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FIAT International Marketing Management Assignment Sample for Postgraduate Students

CIQGM704 – International Marketing Management Assignment Sample on FIAT

Words: 5000+

Assessment Brief

  • Module Code: CIQGM704
  • Course Level: Postgraduate (Level 7) MBA in Marketing Management
  • Academic Year: 2018-2019


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International Marketing Management Assignment Task 1 (Report, 75 marks)

International Marketing Management Assignment Scenario: -

FIAT’s 500X Crossover Ad Drives Audience Engagement on YouTube

After successfully revamping its iconic 500 model, the Italian automobile manufacturer FIAT launched the 500X crossover. To compete in an ultra- competitive market, FIAT France partnered with YouTube to produce an ad and measured impact in terms of ad recall, brand awareness, and search volume.

Fiat’s approach was to stream video ad exclusively on YouTube before launching on other media. Fiat was also determined to measure the incremental impact of the campaign with a Brand Lift survey.With 13 million views, the FIAT 500X YouTube ad remains one of the top three most-viewed videos during the 2015 Super Bowl, with an impressive completion rate of 84%.

Based on the above scenario of Fiat’s marketing strategy to launch the 500X crossover, learners are requested to analyze the various aspects of International Marketing Management by preparing a Marketing report.


You MUST follow the Project Report format, which should contain the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary: You should summarize your marketing report briefly (hopefully on no more than one page of A4 paper). [8 Marks]
  1. Introduction: You should provide some background information on the case study organisation and a brief explanation on the various aspects of International Marketing management that are relevant to the product launch mentioned in the above case study. [8 Marks]
  1. Literature Review: You should conduct a review of relevant academic literature using at least 6-8 articles taken from reputed research journals/ article publications, as well as in addition consider any other secondary literature reports, company data/ any other relevant data, to critically analyse the available literature. The literature review should be based on:-
  • A brief critique on the current issues in marketing relevant to the case study organisation. [8 marks]
  • The changing global business environment and the challenges this poses on the marketing management practices employed by the case study organisation. [8 marks]
  • The development of a Marketing plan by applying relevant tools, models and techniques to support your analysis. The plan should be developed with regard to the case study organisation. [8 marks]
  1. Application of theory to practice: You need to compare actual practices in the case study organisation with the key academic thinking established in the review of literature. It may point out similarities and differences, agreements and contradictions, arguments and counter arguments, and suggest explanations for these relationships. The focus of this section needs to be: –
    • An evaluation of marketing mix for the case study organisation. [8 Marks]
    • To evaluate the relationship between three elements of consumer analysis and to establish how these three elements help the Brand (for the case study organisation) develop effective marketing strategies [12 marks]
  1. Conclusions and Recommendations: You should summarize the main findings, including their implications, and provide recommendations that directly relate to this analysis. [10 Marks]
  1. References: You should use the Harvard Referencing System (HRS) correctly throughout in your report. [5 Marks]


International Marketing Management Assignment Task 2 [Oral presentation, 25 marks]

Learners are asked to make a short oral presentation to establish the role of marketing models, tools and techniques in developing new products/services and effective marketing plans.

Important Guidelines for the presentation are as follows: -

  1. Learners may choose any Company (other than the case study organisation in Task 1) in any industry that has successfully launched new products/services in a dynamic global marketplace.
  2. Learners should provide background information about the chosen Companyand the selected Brand.
  3. In establishing the role of Marketing models, you should include at least one model among (Porter’s Model, SWOT Analysis, and PESTLE) and at least one Model among (BCG Matrix, Ansoff Matrix and Product Life Cycle Model).
  4. Learners are requested to use PowerPoint presentations (Maximum of 12 slides) to make the presentation
  5. The presentation date will ideally fall on the last session for the module, the exact date will be informed in advance by the faculty.
  6. There is no specific structure as such for the presentation, any structure can be followed and the learners are encouraged to be creative at the same time to make the presentation academically relevant.
  7. This is an individual presentation; learners are requested to prepare and present Task 2 individually.


