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DBA8106 Reporting for Financial Decision Making Assignment Answers

Research Assignment- Financial Decision Making and Forecasting

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Assignment Details:

Topic: Financial Forecasting

Document Type: Coursework

Subject: Business

Deadline:*: As Per Required

Number of Words: 5000

Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


No Marks Allocated(%) Marks obtained(%)
1. Title 1
  • Full title (specify the topic(s) of your choice)
2. Abstract (max: one page) 5 





  • The issue(s) and/or motivation(s) of study
  • The objective(s) of study
  • The main finding(s) of study
  • discussion(s)/conclusion
3. Introduction 5
  • Background information of chosen topic(s) of financial decision
  • making and forecasting
  • Issue(s), motivation(s) and significant of study
  • The objective(s) of study
4. Literature Reviews (at least 15 citations – focus on your chosen 45 


















topic(s) of financial decision making
  • Review and discuss the foundation, knowledge and findings of the
chosen topic(s) of financial decision making and how forecasting
could be related to the topic(s) that consists of information, ideas,
data and evidences that showing how the nature, methodology
employed, main findings, recent developments of the chosen
topic(s) which showing your:
  • Knowledge, understanding and comprehension of the financial
decision making (on the chosen topic(s)) and how it relates to
  • Select, assesses and applies the previous studies on financial
decision making (on the chosen topic(s)) and how it relates to
  • Compare, contract, draw valid conclusion from the previous
  • Evaluate, synthesis and creative
  • Discuss the gaps that you have found (based on the literature
reviews that you performed)
5. Discussions and suggestions

  • Discuss your main finding(s) (based on the literature  reviews)  briefly
  • Based on the main finding(s) that you discussed, from the  manager’s perspective, propose your  suggestions/ recommendation/ enhancements/ reflections, to the relationship between forecasting and selected topic(s) of financial decision- making that you have reviewed (the quality of the arguments used  to develop and support your suggestions are essential)





5. Conclusion

  • Overall summarization


6. Others: References, Appendices, Report Format

  • Appropriate citation and references style (Harvard Style)
  • Style, format (including cover sheet, table of content and page number, proper heading, and overall presentation) and readability (including free of typo errors and grammatical mistakes)






Uncertainty is the major challenge faced in a manger’s decision-making process. One of the methods to minimize the uncertainty is forecasting. Forecasting is most often part of a larger process of planning and managing. A forecast is necessary to provide accurate estimates of the future for this larger process. Although most managers are not aware that they are making probability statements when they forecast, they are nonetheless implicitly doing so, For example, when someone forecasts next month’s demand as 900 units, he or she is implicitly stating that there is about a 50 percent chance that demand will be greater than 900 and a 50 percent chance demand will be less than 900. Thus, all managers forecast.

In general, forecasting methods comprises of univariate, multivariate and qualitative approach. Forecasting could be defined as a probabilistic estimate or description of a future value or condition. Forecast includes a mean, range, and probability estimate of that range. On the other hand, financial decision making identifies and analyses the financial decision made by financial manager, using the knowledge, skills and competency in accounting and finance. You are required to provide an empirical review of literature on the application of forecasting methods in any ONE or MIXED of any the followings topics of finance decision making:

  1. Financial statement analysis
  2. Working capital management
  3. Sources and types of finance
  4. Security valuation
  5. Project evaluation
  6. Cost of capital
  7. Risk analysis
  8. Capital structure decisions and dividend policy

This is a research-based question of around 5,000 words. You are expected to clearly state any assumptions you make, and support statements and theories by referencing to appropriate sources. You need to have at least 15 citations from related journals and use Harvard referencing style. Your writing must have less than 15% similarity index.

To obtain high grades, you need to demonstrate sustained coherent analytical ability, integration of theory and practice, besides the systematic approach to analysis and evaluation, evidence of reading and understanding of models and concepts.

Assessment Criteria

The marking of this question is based on the following guidelines (the marking criteria/Grading system of IPE DBA programme):


Marking Criteria Grid DBA

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