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BSBMGT502 Manage people performance Assessments Case Study Help

Assessment activity 1

Allocating work

The following table maps the assessment activity for this chapter against the performance criteria of Element 1 in BSBMGT502 Manage people performance. The activity has been designed for all learners to complete.

Part Element Performance criteria
A 1 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6
B 1 1.5


Part A: Theory review and application

  1. Describe how, and why, you have consulted (or will consult) with relevant groups when allocating work in an organisation. Relevant groups may include:
  2. a) supervisors and/or managers of the relevant position b) staff affected by the role
  3. c) external consultants such as HR experts or union representatives
  1. d) other internal stakeholders such as HR staff, OHS representatives and subject matter expe
  2. What are some ways you could ensure that the work plans you have created meet your

organisation’s operational or business plans?

  1. Describe the methods you have used to gain efficiency and cost-effectiveness from your staff members. You must demonstrate how you have ensured that the work carried out adheres to the required organisational outcomes.
  2. Explain how you have confirmed quantitative and qualitative performance standards as documented in key performance indicators with a member of your team. This should include the method you used and reference to any codes of conduct, policies and work outputs applicable to the employee’s role.
  3. Conduct and report on a risk analysis in a workplace that relates to staffing and work allocation issues. Ensure you cover the necessary steps of the risk analysis model. You may use a form recommended by your organisation or a template provided by your trainer/assessor.

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Part B: Case study

Read the case study, then complete the tasks that follow.

Case study

Orpheus Cellular is a mobile phone retailer with several city outlets. At the CBD outlet, a new sales staff member, Steve, is joining the team and has been asked to attend an interview with you to establish the agreed performance indicators for the role.

Orpheus requires that all sales staff contribute to the store’s success. The store currently employs two sales staff and one administrator/manager. Steve will be number three. The store’s KPIs include:

  • 50 new connections per month
  • 80 upgrades from old contracts or handsets
  • No stock over 90 days old
  1. Prepare a brief work plan for Steve.
  1. Use dot points to list the performance standards and code of conduct Steve will need to adhere to.
  2. Develop the performance indicators for Steve ensuring that:
  1. a) store objectives are maintained
  1. b) Steve’s KPIs are fair and in accordance with relevant legislati
  1. Explain how you would ensure Steve understands his KPIs.
  1. What risk control options might you use to ensure Steve achieves his KPIs?

Assessment activity 2

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Assessing performance

The following table maps the assessment activity for this chapter against the performance criteria of Element 2 in BSBMGT502 Manage people performance. The activity has been designed for all learners to complete.

Part Element Performance criteria
A 2 All
B 2 2.1, 2.2, 2.4


Part A: Theory review and application

  1. How can  you  ensure  that  performance  management  and  review  processes  remain consistent with organisational objectives and policies?
  2. What methods of training have you used, or are familiar with, to ensure participants understand the performance management process at an organisation?
  3. Describe how  you  have  used,  or  would  use,  one  of  the  methods  of  conducting  a performance evaluation in a workplace. Explain the method and the outcomes you achieved.
  4. Discuss the role and value of weekly performance meetings in ongoing performance management. Discuss the type of information covered during this process.
  5. How can the use of technology improve the way you currently conduct and schedule performance evaluations?
  6. In your organisation, where would you obtain information regarding staff development processes? Explain how this process is used at an organisation.
  7. a) Identify the legislation that governs the delivery and record-keeping requirements for the conduct of performance reviews at an organisation.
  8. b) Identify the awards or certified agreements used at your workplace for the purposes of employment and staff conduct processe
  9. What government body could assist you with information regarding unfair dismissal laws and employee rights? How could you contact them?

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Part B: Case study

Read the case study, then complete the task that follows.

Case study

The accounts department at a national retailer has eight staff responsible for accounts receivable and accounts payable. Their KPIs include the following:

  • Aged accounts are less than 5% of total outstanding.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls must be conducted in a courteous, friendly and helpful manner.

As the manager in charge of this department, the CEO has asked you to design a performance management process to ensure staff members are meeting their KPIs. To design an effective process he requires you to demonstrate evidence of the following:

  1. 1. The method you will use to conduct performance management process
  2. 2. How you  will  train  staff  so  they  are  familiar  with  the  performance management process
  3. 3. A schedule for ongoing monitoring and evaluation Design  the  performance  management  process  using  the  information  the  manager  has requested. Use the following headings:
  • Conducting the performance management
  • Training staff to understand the performance management process
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

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Assessment activity 3

Providing feedback

The following table maps the assessment activity for this chapter against the performance criteria of Element 3 in BSBMGT502 Manage people performance. The activity has been designed for all learners to complete.

