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Case study: Fair Trade Coffee: The Mainstream Debate Assignment Help

Case Study: Fair Trade Coffee

Compare and contrast free and fair trade. After reading the case study
“Fair Trade Coffee: The Mainstream Debate,” answer the following
1.What are the similarities and differences in free versus fair trade
arrangements? How are these reflected in the actual prices of coffee?
2.Are fair trade principles both an effective and economically efficient
trading mechanism?
3.Is fair trade coffee sustainable for the mass market, or is it a niche
product for the socially conscious and well off?
4.How does the Ignatian value of “cura personalis” or “care for the
person” relate to the debate about free vs. fair trade. (Recall that “cura
personalis” implies having concern and care for the personal development
of the whole person. This implies a dedication to promoting human dignity
and care for the mind, body and spirit of the person.)
5.Based on all the information in the course, synthesize and propose a
sustainable solution to the problem of low prices for coffee producers.


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