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Deloitte & Touche Case Study Online Assignment Solutions

Deloitte & Touched Case Study Assignment Answers

Assignment Detail :

  • Document Type : Coursework
  • Subject: Management
  • Number of Words : 1000

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Questions to answer below:

Your consulting firm was retained by Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group’s Detroit office to provide an objective analysis and evaluation of Deloitte’s performance in its engagement with SKS. David Hendry, partner in the Detroit office, is looking for a critique of this engagement and an objective opinion that will enhance the group’s development and continuous improvement process. Based on the case provided, Mr. Hendry and his partners in the Detroit office are looking for your insights into the following questions. Please respond to these questions in a memorandum to Mr. Hendry. (Style = 10 points)

  • Why does SKS need Deloitte’s services? What alternatives were available to it? (10 points)
  • What specific steps would you take to solve SKS’ short-term and long-term problems? (20 points)
  • What is your assessment of Maria Chen’s performance? (10 points)
  • Imagine that you are Chen. A foreman approaches you on the shop floor and asks, “How many times have you done this before?” What will you say? (10 points)
  • What should Chen do and say at the presentation? (20 points)
  • What was Deloitte’s strategy for improving this operation? Was it a good strategy? The framework below can be used as a starting point for designing and analyzing improvement strategies. (20 points)
  • Elements of an Operations Improvement Strategy

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Element: Issues Addressed

Context: What is the motivation for improving the performance of the operation

Goals: What are the improvement objectives?

Focus: On what part of the operation should improvement be focused?

Methods: What methods should be employed?

Resources: What resources are required: how much money, time, and what kind of expertise?

Organization & Phasing: How many teams should be involved? Who should be on the teams (and how many of each)? How should the various sub-projects be phased?

Learning Capture: What existing knowledge can be used in the improvement process? What other knowledge is needed? What steps will be taken to capture new knowledge along the improvement path?

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