Part Element Performance criteria
A 3 All
B 3 All


Part A: Theory review and application

  1. Explain how the use of regular informal feedback contributes to better performance in an organisation.
  2. List the relevant people within an organisation that you would expect to be informed if you were formally cautioned about your work conduct. Explain why each of these people would need to know and what legal limitations may exist.
  3. Describe how you have provided coaching to a staff member or colleague to ensure they improve performance and/or achieve excellence in performance.
  4. Provide a work sample of how you document performance in your organisation. This may be a recent evaluation form or other documentation as required by your company. (Note that names must be changed if the example includes a real person).
  5. Describe a time when you had to participate in a formal structured feedback session.

Identify what purpose the feedback was designed to cover and what the outcomes were. Make recommendations for the improvement of the process.

Part B: Case study

Read the case study, then complete the task that follows.

Case study

An oil spill off the Australian coastline triggered a large investigation by the authorities and the management of the ship’s owners, Westerway Oil and Gas. During the investigation, environmental lawyers uncovered a culture of

‘cutting corners’ by the crew of the ship responsible for the spill. This resulted in unsafe and hazardous work practices. While no loss of life occurred as a result  of  this  incident,  investigators  believed  the  risk  of  death  to  be extremely high.

You are part of the management team for Waterway Oil and Gas appointed to correct organisational management processes found to be lacking in the investigation. Using your knowledge of performance management, identify three approaches you would implement to:

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  1. Improve the performance of the crew of the ship
  2. Establish a culture of excellence in performance
  3. Deal with poor performers

Consider each of the sections in this chapter when addressing these questions.

Assessment activity 4

Managing follow-up

The following table maps the assessment activity for this chapter against the performance criteria of Element 4 in BSBMGT502 Manage people performance. The activity has been designed for all learners to complete.

Part Element Performance criteria
A 4 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5
B 4 4.2, 4.6, 4.7


Part A: Theory review and application

  1. Write a performance improvement plan based on your job position or a person in your team. Ensure you create SMART objectives that relate specifically to the role and future plans for performance improvement.
  2. Provide evidence of communication with an internal or external HR specialist. The communication must show how the specialist provided assistance to you and your staff. It can be in the form of:
  3. a) an email showing both sides of the communication b) a letter or memorandum concerning your position
  4. c) another record of communication (audio, record of conversation etc.)
  1. Describe how  you  have  reinforced  positive  performance  within  your  team  using recognition, rewards or continuous feedback.
  2. Explain how you have used effective monitoring and coaching to assist an individual who was experiencing poor performance.

Part B: Case study

Read the case study, then complete the task that follows.

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Case study

Blake is one of your staff. His performance of duties has been up to standard, but you’ve noticed multiple instances of abusive and bullying behaviour. You have counselled Blake and formally recorded this behaviour and the conversation you had with him. The records clearly state that Blake ‘has agreed to not be abusive or bully fellow employees in the future’.

A few moments ago, you received notification that Blake had punched a customer. The incident was witnessed by several employees and the customer’s partner.

Describe  the  steps   you  must  take.  Ensure  you  cover   your  legal   obligations,   your organisational obligations and the documentation you would be required to fill out.

Also include any support services you will have to access.

Final assessment

BSBMGT502 Manage people performance

To be assessed as competent in BSBMGT502 Manage people performance, you must provide evidence of the specified essential knowledge and skills. Details of the essential knowledge and skills can be found in the ‘Before you begin’ section of this workbook.

Assessment mapping

The following table maps this final assessment activity against the elements and performance criteria of BSBMGT502 Manage people performance.

Part Element Performance criteria
A All All
B All All
C All All

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Detailed mapping of this workbook against the methods of assessment, the elements, the performance criteria and essential skills and knowledge is available in the Aspire Trainer’s and assessor’s guide for this unit.

The following activity forms part of your assessment of competence. You may also need to provide various workplace documents or third-party reports. Your trainer will give you guidance in this area.

The following activity has been designed for all learners to complete.

