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Demonstratethe ability to conduct a research project in a specified timeframe

1          PURPOSE

The purpose of thisassessmentisto:-

  • Demonstratethe ability to conduct a research project in a specified timeframe and to meet or account for research objectives/outcomes.
  • Demonstrateeffective use of research design, research methodology, data collection methods, data analysis and resultspresentation in a given business/organisational context.
  • Demonstratetheability to identify thelimitationsoftheresearchundertaken.
  • Demonstratethe abilitytowrite a report for a specified audience.
  • Demonstratean abilitytoproducerelevant,feasible and well-supported researchrecommendations

2          TASK

You are required to write a report which gives and account of your work experience and research project as shown in the contract with your host organisation and presented in your research proposal.

NOTE: Be guided by the discussions you have had and are having with your Academic Supervisor as well as what you write in your research proposal as to what output you will have to produce for this Assessment.

3          DESCRIPTION

TheProject Reportshould bewritten with a specified audience in mind and should include atitle page,anexecutive summary, contentspage, an introduction which provides the background to your Project, theresultsofyour research,an analysisoftheresults, identification of recommendationsfrom theresearch and conclusionsfromtheresearch.Areference list must be attached.

Please present informationusingan appropriate Report format.  Here is a suggested format:

Title Page

Executive Summary

  • Provide a summaryofthe ResearchReportincludingaimsof theresearch, context, keyfindingsandmajorrecommendations.

Contents Page

  • Showan appropriatelynumberedindexofthemain sectionsofyour report, with correspondingpagenumbers.
  • Showa separateindexlist fortables, figuresandgraphs.


  • Provide an account of the background to the Project
  • justifies need for research and outlines research problem
  • identifies research objectives or research questions


(a)        The LiteratureReview and ResearchMethodology

  • Criticallyexamine existing research andinformation relatedtothe issuefroma rangeofrelevantresources.
  • Use theliteraturetoprovide the contextandjustificationfor the researchquestion.
  • Use correct in-line referencing techniquesaccording toacademic standardsusing the APA 6thmethod of citation.
  • Explain howthe research was conducted.
  • Explain the reasonsfor the selection of thechosen researchmethods.
  • Describe limitationsand ethical considerations of the researchmethodologies used.

(b)       The Results

  • Presenta description and discussion of the datacollectedduring the research.
  • Includegraphsand tableswhere relevanttopresent theresults.
  • Use relevantstatistical analysisofdata where necessary.
  • Presentresultsinrelationship totheresearchquestion(s).

(c)        Analysisofthe Results

  • Synthesise the informationfromtheliteraturesearch with other researchresults.
  • Use theresultsto answertheresearchquestion(s).
  • Discuss thelimitationsoftheresearch includingthe research methodologyused and reliability/validityoftheresearchresults.

(d)       Recommendations ( one page)

  • List feasible solutionsfortheorganisationgiven itslimitationsof available time,resources,andinternaland external environmental constraintsetc.

(e)        Conclusions ( one page)

  • Analysewhattheresearchfound
  • Identifywhatareasneedfurther researchtomoreadequatelyanswer theresearchquestion(s).
  • Summarise the answer to theresearchquestion(s).


  • Identifyalistof references you havedirectlyreferredtoas either quotes orparaphrased incompleting yourliterature review.
  • Use correctreferencing techniques in thereference listaccording to academicstandardsusing theAPA methodofcitation.


Please includeone copyofanyand alldatacollectioninstrumentsused including questionnaires, interview schedules,orother toolsusedforgatheringinformation.


  • Markswill be allocated to theReport’spresentation as per themarking schedule.
  • Line spacingfor the assessmentisto be1½line.
  • Include centredpages numbers inthefooter.
  • Setthepagemarginstobe 4cm leftand2.5cm right, 2.5cm topand 2.5cm bottom.
  • Use a12pt font.


Your report will be assessed on the following criteria: Possible Actual
Presentation·     a standard format with appropriate headings including a contents page·      neat, attractive presentation

·      if graphics are used, they are referred to and described in the text, and are complete, accurate, neat and appropriately placed

·      APA referencing complete and correct


Language·      accurate·      appropriate formal style

·      clear, concise, coherent

·      correct mechanics

Executive Summary

·      Clear and complete


·      shows evidence of understanding the context of business/organisation

·      justifies need for research and outlines research problem

·      identifies research objectives or research questions

Literature Review

·      Focused and relates to research objectives/questions under review

·      Organised and integrated showing analysis and synthesis

·      clear explanation for the selection of the chosen research methods

·      appropriate sources and correctly referenced

Research Methodology

·      clear explanation of how the research was conducted

·      clear explanation for the selection of the chosen research methods

·      research methodology limitations are clearly identified and appropriate

·      research methodology ethical considerations are clearly identified and  appropriate

Results and analysis of results

·      relates data to existing theory

·      research objectives/questions addressed

·      clear analysis of findings and synthesis with other research


























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