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Essay on Fourth National Survey on Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces

Sexual Harassment: Australian Human Rights Commission Fourth National Survey

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Business Essay Details:

Topic: Sexual Harassment in workplace

Requirement: 3000 words

Referencing Style: Harvard

Subject: Business

Master’s/Ph.D.: Standard


Contemporary Employment Relations (MGTS7609)


In 2018, the Australian Human Right Commission undertook the fourth national survey into sexual harassment in the workplace.  What were the major findings of this survey?  What are the implications of sexual harassment for employees, employers and the broader community?  Choose another country with which to compare these findings.  How do the protections for employees (in particular) in Australia compare with the country you have chosen?


  1. Outstanding writing & expression of clear concepts -10% (Presentation)
  2. Excellent understanding of literature and demonstrates capacity to research independent of set reading 20% – (RESERCH)
  3. Excellent understanding of complex concepts and no technical errors – 30% (Technical Accuracy & Understanding of Topic).


  1. Use Australian English
  2. Please make sure the citations are correct
  3. Don’t include any information from following literature review as it is previously written by me. (DON’T INCLUDE ANY REFERENCES FROM THE FOLLOWING REFERNCES)



Australian Human Rights Commission. 2018. Everyone’s business: Fourth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. Available at: <> [Accessed 8 April, 2020].

Bondestam, F. and Lundqvist, M., 2020. Sexual harassment in higher education–a systematic review. European Journal of Higher Education, pp.1-23.

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Huang, Y., Chua, T.C., Saw, R.P. and Young, C.J., 2018. Discrimination, bullying and harassment in surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis. World journal of surgery, 42(12), pp.3867-3873.

Magalhaes, Maria, J. et al. 2017. Literature review on sexual harassment and bystanders’ projects.” (2017).

McLaughlin, H., Uggen, C. and Blackstone, A., 2017. The economic and career effects of sexual harassment on working women. Gender & Society, 31(3), pp.333-358. doi:10.1177/0891243217704631

Ministry for Women, 2019. Literature scan of international best practice about preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment.

Quick, J.C. and McFadyen, M., 2017. Sexual harassment: Have we made any progress? Journal of occupational health psychology, 22(3), p.286.

Salman, M., Abdullah, F. and Saleem, A., 2016. Sexual harassment at workplace and its impact on employee turnover intentions. Business & Economic Review, 8(1), pp.87-102.

Shaw, E., Hegewisch, A. and Hess, C., 2018. Sexual harassment and assault at work: Understanding the costs. Institute for Women’s Policy Research Publication, IWPR B, 376.

Van der Winden, C., 2014. Combatting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Policy vs. Legislative Reform. Canberra L. Rev., 12, p.204.


Follow the following comments


Set your computer to Australian English.  You were penalised because of your Americanised spelling.


You have provided some evidence of critical appraisal or partial critical appraisal of available literature.


To assist you with future assessment items, it is important that you critically analyse the issues related to the essay topic/question and incorporate this thinking into your assessment item. Try to think about the positive and negative aspects of a topic.What are the accepted ‘truths’ in the area? What points of view have the most research evidence?

Use references to support your views and assertions.  This gives more weight and credibility to your arguments.  If you demonstrate, through your use of references that a number of authors agree on a particular point then the marker sees this as a strong and well-argued point of view.If you don’t provide references, it appears that the point is a personal opinion without research that demonstrates that is an agreed upon point of view.  The more researchers that support a particular point, the more sure you can be that this is an accurate reflection of the current state of knowledge on a particular topic.

While you have provided a broad overview of academic work on your chosen topic, you need to try to provide an analysis linking your literature review to the topic.

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