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Business Ecosystems and Open Innovation – Individual Assignment

Business Ecosystems and Open Innovation Solved Assignment

Assignment Detail:-

  • Words: 3000

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You are a consultant that specializes in ecosystem and open innovation strategies. A company of your choice has indicated an interest in exploring this strategy for their company but not the entire management team is convinced of this yet. The following report is the way you will convince them: a) that an ecosystem strategy is the way to go, and b) you have a convincing and detailed plan on how they should approach this transition.

No specific structure will be provided to you. Research what would make a convincing report, considering the elements below.

Your audience:

Select an existing, real company that you consider would benefit from adopting an ecosystem strategy. This can be a small local company or a big multi-national, as long as they do not actively participate in a digital ecosystem already.

The management team of this company is the people you will be addressing in your report.

The report should include:

  • One page pitch (make it convincing, use rhetoric).
  • Overview of the important information about the company you selected; including but not limited to industry, size, governance, local/national/international, main products and/or services.
  • Business rationale and justification of why the company should consider an ecosystem strategy. Here you may discuss multiple reasons and their relationship, supported with empirical evidence.
  • Description of the issue area(s) relevant for the chosen company and argumentation why those have strategic relevance. This may include a brief reflection on why some issues are not or only of marginal relevance, compared to others.
  • Suggest 2 ecosystem strategies (keystone strategy vs complementor strategy or centralized vs decentralized) and argue for the pros and cons of each on considering the company assets and market research.
  • Potential organizations with whom they could form an ecosystem. Explain how and why the organization would be interdependent upon these organizations in the development of the shared value proposition.
  • Provision of strategic goals, objectives and associated key performance indicators regarding the chosen ecosystem strategy.
  • Empirical data on the company you select (archival, secondary, interview, survey data), include the raw data you collect in the appendix.


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