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Comparative Essay: Critical Media Analysis

 Word Limit : 1000

Message : Critical Media Analysis 

Communication plays an important role in developing the culture of the country and human civilization. One of the most important tools for the purpose of communication is mass media. The main function of mass media is to provide news, views, and information related to it. It influences the society in terms of culture and economics. Thus the media reflects the image of the society and the scenario in which it is operated. Today these mass media influence the people of the worldwide nation. The critical media analysis is helpful for media students, local government authorities, media educators and for the policy makers of various large MNC’s. The critical media analysis helps in examining the transformations, all the various kinds of connections and media innovations and the changes are explored. Also, it focuses on the different kinds of political, cultural and economic formations which allocates the resources for reflective action.

‘Russia in Defense warning to the U.S.’ was an article reported by both BCC News and also printed in a site called The BCC News is one the world’s largest broadcast news organization located in U.K. and whereas the website is viewed by the Alex Jones who has an experience of more than fifteen documentary films and is also a syndicated radio journalist who is running weekly radio shows on-air. The British Broadcasting Corporation is employing around 26,000 staff in the United Kingdom, and it has a budget of around 7.9 million with large audience numbers.  The BCC was founded in 1922 and was named as British Broadcasting Company Ltd. Later in 1927, it becomes an independent corporation and this corporation is running various programs that presents various kind of information and all the important information is broadcasted on radio, internet, and television. BCC News has the largest news broadcasting channel which provides services to both BCC domestic radio and also to the various BCC television networks such as BCC World, BCC News 24 and BCC parliament. The Alex Jones broadcast the data nationwide on the network of the Genesis communications Radio. As in this network, the presence of media is combined with the actual physical activities, so this Alex is also known for talking the talk and for walking the walk also (Oh &Syn, 2015).

In this article, Vladimir Putin, Russian President discuss the recent defense treaty and why halt was there to it. This becomes a major concern as the United States puts large efforts for placing the missile shields inside Poland, and all these were directed at Russia. The Russian president states that the for the purpose of increasing the presence of military near Russia the Nato states are exploited. Also, the foreign money that comes in the Russia interference in the internal affairs of the state (Eng et al., 2016).

If both the media sources are compared the article in BCC News is more unbiased and when this article is placed on the website of Alex Jones only the summary of the article is printed. In summary, there are only paragraphs that state about the asserted aggression of Mr. Puntun.

If both the media is compared and analyzed on the basis of reliability and reputation, obviously the BCC News is chosen as a more reliable source and also reputed in the worldwide nation. The other sites just research the paper and present a summary related to the article. In terms of the cost, the online media wins as it has very less cost for publishing and producing the content. Whereas the printing media is usually expensive also faces various issues whereas the online media is free from such issues and is also less expensive (Festing et al., 2015).

On the basis of environmental impact, both BCC News and site pollutes the environment. A study found that the printing publishers pollute the environment by distributing the product and the online media publishers pollute the environment by utilizing the online energy and the devices. The pollution degree depends upon the practices in the industry.

The ad revenue in the online media is growing but is less than the print media. But day by day the marketer’s ads are spreading in both the print and online media (Dekker &Scholten, 2017). Online advertisement is a better choice in comparison to the print media as there are many benefits of web marketing in comparison to the traditional advertisements on the advertisements broadcasted on the televisions. The popularity of the advertisement is reaching its peak, and this helps many of the marketers, various big companies and business owners in making the environment digital.

The BCC news has a wide reach as the television offers national level audience reach and also the radio allows small companies to reach the local market in an affordable range. This ability to reach a large audience helps in befitting the audience with increased awareness. Also in this, as TV and radio offer both actions and along with sounds which improve the impact of presentation and creating the emotional appeal. All these features lack if the content is read from the website and the impression of this is not much impactful.

If the article is published on any website that it has various options to make it more colourfull and selecting proper spacing and presenting the page in a manner that attracts more readers and also the content on sites are flexible. Also with websites, the audience has a feature of selectivity according to which the user selects or reads the content on the basis of their need and interest both. In this, the advertisements are shown on the pages of websites related to the data that is surfed by the user. These advertisements may be beneficial to the users as these are according to their interest (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2017).


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Festing, M., Kornau, A., &Schäfer, L. (2015). Think talent–think male? A comparative case study analysis of gender inclusion in talent management practices in the German media industry. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(6), 707-732.

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