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BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Assessment

BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service


This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.

Student lnstructions

You have been engaged to review and help develop and implement customer service systems to support

the strategic and marketing objectives of an organisation.

For this assessment you may choose to use as a business modeli.

The organisation where you currently work or another organisation that you are familiar with, provided in

either case that you havq access to, and permission from the organisation to use, the necessary

information and data, or ,

  1. An organisation to be allocated to you by your Assessor

lf you choose option (i) above, you must discuss which organisation you will use with your Assessor and have it

approved by your Assessor BEFORE you start. For option (ii) your Assessor will provide you with the necessary

links to Bounce Fifness or a similarly appropriate business model.

You will need to obtain a copy of the latest Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan and other relevant information for

the organisation and review it to familiarise yourself with their goals and objectives and their operations.

This assessment is to be underlaken through six tasks, which should be undertaken consecutively.


  1. Review the organisation’s Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan and other relevant information to identify the

/ikely customer service needs and expectations.

Note: You must also take into account any significant new projects or services that are under consideration

that may impact the scope of customer service needs. For example if you are using Bounce Fftness as your

business model, you must also take into account lhet Corporate Marketing Plan which is located under

“lnfrastructure – Current Projects” on their website.

  1. Develop a survey or similar methodology to gather their input and help conclude lhe actual customer service

needs and expectations

  1. Ask at least four customers, or other students or colleagues to role play as customers, and give you feedback

by participating in the metho(ology you have developed at step 2 (e.g.completing the survey)

  1. Summarise the customer service standard promised to customers in terms ofa.


  1. Timeliness, and
  2. Cost
  3. Develop an appropriate Customer Service Strategy and Policy.
  4. Develop strategies and outline systems and procedures that should be put in place to ensure that products

and services are provided in accordance with the quality standards you have established, including

  1. how to monitor actual performance
  2. what records should be maintained and what reporting should be put in place
  3. what assistance is available to staff when they may encounter difficulties in meeting the standards
  4. additional (human and physical) resources that may be required, or how existing resources may be

utilised more effectively


DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED to complete this assessment-

1) Customer Service Strategy’and Policy (minimum 500 words as a guide), including details ofi.

Customer service needs and expectations identified through your review of the organisation by Task 1

  1. Customers Standards promised to customers in terms of Quality, Timeliness, and Cost (Task 4)

2) A Report (1000 to 1500 words as a guide), describing the strategies for, and systems and procedures

that should be put in place, to ensure delivery of the quality standards (Task 6), covering in particulari.

how to monitor performance

  1. records to be maintained and reporting actual performance achieved

iii. assistance available to staff when they encounter difficulties in meeting standards

  1. additional resources required, or how to use existing resources more effectively

3) Evidence of customer feedback gathered through Tasks 2 and 3 (e.9. completed surveys)



BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service !



Scenario for Bounce Fitness buslness model

Ben is one of the new corporate clients and he is complaining that he will have to shorten his planned one

hourworkout by 15 minutes or he willbe late to get to his office, even though he had planned his timing and

arrived at the gym at the advertised opening time. He says that Sarah, the morning’s Duty Manager, arrived

at the same time, but had made Ben (and some other clients) wait outside while Sarah carried out the day’s

opening procedures before allowing clients to come in. That took Sarah at least 15 minutes.

You are the Centre Manager and you have been aware that on several previous occasions, other morning

Duty Managers had also been arriving very close to the advertised opening time and had also kept clients

waiting outside. It is also you who insists on the policy that all of the day’s opening procedures need to be

completed before clients are allowed access. Your policy is meant to ensure the safety of both staff and

clients, and to uphold the reputation of the facilities by ensuring they are fully operational, clean etc. before

clients enter the premises.

To add to Ben’s anger however and to complicate his situation, he is now also complaining that he has been

trying for three days to get enough time with Mick, his allocated Personal Trainer, to get the personalised

workbut routine developed that he was promised when he joined. Ben claims that Mick is sometimes late for

the appointments and always books with two or three other clients and treats them all as a group workout

session, not individually which is what Ben expected.

