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Business Environment Analysis Assignment Answers

Corporate Social Responsibility and SWOT Analysis


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic :: Business Environment Analysis
  • Deadline :*: As Per Required
  • Number of Words :: 750
  • Referencing Style :: APA
  • Master’s/Ph.D.:: Premium quality


Business Environment Analysis Assignment


Pick a controversial industry such as tobacco, oil, or pharmaceutical. You can pick other controversial sectors as well if you know any.

Think of the issues that companies in this industry might be facing, for instance oil spills on the sea or soil and air pollutions in the case of oil companies. Think of the oil sands in Alberta, for instance.

Identify that company’s key stakeholders, especially unfavorable stakeholders, such as environmental NGOs for oil companies.

Think of a CSR project for that company to better manage its reputation. You have to take a look at their website and base your suggestions on real companies’ needs.

Analyze the CSR project by means of a SWOT analysis. In other words, ask yourself the following questions and use a SWOT table to show your thinking:

  1. How is the company likely to use its strengths to organize this CSR project so the project contributes to its reputation?
  2. Which of the company’s weaknesses is going to get in the way? What should the company do to manage that?
  3. What are the potential opportunities that the company might exploit through this CSR project?
  4. What possible threats are there, and which of the company’s strengths or weaknesses might help you contain that threat?
  5. Finalize your SWOT table by concluding your thinking in max. 3 sentences.

NOTE: Yes, sometimes a weakness might help you achieve something: Think of competition among a few training companies. Imagine only one of them (company X) has never had on-line trainings, while others have, but their qualities were not good. As such this company X does not have a poor reputation with regard to on-line training while others have. Now, if company X starts online trainings during the Covid-19 pandemic and has a sound reputation in in-person trainings, it is more likely to sell more than the others which have been selling on-line trainings for a longer time.

Please include an executive summary which should be done at the end of your findings but at the beginning of the project.


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