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FIAT International Marketing Management Assignment


Question 1: Executive summary.P.11Question 2: Introduction.P.12-14Question 3a): Brief critique issues in marketing.P.15-17Question 3b): The changing global business environment.P.17-19Question 3c): Development of a marketing plan.P.19-24Question 4a): Evaluation of marketing mix.P.25-27Question 4b): Relationship between elements of consumer analysisP.27-28Question 5): Conclusion and recommendations.P.29Question 6: References.P. 30

Executive summary FIAT and its 500X Crossover ad on YouTube.

In this document Let’s explore the FIAT brand’s achievement’s and impact on the automotive industry. Taking a deeper look and understanding into their marketing strategy and zoom into the viability of social media marketing tools such as YouTube.

To understand the Global influence, an assessment of various aspects of International marketing management and how they are relevant to the FIAT 500X project launch on YouTube. Factors such audience participation and response to determine as who, what, why and when the product launch and target market and its impacts are explored.

Critiques on marketing issues related to social media must be included in market research and given proper recommendation based on analytical literature and opinion. An analysis of these critiques is explored in alignment with the approach of social media marketing.

An in-depth review of YouTube as a marketing tool is explored. A result is analyzed to see how factual the sales market prediction is. The aim of product placement on YouTube and using their analytical services in partnership to better place the product. Social demographic attributes are very largely influenced in decision making of sales. We compare the audience to this demographic.

A short study on the Shortcomings of social media Metrix and make suggestions on how best to overcome these.

The marketing environment is always changing into trends associated with changing environments and the impact of: Social, Economic and Political changing environments. A review of these changes and find out how Fiat can stay ahead of the competition and market trends to predict rather than adjust. Explore ways to predict and overcome these factors with recommendations.

A marketing plan is developed which best aligns with Fiats launch of the 500X on social media and look at the variables.

Company description, Strategic focus, Situation Analysis, Product market focus, Implementation plan, Evaluation and control Marketing tool such as SWOT analysis / STP and BCG are used to demonstrate the above. Recommendations are made and conclusion on the results of social media on sales.

An evaluation of marketing mix by studying the Product, Placement, Price, Promotion and people involved in the market strategy of Fiat.

The relationship of the 3 elements of customer analysis: Effect and cognition, Consumer environment and Consumer behavior help us understand what customers feel and thing and how all this information can be combined with FIAT’s USP, target market and positioning to get the best information before launching the product successfully.


Task 1 Question 2.1 Introduction of FIAT.

Introduction of FIAT

FIAT was found in 1899, Italy. Its first factory was based in Corsa Dante, Tarin, The Managing Director at the time was Giovanni Agnelli. In 1908 FIAT expanded to the US opening FIAT Automobile Company and venturing into the manufacturing of trams, marine engines and commercial vehicles.

In 1920 FIAT had an 80% market share in Italy.1923 FIAT opened the famous Lingotto car factory in Europe the largest car factory at the time.

The first edition to the FIAT 500 was also known as the Cinquecento. Designed by Dante Giacosa and produced in 1957.

In 2009 Fiat was led into an accusation with Chrysler 2010 John Ellkan was nominated president. He was replaced by Micheal Manley in 2008.

Analysts predict FIAT’s revenues to be approximately 115.4 Billion Euros in 2015which reflects a 4.4 year on year growth. In 2014 and 2015 it grew by 8.1% and 18.1% Clark (2015).

Analysts predict FIAT’s


New Fiat 500X (2018)

Task 1 Question 2.2 Various factors of IMM relating to the case study launch. Sales and Marketing process:

  • Market Testing
  • Market research & Commercialization.

When FIAT was satisfied with the outcome of the functional production on the 500X Crossover, the next step involved creating and testing a marketing program for its product. The outcomes of such a test would determine the impact FIAT’s new 500X will have on the competitive environment. Another important reason for testing would be to see how end users and dealerships would respond to the handling, using and purchasing of the product.

