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Essay Case Study Assignment Paper

A submit a reflective essay addressing the following questions:

• How do you currently lead?
• What are the core principles that underlie your approach to leadership?
• In light of the ideas presented in this course, how you will lead in the future?
• What kind of leader do you want to be?
• What do you want to make sure you keep doing?
• What do you want to stop doing?
• What do you want to start doing?
• In your current or previous work setting, what specific changes will you make in how you
lead and/or manage?
• Do you see yourself as more of a leader or more of a manager, or both, or neither?
Apply at least six (6) concepts from the textbook and any other concepts that shape how you
will practice leadership now and in the future. However, your essay must represent a coherent
whole rather than a listing of various attributes that describe your approach.
This paper will be evaluated using an adaptation of the “Critical Thinking Rubric” created by
the Critical Thinking Project at Washington State University and will be assessed on overall
presentation and the following four areas:
• Does your paper reflect your own perspective and position? (e.g., are you clearly writing
about your approach and not simply describing someone else’s)
• Do you identify and assess the key assumptions that underlie your perspective and
position? (e.g., do you talk about how you arrived at your theory or do you simply state
your conclusions?)
• Do you identify and consider the influence of context on your approach? (e.g., do you
describe how your approach applies to the specific context and setting of your profession?)
10 | MNG03217 Leading and Managing People (Session 2, 2015)
• Do you identify and assess the logical conclusions, implications, and/or consequences of
acting on your approach to leadership? (e.g., do you describe how your professional life
and work setting would be different if your approach were practised by you and by others?)

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