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Task 1 – Understand Project Management Principles   (LO1)
a). In your role as the Project Manager for the implementation of Acme’s new facility, you are required to describe the main principles of the project management process as they can be linked to the project life cycle.  You will do this in diagram form (making use of a model diagram as given in class) showing how your project fits into that model.                                                                                                       (LO1.1)
b). Suggest suitable success / failure criteria for your new project and, in doing this, you consider both process and outcome criteria as well as internal factors and the requirements of Acme Products themselves as the owner of the project.
c). Project management is concerned with several objectives at the same time and these typically come under the headings of time, cost and quality. Explain, with examples linked to each of these objectives, how project management systems and processes are designed to contribute to each of these objectives in the case of the Acme Project.                                                                                                           (LO1.3)
d)  Explain how you will terminate the Acme Project, making sure that your explanation includes the key elements you will be assessing as well as the items you will include in your post-project appraisal.                                                                                (LO1.4)
Task 2 – Be able to manage a project’s human resources   (LO2)
a) List the main participants in the Acme Project giving an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of each of the participants included on your list.
b) Draw up and explain a suitable organisational structure for the Acme Project.  (It is essential that you include a diagram.)
c) Identify and justify the skills and qualities you should possess as a leader for the Acme Project.
– 5 –
The City College HND in Business – Project Management for Business – September 2015
d) Specify the human resource requirements for the Acme Project then explain and justify the technical and personal characteristics you require of the people you intend to include in your Project Team.
e) Develop, in diagram form, an outline work breakdown structure of no more than three levels for the Acme Project.
Task 3 –Be able to apply project processes and procedures  (LO3)
a) Using the following list of tasks, draw up a network diagram and find the critical path for the project below.  What is the final duration of the project?

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