This information will then give FIAT an accurate view on market acceptance which will determine sales and profit prospects. In 1970 Fiat group Italy employed over 100 000 employees and reached a record distribution of 1.4 Million cars.

The Fiat group currently produces 12 brands: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram Trucks, and SRT.

FIAT's 500X Crossover Ad Drives Audience Engagement on YouTube

Audience Engagement on YouTube

When? Whom? Where? How? These are some of the questions that must already be resolved and answered by the marketing manager at the commercialization stage. Nite (2015)

Our Yearly Deliveries

Task 1 . Question 3a. Current issues in marketing.

YouTube was found in 2005 and since then, the social media video sharing platform organization have undergone many substantial changes. YouTube has become one of the biggest marketing tools used for social media by influencers from all market segments.

A recent study by Carsten Ziewiecki (2015) ‘’Social media sellout” shows us that YouTube subscribers and users are faced with a growing share of promotion for various product types. The two biggest influencers here are the cosmetics and fashion retail markets. A concern of the social media influencers in respect of its content for viewers categorized as young target groups were found.

In a commercial sense, social media celebrities are seen as influencers. These influencers have gathered a huge number of social media followers and therefore companies see them as valuable partners for product promotions. Gerhards (2017).

Research shows us that product promotion can be seen on most social media video sharing sites. The most popular of these is of course YouTube. It is important to note that younger age groups have grown up to use social media on a daily basis.

To enable us to see the issues of product promotion of social media, is to get an understanding of the amount of content being produced with monetization as a focus. It is also perceived that YouTube has lost its core philosophy because they are changing from a UGC website to a PGC website due to the lack of amateurism in videos and the increase of product promotion. Gerhards (2017). This might result in them loosing a big deal of younger markets. Product placement on YouTube has increased to a growing practice by creating a hypothetical situation. Wu (2016)

What is the aim of product placement on YouTube?

Product placement on social media can be defined as Informal communication about a product or service to raise interest of possible customers. Babutsitze (2011).

  • Familiar
  • Desirable
  • Acceptable

The best way to argue this question, is to that that users such as dealers and other organizations use this platform as a communication persuasion method to achieve increased awareness by making the product familiar desirable and acceptable. Kotler and Zaltman (2008).

FIAT has chosen one of the many ways to promote their product on social media. They did so by partnering with YouTube by testing their products response and utilizing the analytic data to identify their market audience.

Social demographic attributes to social media audience market’s predominantly digital natives were born after 1980 and are potentially the viewers of most social media content. Palfrey and Gasser (2010). These target groups are familiar with digital advertisement and are easily attracted to view videos on platforms such as YouTube. Prensky (2001).

Gender is another common social demographic attribute. Gender effects which products are of interest and effects the way in which products are presented on YouTube.

A publication by Boateng and Okoe (2015) ‘’advertising and behavioral response’’ found that there is a connection between consumers attitude and behavioral response to social media adverts on platforms related to YouTube. This relationship was moderated by corporate reputation.

In another study by Baym (2013) ‘’Shortcoming of social media Metrix’’ it was found that there are so much more audience activity and response to be collected and analyzed than in the past and that business models may work with social media networks to incorporate the data into their marketing strategy. The IT systems developed to organize the audience feedback must be constructed in a way that it makes since of different consumer values. An assessment should be made on which data should be counted and which should be ignored such as:

  • Predict, control, make money or to understand how they are moving
  • Remind our self of what data are unseen and cannot be
  • Are the types of media content that is doing well the same or different from its performance in the old media tools and criteria?
  • Aware of inherent multiplicity of meaning.

We need to ensure we use qualitive sensibilities and other methods to evaluate what numbers cannot see through data analysis.

In conclusion FIAT should compare the sales outcomes to the predicted numbers and evaluate the difference. The biggest key in Marketing is pinpointing exactly what customers want. FIAT should get those customer’s feedback through personal engagement and the involvement of human factors such as values etc to understand the shortfalls between prediction and actual sales.

