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ENTR303 Strategic New Venture Planning Assessment Answers

ENTR303 Assignment Report on Strategic New Venture Planning

Are you searching for the ENTR303 Strategic New Venture Planning Assignment Answers? Visit, where you will find your solutions. We have MBA assignment writers who provide you with Marketing Assignment Help. The aim of this assignment is to enhance students’ knowledge and skills of strategic planning and strategic entrepreneurship and to familiarize them with critical strategic decisions. Get our offers at an affordable price.




In short, this assessment task consists of a report where you will be asked to draw upon your critical thinking skills and comprehension of the key theoretical application of strategic entrepreneurship and new venture planning models as outlined in the course in its entirety.

You will need to do this in concert with the main points and innovations associated with their observations, as previously stated. In this assessment, you will need to give attention to the entire stakeholder’s voices and issues, prioritize them and create pragmatic and fair allocations of responsibilities and resources needed to be applied in dealing with this new reality.

Instructions: Overview

Its one thing to come up with a series of initiatives, creative though they might be it is another to actually create a realistic plan to implement those ideas. You have created your pallet in Assessment two. Now it is your task to paint the corporate planning picture. The image that you have the control and authority to actually implement change in an area of vital interest and importance to you. And in context to what you are currently undertaking – what can be more important than your tertiary studies. Circumstances have forced us to immerse ourselves in the online universe, but the question is we handling it well, or are we going through the motions. The pallet aforementioned is now your scaffold to create a strategic business model to implement a practical and achievable business case to change and adapt the current pedagogy into one that is aligned with and creatively expands the possibilities that are embraced in the e-sphere. This assessment will require you to draw on your critical thinking skills based on sound strategic planning and associated theories to develop a strategic plan that will change the eLearning landscape for the better.


In creating your report, you will need to consider the following considerations (this list is not exhaustive, and you are encouraged to consider additional threads that you might them relevant):

  • Have you clearly understood what the key challenges are in instituting an innovative revamp of the e-learning environment?
  • Have you explored the implementation processes and organizational dynamics involved in the change?
  • Have you identified the historical, cultural and experience base that is needed to be addressed in implementing change?
  • Has your report factored in key partners (e.g., students’ needs and aspirations, the industry needs etc.) in instituting these changes?
  • Have you explored the pedagogical and course content requirements in considering this quantum leap?
  • Have the associated cost and other associated factors been considered?
  • Have short, medium and long-term ramifications of the changes been considered?
  • Have local, national, and international opportunities and challenges been considered?
  • Have you considered industry and macro-environmental responses to your initiatives?

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