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(ECM40SE) Aviation Strategy Assignment Help

1  Introduction

The assignment is an important part of this module’s assessment scheme. It counts 70% towards the overall mark. You are required to read carefully the case study provided. To prepare your assignment and on the top of the information provided, you should also read the slides provided in class, and a couple of additional reference materials, as well.

Assignments are individual pieces of work that should reflect your own opinions. You should therefore restrain from getting outside assistance or copying and pasting material from the internet or other sources in order to construct your arguments. Assignments are checked for plagiarism as part of the submission process.


2  Background

This case tracks Turkish Airlines’ transition from regional player to global powerhouse. With an order for 212 aircraft in the first half of 2013, the airline had moved to double its size and become one of the industry’s top-ten players. Growing its fleet would allow Turkish Airlines to fly many more destinations, boost revenues, increase aircraft utilization, and achieve higher cost efficiency. But it would also increase the already intense competition with European giants like Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, and the fast-growth Gulf airlines Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways. The CEO Temel Kotil and his team need a new sound strategy capable to address the following questions: How would Turkish Airlines keep growing without jeopardizing profitability? How would it manage the operational complexities and other external factors? Recruit the best people? Continue to differentiate itself in a fiercely competitive industry?

3  Key Points

Read carefully the case study provided on Turkish Airlines. Suppose you are in June 2013 and just beenhired as a consultant, to advice Turkish Airline’s Board of Directors on a strategy for the next 5 years (2014 – 2018).

Prepare a report with your own views,addressing the following key points:

  1. Strategic analysis–Engage on a careful assessment of the current situation of Turkish Airlines, identifying the challenges ahead and how best to leverage TA’s critical success factors.
  2. Strategic choices–Preparetwo alternative scenarios with pros and cons. Recommend your preferred option, highlighting the key points, risks and expected outcomes. Justify why such option should be taken. Make sure the questions asked by TA’s CEO are fully addressed in your recommended strategy.
  3. Plan of Action–Prepare a 5-year strategic plan of action(from 2014 to 2018) with clear targets/objectives, deadlines, focus-areas, priorities, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

4  Learning Objectives

This case is an interesting opportunity for students to study and understand strategies on how airlines grow, expand and compete into different markets. Strategic analysis, choices and careful implementation are essential steps to succeed.

5  Marking Criteria

The marking criteria for this assignment follows the scheme below:

# Issues Marks (%)
1 Strategic analysis (Key Point 1) 35
2 Strategic choices (Key Point 2) 20
3 Recommended Plan of Action (Key Point 3) 30
4 Extra readings 10
5 Report organization, clarity, spelling, presentation, punctuation, page numbers, references, etc. 5
  TOTAL 100



6  Submission and Deadlines

Assignments plus cover sheets must be submitted to the MBA Registrar, in accordance with the deadlines and rules setup for this effect.

7  Length

In terms of effort, I expect a maximum of a 3,500 word written report (7 to 8 pages). The 3,500 word report includes headings and the body text. References, annexes, tables, charts and other additional elements should be counted in addition to that.

Penalties can be applied for those exceeding the 3,500 word limit!

8  Assignment Format

The assignment should be written on a business report style format, rather than following a typical academic essay format. I expect to find, above all, good strategic thinking and recommendations based on sound/logical business arguments as well as the contents delivered in the classes. I also expect to find evidence on the use of references or bibliography. Because this module is focused on management practices, I expect students to use tables, charts, diagrams and other visual elements to support their views and analyses, since this is common practice in all business environments.

9  Writing the Assignment

The assignment should follow a certain structure, containing, at least, five important parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Addressing the Key Points
  4. Conclusions
  5. References or Bibliography

Most professional business reports also include an executive summary at the very beginning highlighting the main points in the report. However, since this assignment is quite small (3,500 words), such part should be skipped. At the very end, if necessary, annexes can be added. Tables, diagrams, figures and charts should be combined with the main text when necessary. Do not forget to properly reference your sources.

Good luck with your assignment!


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