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Comparative Analysis between Four GIS Applications from Different

Vendors (Related to Mobile telecom)

Subject: Computer Science

Number of Words -1000

Referencing Style: Harvard

Assignment is related to providing a comparative analysis between for GIS related applications designed by different vendors to provide services to mobile telecom sector (Fixed /Wired network).

This application whichever seems to be better would interact with our network database and provide functionalities like:-

  • Visibility of our network assets
  • Automation
  • Smart planning
  • Etc.

We are to analyze these applications and provide a report which one provides the maximum features to enable us to manage better and plan our network and decision making.

For the Assignment, I can provide the document related to the four applications as received from the vendors and some briefs for our current issues.

The output should be a document highlighting the capabilities and feature sets as provided by each application and a comparison matrix between each vendor.


The names for vendors are as follows:-

  • Lepton Software (Indian Company)
  • 3GIS solution for fixed network
  • Intergraph solution for telecom fixed
  • Fiber Plant IT

Current Situation:-

Currently, we have a tabular data which has the entire network infrastructure for wired telecom (Fixed) elements. Our system that analyzes the customers on the network provides information analyzing this tabular data and generating outputs in tabular format with coordinates. Since there is no geographical visibility thereby this generated output is transferred to another department which maps the outputs using ESRI based GIS to give visibility.

The management things that the system which has the network data should have the following capabilities to manage, plan and provide decision making on the move.

  1. Visibility (Geographical)
  2. Automation to reduce time to in out new elements /data on the system.
  3. Smart planning capability which should provide network feasibility to support in new plans and decision making.
  4. Insights by auto analyzing the different elements of the network on the database such as over utilized Distribution point, cabinets, MSANS and suggest for capacity enhancements and similarly visa versa.
  5. Other out of the box additional capabilities.

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