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CUC107: Cultural Intelligence and Capability


  1. Introduction (approx. 150 words)
    This includes:
    1.1 Background(An orientation to the topic of cultural safety and safe spaces)

1.2 Scope (Explain what the report will focus on including what video, what particular scenes if the example depicts a safe or unsafe space).

1.3 Aim (Tell the reader what the report aims to do – i.e provide a summary and description and analysis of an example of a safe or unsafe space and recommend improvements to improve the safety of the space where appropriate).

  1. Summary of video clip(approx. 150 words)
    Summariseyour chosen TV or Video excerpt. This is where you briefly explain the story line and key events related to the context of the safe or unsafe situation of this specific segment of a film in your own words, Where and when was the film made? What is an overview of the setting?
  1. Summary of literature (approx. 300 words and at least four sources)
    This is where you demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts covered in the unit by using relevant literature. So you should include definitions of safe spaces, cultural intelligenceand capabilitiesand cultural self-awareness and show how these are all linked to increasing our ability to create safe spaces.
  1. Observations/description of video (approx. 200 words)
    In this section you should identify the behaviours and scenarios in the video that are evidence of the cultural safety issues displayed in the video. These observations should confirm your statement in the introduction about whether the space is safe or unsafe.
    Some of the things to look for and describe are:

Physical factors (size and layout of space, position of people in the space);

Communication factors  (Body language, Voice, Words);

signs of inclusion or exclusion,

displays of  or lack of cultural intelligence.

You could use the following table as guide and as a way of briefly describing in key words what you observed. Alternatively you might prefer to describe this in couple of paragraphs.

  1. Discussion (approx. 350 words)
    Use key elements within the film excerptand the theory you have outlined in the literature review section to discuss your observationsof the videoand to support your viewabout whether each scene is a safe or unsafe space.

For example you might write:
“In the early part of the film, Jane displayed a high level of cultural intelligence by adjusting her behaviour as soon as she became aware that her patient had never been in a hospital before. This had an instant effect on the patient who visibly relaxed and began to talk. This is an excellent example of what Brislinet al (2006) define as cultural intelligence or “the ability to adjust to another culture”. Jane showed she was reading the other person’s uncomfortable body language and adjusted her approach appropriately to make the patient feel safe in that new place.”

  1. Recommendations ( 200 wordssupported by academic sources.)
    Your recommendations (for how the scenario film clip you describe should be changed to make the space safer) should be based on what you discussed in the analysis. So it will be a summary of the things that need to change to enable a safer space in the scenario depicted and requires references in text for your ideas.
  1. Conclusion (approx. 150 words)
    This is where you sum up briefly everything covered in your report.

So it would include: what the film clip covered, what it was about, what it showed regarding  safe spaces, what needed to be changed if anything. (Don’t introduce new material or references into this section).

References (last section of report on separate page and not numbered)

For this report we expect you to use readings provided and utilised in your previous assignment as well as additional references you might source that relate to the particular context of the scenario depicted in your film. For example, if your video depicts bullying at the workplace you may find articles on workplace bullying.  This will be helpful for your discussion and recommendations.

You should use the APA 6th referencing style in text and for the reference list at the end.

CDU referencing link

At this stage of your study, aim for perfection in referencing.
NB Check how to reference correctly for multimedia. The references, title and content pages are not counted in your final word count.

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