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Epidemiology & Environmental Health Assignment Help

Epidemiology & Environmental Health


QUESTIONS                                                                                             (Total: 25 marks)

  1. (a) What is the advantage of using a matched case-control design compared to an unmatched case-control design? (b) What variables were matched? (4 marks)
  1. How was information about exposures obtained in the case-control design? (1 mark)
  1. What is the main advantage of having broader definition of the outcome in the cohort study compared to the case-control study? (2 marks)
  1. (a) Give the formula for estimating the total number of HUS cases caused by eating contaminated sprouts in restaurant K during the study period. (b) If the total number of main dishes served containing contaminated sprouts was 120 and the attack rate among sprout eaters was 30%, what is the estimated number of HUS cases? (4 marks)
  1. What is the meaning of (a) attack rate among sprout eaters and (b) attack rate for subjects fulfilling case definition (see Table 2, last column) (2 marks)
  2. If sprouts are the contaminated source, which attack rate would you expect to be bigger? (1 mark)  Case-study-help-academic-writers
    (a) How is the exposure-outcome association expressed for the case-control study analysis? (See Table 1) (b) Which food item in Table 1 is the most likely contaminated source, why? (c) Express the association between consuming that food item and the chance of getting HUS in simple language. (d) What is the importance of also reporting the 95% CI? (6 marks)
  1. (a) How is the exposure-outcome association expressed for the cohort study analysis? (See Table 3) (b) Calculate the association between consuming sprouts and getting infected as a Risk Difference. (c) Express the meaning of this risk difference association in simple language. ( 5 marks)

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