YouTube has combined an analysis to predict the sales forecast into specific market through social media traffic. More brands are incorporating media tools to predict however these younger markets might not have the resources to invest in and therefore the market being missed are the ones with a strong mindset of older reputable manufacturers. Target the market and influence the markets less likely to engage.

Therefore, creating a reputation and a reason for other markets without the relevant resources to motivate its competitors lessening the risk of new entrants.

Social media might not be the best marketing tool to use for launching new products. In fact, the redistribution of resources might be a better fit in other tools which have been ignored by newer manufacturers.

The FIAT 500X is aimed at a younger market when using social media and because it is a luxury brand this market might not have the funds to support their ‘’wants’’. Rather support them by focusing market tools on more mature markets and shift their reputation of for example German manufacturers to Italian manufacturers by proving the long-term benefits and features to this market who are persuaded by Trust Innovation and Passion.

Task1 Question 3b Changing global business environment and the challenges on MM practices

Economic, political and social environments

To operate a company successfully daily efforts should include the evaluation of market trends, risk and opportunities. Companies should also not ignore the changing economic, political and social environments.

The changes in the economic environment as well as vast customer demand poses a need for marketing trends to change along with them to ensure organizations don’t loose its target market’s interest.

New age marketing

  • Anticipate rather than

Organizations need to be ready to recalibrate their marketing plans in short periods of time by anticipating the change in demand rather than reacting to the change because companies today, operate in an uncertain world.

  • Influencing

Consumers are becoming more and more difficult to influence. With active social media and internet competitors are closer and comparisons are easy to establish. Also, it is now so much harder to hide defects and shortcomings in products and services.

  • Innovation can change the

The Tata Ace four-wheel city courier reshaped the light commercial vehicle industry and forced tire manufacturers to develop tires for a new class of vehicle.

  • Complacency vs. customer

Todays customer satisfaction is tomorrows hygiene Customers are constantly raising the bar on expectation.

  • Social economic factors determine innovation

Rising energy demand and surging energy prices are indications of influence proving how customers are seeking financially viable alternative innovations in transport.

Another example is rising oil and fuel costs, inflation and affordability.

Zero emission

Zero emission source: Wharton University (2017)        Effects of pollution source:

In conclusion, customers predict innovation and are drawn to financially viable solutions. Electric cars are an example although this will mean that industry will have to adapt and make charging stations available. Eco designed engines make fuel fossil energy more economically friendly as there is a rising concern of environmental impact through pollution.

Finally. All markets demographics for example young and old does not have the same concerns and expectations and this is why it is important to target the correct market and cover all possible concerns and expectations to predict customer demand.

Task 1 Question 3c Develop a marketing plan.

Company description:

FIAT is the largest automotive company in Italy and is part of FIAT CHRYSLER automotive which was formed in 2014.

Ideas of progress innovation and performance are the driving forces behind the massive automotive manufacturer we all know as FIAT. They first arrived on the market in the summer of 1899 with 24 models of the HP 3 ½ manufactured by 150 workers in Italy. The vision of FIAT driven by their inheritance of experience landed them where they are today. From the earliest models like the FIAT 500 to the 124 spider and the classic Uno we all know holds the key to their innovation and forward thinking into the ever- changing automotive market. They have grown to include other brands under the FCA group over the years making millions of people mobile and continuing their pursuit of passion and performance.

Strategic focus and plan.

Fiat is working at strengthening the brand by optimizing resources. They do so by exiting the loss market , decreasing employee numbers and other related strategies which will help decrease operational costs.

In order for FIAT to best relate its strategy to the wants and preferences of customers, they us a mix of demographic, physiographic and geographical segmentation strategy. They make use of a value based and usage positioning strategy to create a proud image that boasts of experience to the perception of customers.

Situation Analysis.

