear-out period

C.  Normal life period

D.  Infant mortality period



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