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BMM3003 – Introduction to Business Operations and Management

BMM3003 – Introduction to Business Operations and Management Assignment Answers

Assignment Details:-

  • Words: 2000

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Completing Your Assignment

 What am I required to do in this assignment?

This first assignment comprises of the development of a portfolio of knowledge that draws on real life examples or situations.  The portfolio will be a series of smaller “bite size” tasks or activities that will build in to the overall portfolio and you will have to complete these tasks in a set number of weeks through the initial part of the module. These weeks are 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10. During these weeks there will be some time set aside in class to discuss these tasks and be able to review with your individual tutor, your progress to date and you are encouraged to complete these as soon as possible when they are issued. All tasks must be completed in order to secure a pass in this assessment.

Task 1: Contemporary Research

You need to discuss with your tutor in week 3 of your module.

There are a number of operational management issues that are reported on the news daily that have an effect on our lives. Research a topic and select 2 current news publications from newspapers, magazines or radio or TV broadcasts as evidence and summarise in 500 words what the key operational issue is, what caused the problem and what if any would be the suggested solution to the problem. This could be related to Fuel crisis, Price inflation, Utility bills increase, Brexit, Poverty & unemployment, Housing crisis, Food or consumer products shortages or Vaccine rollout for example.

Task 2: ALDI 

Please read the Aldi Case study below and answer in 600 words the questions at the end.

For completion in week 5 of your module.


Aldi: Changing the Landscape of Grocery Shopping

According to a recent study by Nielsen consumers used to prefer stock up visits. Now 46% of them view shopping as a chore. The one stop shopping experience that had taken most of the world by storm a couple of decades ago is changing and ALDI, a German supermarket, is pioneering the way. Stores like ALDI focus on efficiency and challenge the traditional supermarket model, which operates on thousands of square metres and offers a wide variety of choices. ALDI caters to the needs-based shopping clientele who make frequent visits to the store rather than stocking up during one visit. ALDI leads the way for the increasing number of companies that are developing business models to appeal to this segment of consumers. 

Founded in 1946, ALDI is a discount groceries chain that has gained substantial ground because of its operations management. The company currently has 10,000 stores in 17 countries across Europe, Australia, United States and most recently China. The company has been developing its successful business model for decades splitting operations in Germany between Audi Nord and Audi Sud in 1960 and 1962 respectively and expanding its international operations since 1967. 

As part of its business model, ALDI generally operates on 1000 to 1500 square metres of space, compared to the approximately 4000 square metres space utilised by many traditional supermarkets. Sites to accommodate smaller stores are easier to find close to target locations like city centres; This eliminates customers having to travel great distances for grocery shopping and encourages frequent visits. 

The smaller store size also naturally reduces the number of products that can be offered. But then again, who needs 35 different varieties of ketchup to choose from? ALDI carries only a few variants of each product, sometimes limiting the choice to one. This approach reduces the total number of products carried to approximately 10 to 15% of traditional supermarkets selection. This enables for more efficient inventory management because planning and forecasting for one or two products instead of dozens is easier and reduces the chance of stockouts open brackets shortages closed brackets and products exceeding their shelf life. 

For some small stores, this also reduces the hassle restocking the shelves. This, however, is not a problem for ALDI. For many products ALDI suppliers ship them in boxes that can be kept on the store floor as it is and the customers can select the products they want from the boxes. While improved efficiency may not be immediately obvious, the measures allow for fewer employees working in each shift with many of them being able to move between stocking shelves and managing the cash register as needed. 

In addition, ALDI’s reliance on its own exclusive brand products reduces overhead costs and increases efficiency of management while still providing quality products, which makes it highly competitive in a cut throat industry. It also builds brand awareness and, as the sole supplier of each products increases customer retention.


Question 1:ALDI and similar stores offer different customer experience. Do you think a similar business model would work in other industries? Please give examples to illustrate your answer.


Questions 2:What are the sacrifices customers have to make in order to have access to this shopping experiences?


Source: Dr V. M. Kiss. Metropolitan State University of Denver


Task 3: Business Ethics 

This needs to be completed by week 7 of your module

Using a real example that you have identified and researched give an example of where a management team in an organisation practiced or implemented a positive ethical approach. This could be where the organisation is customer facing and introduced a new practice or procedure or could be where an internal positive ethical approach was adopted to benefit all employees. Examples will have been covered in the ethics section of this module and in the associated reading. Your answer needs to be 500 words and should be completed by week 7 of the module.

Task 4: Class Discussion

A 5-minute group presentation in week 9 and Individual Reflection to be completed.

Your module tutor will issue you a business area from the list below and you should work in a group to prepare some research and a 5-minute presentation into the business area and how it has an impact on the operations management and overall business management of any organisation. The objective of the presentation is to identify and articulate clearly where your business area contributes to the overall business, what challenges this area faces daily and identify how the business could not operate without it.


You should come to class in week 9 prepared to present with your group to other class members and your one slide presentation should take no more than 5 minutes. You must rehearse your presentation in advance and all members should speak in class.


  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology Services
  • Production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance Department
  • Sales team.


At the end of the discussion, you are required to write a 400-word individual reflection on how you thought your presentation went and what were the positive aspects of it and what areas of your topic you could have considered. This needs to be submitted as part of the final submission in week 10.


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