FIATS ability to succeed and stay on top of the ever-changing automobile market with all its innovative trends are hugely contributed from its joint ventures and alliances with top brands such as TATA motors. FIAT’s production team aligns its strategy with that of the changing environment. They understand the need to stay ahead of the market and its trends. This is why they constantly re position themselves in the market and establish a viable target market as a result. They do so by using innovative marketing tools to get the best responses and base their investment on the purchase response to tested feedback through for example social media etc.

SWOT Analysis of FIAT:

SWOT Analysis of FIAT

FIAT operates in foreign markets by the use of joint ventures which allows for sustainable, seamless relationships and the best possible deals. They are a tech savvy brand and manufactures over 2 million cars annually.

Although FIAT is well known for its heritage influenced and vintage car selection. They have recently re established themselves in the automotive market by staying on top of technological innovation market changes and trends. They have also made use of new marketing tools to collaborate customer engagement and gaining feedback. This also helped them establish a future needs analysis and target market.

The demand for cars is greater as people are becoming independent and aware of safety features and poor roads. Younger customers in the past used to be attracted to motorcycles but, the safety risks in comparison draws their attention closer to the features of automobiles. Personalization in terms of model types features, affordability and colors have been one of the factors for increasing number of car purchases.

The cost of raw materials, transportation and other logistical expenses have forced inflation on the car market. There are daily additions to the factors that makes purchasing ars even more expensive. This is why the target market should be aware of changing environments and understand the value for money behind the purchase of a car.

STP Process

Niedermeyer (2016)

FIAT is always aiming at aligning its core structure of marketing tool four P’s to ensure that there are a variety of options suitable for the entire marketing mix and to eliminate risk of slow sellers. The summery of their four P’s include:

STP of FIAT (2019)

In order to align customer need and wants with features and benefits in its production. FIAT uses a demographical, physiographical and psychographic segmentation strategy to develop these.

FIAT used a demographic target strategy to gain an audience through a social media platform for its 500X revamp advert on YouTube. The indicators identified both young and older age categories which could afford the product and areas where residential areas for location is higher and showed more interest.

Value based and usage positioning is used to create an image of experience and enrichment to customers. The use of application and behavioral response is what helped identify the ideal positioning for FIAT. Through customer interaction and feedback, YouTube in partnership with FIAT was able to analyze the data and help position the new 500X in the appropriate market.

Bahsin (2017)


Product Market focus.

Product Market focus

Interior and exterior of the new FIAT 500X car (2019)

FIAT has developed a product differentiation strategy to enter the market. FIAT decided to launch various models between 2014 and 2018 in an aim to up their global sales by 26 per cent. This was called the rational and emotional strategy. Where focus is placed on the Panda range for rational and 500 range for emotional. The 500X was planned to be unveiled at the latter part of the plan due to marker response and segmentation through innovative marketing tools.

FIAT partnered with YouTube to measure the response of the 500X crossover add on their social media platform. The aim here was to use the consumer feedback for market positioning and to focus on a ‘’new’’ target market in the ever-competitive market of crossover automobiles. 13 Million views in 2015 proved the model to be attractive and intriguing. The target market response on YouTube turned out to be younger as is expected with social media followers.

Although they have experienced some challenges in comparison with competitors FIAT found its result in a leadership position and with its strategy were able to align costs (2014).

FIAT 50OX sales per unit

FIAT 50OX sales per unit (2019)

Customer segments.

FIAT operations exist in customer segments from B2B dealers, distributers and also retail customers.

They target an age group of between 35-45 years and a middle to upper middle-income class.

Market program of FIAT; Product:

Fiat is visible in all segments offering a variety measuring from hatch backs to utility vehicles. This gives them the competitive advantage. FIAT had merged with global brands to ensure the capacity to produce products globally. The FIAT group ships around 45 Million vehicles annually with a revenue at 111Billion. From 2014-2018 they projected a 26% increase by introducing a new range of products including the 500X Crossover.


FIAT strives to produce luxury cars at affordable prices. They offer a variety of ranges in the segments and suggests an RSP for retailers and wholesalers.


