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BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Help and Assessment Answers

Looking for Australian expert help with BSBMGT517 manage operational plan Assessment Answers? Get Completed homework course help with bsbmgt517 manage operational plan task 1, 2, 3, & 4, summative assessment 2 and operational plan project. Place order for your BSBMGT 517 Manage Operational Plan service >>

Project – Operational Plan

Assessment instructions

There are 3 tasks to be completed in this assessment:

The tasks are:

  1. Examining the scenario from different perspectives and producing an initial draft of an operational plan
  2. Preparing a basic two-year operational plan taking into account previously created draft operational plan, SWOT, financial details and stated strategic objectives
  3. Evaluating the operational program and presenting a report to your trainer/assessor.

You will be completing all of these tasks for the mentioned below organization in the scenario.

You are needed to submit the following documents to your assessor as part of this assessment task:

  • Draft operational plan
  • Basic two-year operational plan
  • Review report of the operational plan


Task A– 500-600 words

Task B– 1000 – 1200words (inc words of Task A)

Task C– 500-600 words

The scenario – summary

The case is for a function/event room set up within a famous restaurant almost two years ago. The room has access to full audio-visual services and is used by event organizers, existing clients, staff events (parties, meetings, dance classes, training activities).

The restaurant manager produced a basic strategic plan when the function room was first opened two years ago and has only recently updated it with budget statements and projections.

There was extensive consultation with stakeholders and staff occurred. Furthermore, detailed market research and a competitive analysis show that the objectives set are achievable but only if there is a positive push to implement the strategy as planned.

Assessment Task A – Project

You must analyze the situation using the material provided, and produce an initial draft of an operational plan while taking into account several factors relevant to operational planning such as operational plan format/ presentation, activity scheduling, risk assessment, resource requirement assessment, etc.

You must develop this draft operational plan by considering the information provided in the scenario, performance criteria, and attached appendixes.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Research, analyze and document resource needs and develop a draft operational plan
  • Examining the options and information to plan, design and produce a draft operational plan
  • Implementing discussion processes as an integral part of the operational planning process
  • Developing contingency plans for the operational plan
  • Seeking specialist advice wherever necessary
  • Approach to conduct the required risk assessment of the components of an operational plan
  • Assessing the resource requirements for developing a draft operational plan
  • Gaining an appreciation of the cross-functional considerations that will arise when engaged in developing a draft operational plan
  • Planning and managing the resource acquisition including managing recruitment and induction within organization’s human resources management policies, practices, and procedures
  • Monitoring and reviewing operational performances

Assessment Task B Project

This assessment task requires you to prepare a basic two-year operational plan (2016-2018) taking into account previously created draft operational plan, SWOT, Financial details and stated strategic objectives.

You are a member of the new Strategic Planning Steering group – it is now January 2016.

Assuming that the planned intent outlined above is acceptable, prepare a basic operational plan to achieve the high-level objectives, taking account of the stated strategic objectives.

The focus should be on the elements of activities that would have to be implemented to achieve the strategic objectives.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

Your operational plan should include:

  • A breakdown of activities (objectives) to contribute to each goal while taking into accounts the outcome of the SWOT analysis.
  • Develop, monitor and review performance systems and processes to assess progress in achieving profit and productivity plans and targets
  • Identification of any key performance criteria to be achieved, for delivering each goal.
  • Analyse and interpret budget and actual financial information to monitor and review profit and productivity performance
  • Identify areas of under-performance, recommend solutions and take prompt action to rectify the situation
  • Listing the resources required for achieving each objective.
  • An outline of primary risk analyses for the plan to achieve each target (and associated goals and objectives).
  • Your approach and methods of monitoring progress on implementing the operational program.
  • Plan and instrument systems to ensure that mentoring and coaching are provided to support individuals and teams to effectively, economically and safely use resources
  • Negotiate recommendations for variations to operational plans and gain approval from designated persons/groups
  • Develop and implement systems to ensure that organizational requirements manage procedures and records associated with documenting performance

Please feel free to approach your assessor, wherever you have any doubts.

Assessment Task C Report

Using your current operational plan, you must evaluate your project and provide a report to the board regarding its suitability and reliability for the Foodictive restaurant.

As a minimum, your report on the operational plan should include:

  • Provide a basic executive summary.
  • Identify what will work.
  • Identify any areas where plan might not be practical.
  • Suggestions for the improvements.
  • Consideration of associated risks.
  • Provide final recommendations to the Foodictive board.

Appendix A: ‘Predictive function and events’ – Briefing Sheet


The function/event room was built on the 2nd floor of the Foodictive restaurant and opened in August 2007. The owner of the restaurant funded half of the construction costs and XYZ bank provided the rest on a long-term loan.

The room was built as a part of the restaurant for use by event organizers, existing clients, and staff for private events. The event room generates revenue from these 3 groups and is needed to break even make a small profit to fund future growth.


Facilities are well-equipped with a private bar, separate children playroom, dance floor, dining hall, speech platform and a high-quality sound system, as well as a big dress-up room that is significantly underused at the present moment.

There is also a considerably significant amount of space available for expansion if the need arises.

Appendix B: Strategic Plan Extract (2007 to 2010)

Mission – to be the first choice of clients for their functions/events.


High-level goals

  • To increase usable floor area from 5000 to 8000 sq ft by 2010.
  • To grow the total number of reservations by 50%, with functions at an optimal volume (85%) by 2010.
  • To increase the net profit by 30% by 2010.

To enhance the usage of the facilities by event organizers and returning clients by 50%, through partially sponsored events and activities in association with event organizers.

Appendix C: Financial estimates / accounts


Revenue $000 actual  2007 est  2008 est  2009   est 2010
Staff use 600 500 750 1,000
Existing clients 500 450 600 750
Event organisers 400 250 500 625
Total Revenue 1,500 1,200 1,850   2375



Expenses: $000 actual  2007 est 2008 est  2009 est 2010
Employment 500 450 450 500
Operating costs 300 325 350 400
Financing costs 500 525 550 550
Total Costs 1,300 1,300 1,350 1,450
Surplus/deficit +200 -100 +500 +925
Occupancy 50% 40% 65% 78%


Appendix D: SWOT Analysis – consultant report (November 2008)


Strengths·                   Very well equipped

·                   Room for expansion

·                   Well qualified staffWeaknesses·                   Low staff morale – losing key staff

·                   Reducing clients

·                   Reduced event numbers (revenue)

·                   Second level set up (consideration from families with children point of view)Opportunities·                   Potential new theme events

·                   Ability to develop new facilities(Lift access second level)

·                   Flexible, under-utilised facilitiesThreats·                   Increased competition

·                   Liabilities (XYZ bank loan)

·                   Recession – impact on personal finances

·                   Council restriction for late night events


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