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BUS356 Business Negotiation

BUS356 Business Negotiation

According to Savage,Blair and Sorenson (1989),the choice of a negotiation strategy in any given situation depends on the level of  the negotiator’s concern for relationship and substantive goals.

Consider The Following Scenarios:

Scenario 1 –  You are negotiating a  job offer with the Global HR Director at a  highly reputablecompany.ThiscompanyisrankedinNo.1intermsofrevenuesgenerated.

Scenario 2–You are negotiating the purchase of a car from a young sales man a ta second- hand car dealer. This dealer is located in a very busy car mart that has more than 50 other car dealers on site.

(a)       Formulate your  analysis of the two scenarios by using the Dual Concerns Model selected  model   and recommend  the negotiation  strategy(ies)  which   would   be appropriate  for use in each scenario.As part of your answer,you should highlight three(3 ) key character is tics of each recommended strategy.

Provideexamplesandreasonswhicharespecifictothegivenscenariostosupport youranalysis.


(b)       Examine three(3)likely perceptual distortions and/or cognitive biases which you may have for each scenario above.


Appraise how these would have affected your negotiation tactics. (20 marks)


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