Being a global producer and supplier of its components, they have positioned themselves all around the world. They are the biggest European manufacturer and continues to grow above the 20% margin across the globe.

BCG analysis:

BCG analysis (2019)


  • Dealer Financing
  • Iron and Casting
  • Automotive business

Question Mark

  • Automotive
  • Services
  • Leasing + Rental

FIAT focuses on services including production systems, retail and dealer financing, leasing and rentals. Other services include Iron and casting.

Dealership financing by means of the automotive business, Iron and casting are the start business BCG matrix indicator. Other businesses within the brand are all considered question marks.

Task 1 Question 4a) An evaluation of marketing mix:


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  • Variety of models and
  • Personalization
  • Features and

FIAT has 5 broad product categories each with individual services. Their products offer a range of variety giving customers the ability to customize the product to their needs and affordability. Most of FIAT’s features are unique and create a competitive advantage.

Customers are willing to pay a higher price for the products as FIAT has a reputation of selling high quality products. The products are famously traditional and practical to use.

Recommended product strategy for FIAT:

  • Introduce benefits as add on services. Because their after-service reputation is so bad perhaps include a warranty linked to after sales
  • Test new products in the target market before fully commercializing it. It is difficult to use social media to identify such a huge
  • Increase its portfolio to collaborate more customer needs in its viable 35-45 demographic


  • Worldwide presence for
  • Online and retail selling
  • Omni channel distribution system

FIAT uses two platforms to sell their products online and in wholesalers like retail chains. They use an extensive market strategy to ensure that all the retailers across many countries have their brand present. FIAT has partnered with delivery services to meet its huge online sales demand. The omni channel distribution system allows customers easy access to products. They have a close working relationship with over 500 suppliers of raw materials.


Add an online store to align with social media adverts and posts. Social media store. Ensure that the online website is user friendly. Open up company owned retail stores and cut the retail middle man.


  • Lower prices due to cost leadership.
  • Fixed retail pricing
  • Pricing based on competitor

FIAT uses a competitive based pricing strategy because if easily accessible data. Only in some cases cost are used to determine pricing. Its products are known to sell at higher pricing than competitors and marketed value to its features. Delivery cost cause online pricing to be higher than retail. FIAT has fixed retail pricing.


Include discount of shorter-term purchases to increase market share. Use psychological pricing to attract consumers e.g. $199 instead of $200. New products should be introduced at a launch price for a period of time to gain competitive advantage.


  • Direct marketing
  • Indirect marketing
  • Advertising, engagement and PR
  • Social media and other

FIAT uses both traditional and social media platforms for cost management and awareness. The eagerly engage in social promotions. Large personal selling in retail store. Percentage of sales method is used to determine promotions annually.


Hire more social media influencers. Consistent communication of messages on all advertising platforms. Make social media posts more relevant to target audience. Increase social media traffic.

People: Employees management and customers communicate via marketing tools to incorporate a needs analysis and feedback for planning.


More training for sales, purchasing and marketing staff. Incentivize sales force. Ensure customer needs and respect is a priority.

The intangible experiences of existing and future customers as well as the tangible communication of goods and services that drives delivery to the desired environments.

Task 1 question 4b) The relationship between 3 elements of customer analysis

elements of customer analysis

Effect: Effect is how people feel about things. Their feelings might trigger a positive or negative response which will affect their decision making. Features and benefits, looks and marketing communication can influence how people feel.

Cognition: Cognition is how people think about things. Their thought process will measure the effort it takes to do something and this might force them to resort to a more convenient way of shopping. They might view online advertisement and buying the product online instead of going into a dealership.

Behavior: Some customers behave fast and can easily make a decision, purchase a product and leave. Others take a bit longer and prefers to make comparisons. This is why it is important to already provide comparison products to save that customer time.

Environment: It takes longer for a person coming from a poor environment to make a decision compared to someone coming from a rich environment who can quickly and easily make a decision. The first person will measure the amount of value they will get in return for their investment. The second is only concerned about satisfaction. Behavior and cognition effects the environment in a big way.