You are not aware that Ben is a senior manager of one of your new corporate clients, and has significant

influence on whether or not more of their staff will be encou to the

This assessment is to be undertaken through seven tasks, which should be undertaken consecutively



  1. Identify and explain how each of the issues are or could be adversely impacting on the customer service

delivery experience

  1. Rate the impacts of each issue and recommend the priorities in which they should be addressed
  2. Research relevant service standards and best practice models
  3. Make recommendations to amend, enhance or modify, if you consider necessary, the relevant Customer

Service Standards that you developed in Assessment 1

  1. Determine which of the organisation’s policies, procedures, systems or processes should be changed, (or

new ones introduced), to lessen the risks of repeated lower than expected customer service levels

  1. Outline what you, as lVlanager, could do to assist staff meet customer service requirements
  2. Review your Report from Assessment 1 and identify any further suggestions on how to monitor and report on

customer service performance.

DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED to complete this assessment-

1) A Report(700a b 1500 words as a guide)detailingwith

the impacts and the priorities

assisting staff meet the customer service standards


BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service


Student Name Student lD No

r This is an open book assessment to be conducted in the classroom under Trainer’s supervision.

o You are to provide answers to each of the questions in a separate document using lVlSWord or similar

word processing tools. Your document should be professionally formatted, with questions retyped and


o You must answer all questions satisfactorily to achieve competency in the unit. The extent of responses

required will vary by question – an approximate word count is provided at each question as a guide

o Your answers should be in your own words, not copied or plagiarised from any person or source except

where appropriate such as a definition, in which cases you should reference the source

o Ask your assessor if you do not understand a question. Whist your assessor cannot tell you the answer,

he/she may be able to re-word the question for you

r Reasonable adjustment: lf you require any adjustments to accommodate a need in order to complete this

assessment, please talk to your assessor. Arrangements will be put in place to ensure a fair and flexible

approach is undertaken for this assessment. Please note that the range or nature of the adjustment will

ensure that the outcomes of the unit are not compromised

o Re-assessment: lf you do not achieve the required standard, you will be given the opportunity to be reassessed

by our Assessor. Arrangements will be made on an individual basis. lf you are deemed to be NS

(Not Satisfactory) , your assessor will either ask specific questions orally and record them with you or you

will be asked to resubmit your responses

. Feedback: Your assessor will provide feedback to students after the completion of the assessment. The

assessor will explain the appeals process when required.


1 . List the steps for effectively dealing with complex complaint (at least ten (10) sfeps)

  1. List at least six (6) effective ways to deal with customers with special needs
  2. List at least six (6) strategies you could implement to identify customers needs?
  3. List three (3) factors required to ensure customer feedback is effective.
  4. List six (6) different interactions made with customers in every business
  5. List and briefly explain eight (B) different factors for delivering superior service to


  1. Why is following up with clients important? (50 words as a guide)
  2. Briefly explain what the two dimensions of service are (25 to 50 words as a guide)
  3. Describe the five elements of quality service (25 to 50 words for each as a guide)
  4. Describe in a sentence the following service culture componentsa)

Service mission

  1. b) Products and services
  2. c) Delivery system
  3. d) Training
  4. e) lVotivators and Rewards
  5. f) Policies and Procedures
  6. List eight (B) words or phrases that damage customer relationships

12, List six (6) ways to dealwith assertive customers

  1. ldentify the six (6) main customer needs, and in a sentence for each, explain how you

can address them.

  1. Briefly describe the following behavioural styles, and how you would deal with each (50

to 100 words for each as a guide)

  1. a) Dominance
  2. b) lnfluencing
  3. c) Steadiness
  4. d) Compliance
  5. Service breakdowns occur whenever any product or service fails to meet the

customers’ expectations. List and briefly describe the six (6) key steps you would take

to rectify a service breakdown.

  1. List at least six (6) factors that may reduce / restrict or prevent service recovery
  2. List at least six (6) pieces of information you should try to find out from your existing

customers whilst researching their needs

  1. List at least six (6) pieces of information you should try to find out from your potentiat

customers whilst researching their needs?

  1. List and briefly explain 10 things you should know about your customer
  2. Explain 6 different strategies you can use to obtain customer feedback(S0 words for

each as a guide)

  1. List five (5) reasons why it is important not to have variable quality in products or

services offered

22.What is the importance of sensitivity during conflict resolution? How does one achieve


  1. What is the best outcome of a conflict? How is this achieved?
  2. How do ethics affect your role managing Customer Service?
  3. How do consumer protection laws affect your company?
  4. Outline and describe what is meant by Anti-discrimination, and how it would affect your

role as a customer service manager.

27.What are the National Privacy Principles?

  1. List 3 points you should follow to ensure you comply with the National Privacy


  1. ln terms of privacy what is considered “Personal information”?
  2. How do industry codes of practice affect your role managing customer service?
  3. What are an employer’s rights and responsibilities in terms of OHS?

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