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CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assignment Answers

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Assessment Details:

  • Document Type :: Assignment Help
  • Subject :: Management
  • Deadline :*: As Per Required
  • Number of Words :: 2000
  • Citation/Referencing Style :: Community sector

ADM01A Short Answer Questions

CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

1).  People working in the community sector have legal requirements and ethical guidelines they must comply with when undertaking their job role. Use the table below to list two (2) examples of a legal requirement and two (2) examples of an ethical guideline which apply to your workplace or industry.

Example 1 Example 2
a.       Two (2) legal requirements that community sector workers must abide by
b.      Two (2) ethical guidelines that community sector workers must follow


2).  Choose one (1) guideline and one (1) legal requirement from Question1 and complete the following table.


Legal Requirement

  Where can disability support workers find copies of legal and ethical guidelines relating to their work?

4).  What is the role of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission? Refer to The Easy English Charter HR.

5).  Where can a person with a disability receive free legal advice? Refer to The Easy English Charter HR.

6).  In your own words, explain the term ‘Duty of Care’. Use an example to assist your explanation.

7).  Use the table below to list three (3) employee and three (3) employer responsibilities.


Employee Responsibilities Employer Responsibilities


8).  List two (2) types of insurance that employers must maintain as part of their legal responsibilities.

9).  (A)  Read the following five (5) scenarios and from the list below, select the most relevant legal/ethical issue for each scenario.

  • Breach in procedure
  • Conflict of interest
  • Client confidentiality not maintained
  • Breach of legal requirements
  • Working outside professional boundaries

(B)  For each of the five (5) scenarios, explain how you would respond to manage the situation so as to maintain your legal and ethical obligations.


Scenario a.  Legal/ethical issue b.  Appropriate response
Scenario 1After completing your 3-month probation period, you have been asked by your employer if you would like to have a permanent Saturday night shift. You would really like to say yes as you need the money, but there are certain reasons why you are hesitating.You have been working this shift for the last few weeks as a fill in for staff that have been absent. Each time you have done this shift you have worked with another worker who doesn’t always follow procedures.She does not like to use the hoists when moving certain clients as she believes that it is too time consuming.She tells you it does not matter as you are the only staff there and it will be quicker to get the work done.You are unsure how to handle the situation as you know this is not the right thing to do.
Scenario 2You have been asked by your team leader to give a client two (2) Panadol tablets before you leave work as she has a terrible head-ache. You are unsure if you should do this as you have not completed your medication training.
Scenario 3When you are in the supermarket you bump into one of the staff members you work with. She is happy to see you and stops you in the aisle. You talk about work and discuss a client who is demanding and is always grumpy.
Scenario 4You always ask the other staff if you can attend to Milly. You have developed a great relationship with her and she likes to purchase AVON products from you. It is a good opportunity to show her the new AVON books while you are assisting her.
Scenario 5You, as the manager discover that a worker has been extorting money from a client. He/she has borrowed $20,000.00 from his/her client to buy a car as his/her car was written off in a recent accident and he/she may have to stop working for him as it is too difficult using public transport.Student to find at least one law relevant to their workplace and at least one ethical document.


10).  Complete the table below by identifying which of the following examples of staff conduct are ‘legal’ issues and which are ‘ethical’ issues. For each issue, type LEGAL or ETHICAL in the corresponding row.


A Staff driving the work vehicle without a valid driver’s licence
B Staff talking on their mobile phone while attending to a client in the bathroom
C Staff swearing whilst on duty
D Staff sharing personal information about a client to their friend
E Staff turning up late to their shift
F Staff not supervising a client who has minimal road safety skills when crossing the road
G Staff not asking the client to choose the activity and instead deciding for them based on what the staff wanted
H Staff administering an injection to a client without appropriate qualifications to do so


11).  Describe four (4) actions you would take if you were to witness any of the above scenarios in your workplace.

12).  Describe four (4) possible consequences for a staff member if they are proven to have breached legal or ethical guidelines.

13).  In your own words, explain the term ‘mandatory reporting’ and provide an example of where mandatory reporting would be applied.

14).  Complete the table by identifying one (1) accreditation or certification that a community sector worker is required to have. State how often this must be updated and why it is important to retain currency.


Accreditation/Certification Renewal period Importance of retaining currency


15).  Provide four (4) examples of how you evaluate your own area of work to ensure you are meeting compliance requirements.

16).  Provide four (4) examples of how you keep staff and yourself up to date with current and changing legal and ethical requirements.

17).  How will you evaluate your own area of work to know you are meeting compliance requirements?

18).  How can you keep yourself up to date with current and changing legal and ethical requirements?

19).  As a Manager, your role is to identify and develop strategic responses (solutions).

How will you do this? Describe 2 case scenarios that you have experienced/witnessed in the workplace.

Identify the legal/ethical requirement that was breached.

Describe the strategic responses that were or should have been implemented.

  Description of the case scenario Legal/ethical requirement that was breached Strategic responses



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