We will use effect and cognition to determine which customer base we want to target. We will look at what they should be feeling and thinking when buying from our brand.

USP: FIAT offers elegant unique designs and affordable luxury brand of cars. Target market: Young executives from upper middle-class markets.

Positioning: FIAT is an automotive company which gives you the passion for driving.

In FIAT’s YouTube marketing video, they displayed the 500X as both elegant, robust and luxurious. This gave a demographical mixed audience the feeling they want from a car resembling the passion factor. The add made people think of FIATs consumer involvement and feedback platform through ratings and also the features and benefits related to environmental factors. The YouTube audience proved to make up the audience they were targeting.

Consumer behavior helped FIAT decide on the best way to layout their marketing strategy on social media and other platforms also, how to best show off their online store. They aimed to assist consumers in making quicker decisions.

FIAT factored in comparisons within its own range bringing across its rich heritage and this had an effect on the older consumer buy building a reassurance of trust. The transformation in appeal and features offered a valued benefit for consumers.

The consumer environment plays the biggest role in decision making. Your background poor or rich, your upbringing and your expectations will be different within the demographic of environment. A balanced value and satisfaction had to be achieved. Also, the price point should not be too low that its doesn’t cover costs and profits or make the brand loose focus from its luxurious image. Also, not too expensive that they lose this young middle-class consumer who are most active on social media.

Task 1 Question 5 Conclusions and recommendations.

Social media is a relatively new and uncertain way of marketing. Its following or audience is from a younger market demographic and only a small portion of these individuals come from a rich environment where they can afford to purchase a luxury brand car such as FIAT 500X.

In most cases the advertisement makes these consumers feel and think that they want to purchase the product and although a small number of these individuals do others either change their mind through the comparison period or get caught up in financial debt by making loans just to stay with the popular trend.

Social media is the best platform to use for helping customers make quicker decisions. The more convenient you can make the comparison and experience the easier it will be to influence people’s behavior.

Emphasize an online store through social media ads. This way FIAT can make the product more affordable by cutting wholesales and retailer costs. It is also more convenient for consumers to shop online.

Test the product in the market. Car shows and direct promotions in crowded audience spaces such as shopping environments are one of the biggest influencers to determine weather or not the target market will respond to the product.

Add purchase benefits which will eliminate bad remarks such as after sales services. The bad reputation FIAT has built up in this regard can be quickly eliminated by offering related benefits and services. Complimentary warrantee extensions are also a good attraction for young audiences as this might very well be their first car.

Make the social media posts relevant to more markets which will ensure all demographics watch the entire add to find a benefit or feature to suite them. Align the USP to include benefits that resemble elegant and rugged and inferior features.

If the price point is a slight concern which can easily be overcome by making the comparison align more with cost pricing instead of comparison pricing. Launch pricing and affordable payment plans will attract consumers on social media platforms.

Source: Ipsos/Google, U.S., “Digital’s Influence on In-Market Auto Consideration” study, (n=673 auto shoppers, which includes purchasers and considers), Aug 2018.

FIAT should continue to invest in social media marketing tools as at least 40% of consumers are influenced to purchase new vehicle models after discovering it on YouTube . Over 60% of users visit dealership or dealership sites.

Add links from YouTube and social media platforms to count traffic from the social media ads therefore focusing in on the target market response. Book a test drive of contact a dealer near you are all easy links to make consumers act quicker and use their response to evaluate your target market.

Hofman et. Al (2010).


Question 6: References

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Additional articles used:

Article: Journal of Business Ethics 148(6) · Javalgi and Russell (April 2018)

Psychology and Marketing 33(12):1029-1038 · Al Ves et. Al December (2016)

Conference: 17th International Conference of the International Association for Management of Technology by Nunes and Bennett (2008)

International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration Volume 2, Issue 2, , Pages 7 – 18 Nashwan et. Al January (2016)

International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration Volume 2, Issue 2, , Pages 7 – 18 Nashwan et. Al (January 2016)



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