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BSBWHS501 Assessment 2: Case Study On Health And Safety At Warehouse

Case Study

Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow below in the spaces provided.


In a large manufacturing and assembly operation an employee was required to use a pneumatic multi-spindle nut runner to tighten wheel nuts.  The operation required the worker to adopt an uncomfortable static posture for fairly long periods of time.

In addition, oil leakage from the machinery was a constant problem.  The operator reported this problem to the supervisor who agreed to resource maintenance.

However, management cut backs to the maintenance budget meant that time and personnel were unavailable.   Absorbent material (sawdust) was provided and the employee was instructed to use it to soak up the oil leakage on the floor and around the machinery.

The supervisor was then advised, by the Plant manager that expected production quotas had been increased.  These quotas would take effect within a week.  The supervisor informed the work group of the quota change during a communications meeting.  At the meeting, and in response to the information, the operators expressed a need for additional staff to meet the quotas and a need for maintenance of tools and machinery.   Temporary additional staffs were employed 2 days prior to implementation of the new quota.

A new worker, who was assigned to the multi-spindle nut runner task, received no formal induction because the supervisor, due to work pressure, was unable to take the time.  In order for new quotas to be met the operation speed of the multi-nut spindle had to be increased.     Subsequently oil build up around the runner increased.  The new worker did not have the time to apply the absorbent material around the machine.

This is obviously an accident waiting to happen.

Based on the information in the Case Study, please complete the following questions.

 Question 1

Explain what possible injuries you think could happen.


 Question 2

List the hazards evident in this situation.

What processes could have been used to identify these hazards and prevent future hazards being caused.


 Question 3

Complete the risk register and using the risk matrix from your learner guide, state how you would rate the hazards in terms of risk

Ref No. Hazard Associated Risk Risk Rating Control Measure

Question 3A

Develop a procedure for selecting and implementing risk controls according to the hierarchy of control and WHS legislative requirements.


Question 4 – Identify who should address these hazards – that is, who holds the duty of care?


Question 5

Describe how consultation on WH&S/Risk matters can resolve safety issues arising in the workplace (40-80 words)


Question 6

Develop a WHS induction and training program for all workers in this work area as part of the organisations training program.


Question 7

Develop two (2) procedures.  (USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED SEPARATELY)

One (1) for ongoing hazard identification and one (1) for the assessment and control of associated risks.


Question 8

Describe how you would develop and implement improvements to the WHSMS to achieve organisational WHS objectives (40-80 words).



==BSBWOR502 Policy and Procedure Template – Blank (3)

Policy Title

1          PURPOSE

1.1  Include brief statement/s about the overall purpose of the policy, i.e. what outcome/s is the policy intended to achieve? E.g. This policy establishes an effective, accountable and transparent framework for managing

Workplace feedback

2          SCOPE

2.1 Include brief statement/s that identify to whom (e.g. specific groups of people) and to which parts of the business the policy applies. Specify exclusions to clarify scope if needed.


3.1 Policy statements are about identifying the broad principles/standards of expected action/behaviour and/or compliance, i.e. setting the ‘rules’ or ‘framework’ within which decisions are made on a particular matter. For example, policy statements address what is the standard, while procedures address how the standard is implemented.

3.2 [Identify key topics to be covered in this policy and group common/related topics together under relevant headings


4.1 Include brief statement/s identifying actions/responsibilities and the position/s responsible for ensuring the policy:

  • aligns with relevant legislation, government policy. Include organisational strategies/values.
  • is implemented and monitored (i.e. the policy is followed, , and
  • is reviewed to evaluate its continuing effectiveness (e.g. achieving its purpose, remains relevant/current.]


5         PROCEDURES

5.1 Include the actions required to implement the policy. What steps will be undertaken by the parties involved in all levels of the organisation to implement the intent of the policy.



6.1     Include the actions that will be implemented to monitor and review compliance and effectiveness of the policy and review for implementation of continuous improvement.

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