Part A: Essential skills

The following skills have been identified as essential for this unit of competency:

  • Communication skills  to  articulate  expected  standards  of  performance,  to  provide effective feedback and to coach staff who need development
  • Risk management  skills  to  analyse,  identify  and  develop  mitigation  strategies  for identified risks
  • Planning and  organisation  skills  to  ensure  a  planned  and  objective  approach  to  the performance management system

You need to demonstrate your ability to apply these skills in your work. The following list provides some strategies you might use to demonstrate your competence in these essential skill areas:

  • Respond to direct questions
  • Respond to case studies and scenarios
  • Provide examples of written reports
  • Demonstrate techniques in providing feedback, coaching and mentoring
  • Provide portfolios  of  evidence  and  third-party  workplace  reports  of  your  on-the-job performance
  • Provide examples  of  work  plans,  performance  indicators,  risk  analysis,  performance management and review processes, performance improvement and development plans, recognition programs

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Part B: Essential knowledge

  1. What current legislation covers the rules and responsibilities of employers managing staff performance? Explain how these laws affect your organisation.
  2. Identify the awards used in your organisation and/or industry. Describe how you obtained this information.
  3. Provide a summary of an organisation’s performance management system. Explain how the guidelines direct the assessment and recognition of performance and provision of poor performance management. Summarise the staff development options available under the system.
  4. Summarise the laws governing lawful dismissal of an employee in an organisation. Note that rules vary between large and small organisations.
  5. Define what ‘due process’ means in relation to employee dismissal. How is due process applied in an organisation?

Your organisation requires a full-time person to fill a basic office administrative role. The role will require basic office skills such as computer data entry and filing and telephone system operation.

  1. a) Who would you consult with to establish the requirements of the position and to ensure the work is allocated efficiently and cost-effectively? Justify your answe
  2. b) Develop a brief work plan in accordance with your organisation’s plans and input from your c Ensure your work plan covers the agreed standards and KPIs for the position.
  3. c) Using your organisation’s standard template, conduct a risk analysis of the position in accordance with the organisation’s risk management plan and legal require (You may source an alternate template if one does not exist in your organisation).
  4. Read the case study, then complete the tasks that follow.

Case study

Sarah has recently started with your organisation and has asked about your company’s performance management system. She has performed her role in administration for three weeks and has learned much and contributed well to the organisation.

  1. a) Outline the system used to train Sarah in the performance management and review proce Provide a summary of the steps of the process and describe how you would go about training Sarah. If this is not your specialisation, you may require support of others. Ensure you mention the support you would require.
  2. b) Create a basic  set  of  performance  criteria  for  Sarah’s wo With  your assessor, conduct a mock performance evaluation based on the information you have. Ensure you cover:
  • the eight steps of the constructive feedback process
  • setting goals for future performance
  • the methods you would use to monitor and evaluate Sarah’s performance on a continual basis.

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Lynne has been with your company for 18 months, 12 of which she has performed in a sales role. Lynne’s KPIs include the following:

  • Achievement of monthly sales to budget (percentage)
  • Demonstrate courtesy and helpfulness towards all customer inquiries

Over the last four months, Lynne’s performance results have been:

March April May June
Budget achievement 95% 90% 82% 78%
Qualities Always helpful and courteous Always helpful and courteous Often helpful and courteous Sometimes helpful and courteous

a) What feedback would you provide to Lynne? Summarise what you would say, and in

what context you’d approach Lynne.

  1. b) Who might you advise about Lynne’s performance?
  2. c) One of Lynne’s peers, Jeff, approaches you and asks what’s going What could (or couldn’t) you say to Jeff? Why?

Case study (cont’d)

Lynne’s results for the next two months come in:

July August Sept Oct
Budget achievement 65% 60%
Qualities Sometimes helpful and courteous Sometimes helpful and courteous


  1. d) What options do you have with respect to managing Lynne’s performance? What step

would you take next?

  1. e) How would you document the outcome of any formal counselling? Create ‘SMART’

performance objectives for Lynne.

  1. f) How might you use recognition and feedback to reinforce positive behaviour?

Case study (cont’d)

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Lynne’s result for September comes in:

July August Sept Oct
Budget achievement 65% 60% 60%
Qualities Sometimes helpful and courteous Sometimes helpful and courteous Sometimes helpful and courteous


Additionally, she has received a customer complaint regarding her service quality.

  1. g) Outline your organisation’s disciplinary proce Explain how you might apply this to


Case study (cont’d)

Another serious customer complaint is received about Lynne. You decide to terminate her employment.

  1. h) In accordance with your legal and organisational requirements, provide and fill in the necessary documentation for the termination of Lynne. Where information is lacking (such as Lynne’s personal details) provide fictional data.

Part C: Present your portfolio

Through the completion of the practice tasks and assessment activities in this workbook, you have now gathered a variety of documents, reports and other documentation relevant to this competency.

Present this information in a portfolio to your trainer.


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