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ENGG439 Engineering Logistics and Operations Assignment Answers

ENGG439 Assignment Essay on Engineering Logistics and Operations

Are you Studying ENGG439 Engineering Logistics and Operations at the University of Wollongong? On, you find Engineering Assignment Help at its best price. Its major aspects are considerations in supply chain planning. Our MBA qualified writers know what student wants. We provide you services like MBA essay help, assignment writing service and many more. We assure students that assignments are written by professional of the field.


The major risks associated with supply chain design, configuration, operations, decisions, and their impact on supply network operations and performance is explained here. Supply chain is the management and process of companies’. It is important to create supply chains based on the strategic network strategy of the organization, not individual products.

The supply chain includes the overall process from production to delivery of a particular product including the necessary plans to arrange satisfactory delivery of the product. The expansion of supply chain depends on the involvement of vendors and consumers are important.

Supply chain provide us with a deep sense of data as it encapsulates the need of a company from making a product to incorporation of transportation all are recorded and analyzed at its best to provide a satisfactory consumer feedback. Hence supply chain is accounting for a major data storage for each and every company. Risks resulting from any interruptions in the flow inside your supply chain of goods, whether raw material or parts.

There are so many risks associated with the supply chain. Since the supply chain is almost inevitable for the smooth functioning of an industry/business supply chain risk is also inevitable.

The risk of supply chain management is now becoming the top concern of consideration, when firms lose millions due to the cause of supply instability, cost fluctuations, numerous penalties, and accidents that damage the name and credibility of different companies. Any of the main threats in this area are an economic risk, the scope of timing risk, legal risks, environmental impact, socio-political risk, rejecting operational risk, human behavior risk and so on. Unforeseen financial loss may occur. This triggers budget overruns, exploitation of limitations, progressive improvements, and missing goals that involve extra funds. Unforeseen cost overruns, which impact the supply chain network, often entail financial risks. an Unstable work relation is another human socio aspect that threatens the overall functioning of the chain as a single chain.

As a result of dumping, pollution, to other sources of air, water, atmosphere, and soil, the adverse effects of the company spread its unethical means that includes environmental damage along with disrupting the favor of many When the legislative system modifications to reaction to a new system of rule or raises perception of inequitable social arrangements at socio-political risk, adaptation challenges are also encountered by existing institutions. Sourcing strategies, especially those in low-cost countries, need to take note of the aftermath in this setting.

Right information with planning is necessary otherwise losses can occur. This you can see as a risk of preparation. Not unexpectedly, the possibility of human action is the hardest to measure. Loss of a personal or system will have grieved influence on supply chain.

Risks can harshly affect companies and customers. It is becoming highly complicated to acquire raw materials that are new and fresh in each and every fields, as a result, it is becoming increasingly complex to evaluate and handle the risk involved. In the case of supply chain risk, several other threats are also included: global trade wars and Brexit, shortages of raw materials, safety recalls, risks of climate change, stricter environmental legislation, economic instability, cargo theft, container ship fires. These also have a huge effect on a supply chain that operates properly.

The risk factors affect the supply chain risk in many ways. Increased risk in the supply chain to lower activity indicators that of product prices, lead time, flexibility, and responsiveness. Supply risk may result in the inability of manufacturers to fulfill their customer’s requirements. Supplier material delays may paralyze manufacturing, which in turn increases the lead-time and delivery times of suppliers to consumers, resulting in poor integration of consumers. Supply chain risk impacts stakeholders.

External risk is driven mainly by problems that lie beyond the company’s direct control. This isa major influence on shares and interest percentages, which would in turn affect the decision-making of companies. Funding will be withdrawn from source to companies in malpractices

Another effect of supply chain risks business disruption. Supply disruption is described by business experts as anything that stops flow of the supply chain.

In short, the major risks associated with supply chain design/configuration/operations decisions that are mentioned above affect the supply network and its operations in multiple ways. So today it is inevitable to control these risks and only then the smooth functioning of the supply chain will happen. For the better functioning of the supply chain, the risks must be avoided by supply chain management techniques of our knowledge and it is very important.


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