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Business Plan Case Study Assessment Answers

Business Plan for New Product Marketing – Wash-On-The-Go


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Assessment Details:-

  • Topic :: New Product Marketing (WashOnTheGo)
  • Document Type :: Business plan
  • Subject :: Marketing
  • Deadline :*: As Per Required
  • Number of Words :: 1000
  • Citation/Referencing Style ::





One of the biggest problems that most people have with doing laundry from their home is that, for the most part, they cannot leave until the cycle hascompleted. If you leave a set of wet clothing in a washer more than an hour past when the cycle completes, you run the risk of your clothes starting to take on a mildew musk, which defeats the purpose of washing them in the first place. Similarly, if you leave your clothes in the dryer too long after it is done, everything inside will wrinkle, leaving you with another half of a day ironing out every last garment until the process is finally done. As one ages and/or becomes more occupied with their days, it is crucial to minimize the time and energy it takes to do chores. The Wash-On-The Go will help manage and fit laundry around your schedule with smart appliances.



There are many smart touchscreen washers and dryers’ consumers can choose from. However, there is not one unitized washer and dryer with these features all in one: Touchscreen, remote control with app, auto-sensing technology, and convertible. It is energy and time consuming for people to keep checking on their washer until it dries. The pain does not end there; One puts in the time and effort to check on the status of their dryer to avoid wet or over dried wrinkled clothes. A product that gives you full power at your fingertips and minimizes time wastage on laundry leaving clothes mildew free can make laundry fun and easy. It will also give you full remote access at your fingertip using Wash On-The-Go.

The concept is to make a smart product that eliminates the trouble of transferring clothes from washer to dryer upon cycle completion. The product will eliminate the need to stay put during an entire laundry process. People will not have to worry about being present nor frequently check on their clothes status. Simply, load and go. First, load clothes into the washer as well as detergent and dryer sheets in the dryer. Second, press start, and you are ready to go on about your day. Dryer will keep operating until it senses the clothes dry. Additionally, the ‘Wash On The Go’ app will allow you to remotely control its time and setting.



The advantage of this product is that it halts the inconvenience of traditional washers and dryers by incorporating technology and new features. The Wash-On-the-Go incorporates the technology of today in doing laundry. Once loaded, the convertible stackable Wash-On-The-Go washer and dryer does the rest of the work, which gives one the option of controlling the process from the app. In addition to technology, the On-The-Go washer conserves time and space with its stackable design made to save storage space. It helps customers do laundry in fewer steps eliminating guess work.


The Wash-On-The-Go uses the power of today’s technology with its unique design to ensure our customers do their laundry in fewer step and buy more time.

Features Advantages Benefits
Unitized Allows for the machine to fit in big/small spaces. Space, Convenience,Appearance
Convertible Customers can load their dirty clothes in the washer relying on its convertible feature to transfer their load from the washer to the dryer Convenience, Efficiency,Safety,automation
Remote control-App Provides real time monitoring allowing customers to stay in control and connected from everywhere Convenience,Time,Alert
Front Load Allows to clean clothes with less wear and tear while increasing load capacity Convenience,Stackability,Efficiency
Touchscreen Allows for costumers to adjust settings by directly touching the display Convenience,Satisfaction,Speed,Efficiency
Wrinkle-Free Option Helps keep wrinkles from setting into clean, dry fabrics with the Wrinkle-Free option. It keeps clothes tumbling for up to 12 hours after the cycle ends or until you open the door. Convenience
Washer & Dryer Sensor Helps discontinue operation based on current wash status conserving energy Efficiency,Convenient




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