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Campaigns , Careers and communication

This essay aims to reflect on your group project and the skills acquired throughout the course. You will be asked to link these observations to relevant academic theory and the role they are likely to play in terms of employability and your future career.

The word count for this assignment is 2500 words.

Assessment criteria: (in addition to the standard assessment criteria attached)

  • Critical approach to own contributions 30%
  • Discussion of problems and how they were (or could have been) solved 30%
  • Linking individual contributions and group work to the theoretical concepts discussed in class, such as team work, personality development and leadership skills 40%

This module is mostly based around PR and marketing for campaigns. ie, Campaigning for a movie launch or political career.

For my group project, I requested transferred to another group after not being able to see eye to eye with my first group. I took charge of the group and the people were very un accommodating to the point of me being called a Dictator, even though all I did was give very simple instruction. I joined my new group with ideas and proper research on the group assignment and was received very well. I learned from my previous group that certain individuals want to lead but they lack the drive and ideas, they are also very unhappy when some one else takes the lead. In my new group I learned to accommodate other peoples input to my original idea to make it in to a better idea in the long run. I learned that every individual has their own personal skill sets and a leader has to be the one that sets these people apart and give them proper instructions.

My problems from the previous group was dealt easily, after the initial quarrel I just went to the lecturer and requested to join a group that had better people. I went to the new group with ideas in hand to prove im not a mooch and was received very well. there was a small problem with tardiness in the new group, this was handled easily as the individuals are not difficult as compared to my previous group.


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