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Assignment Answers for Final Placement Report the Hilton and DoubleTree Hotel

Bart Final Placement Report

Topic: Final Placement Report

Document Type: Assignment help (any type)

Subject: Hospitality

Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard

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Introduction & Personal Information

Introduction l – Pre-Departure

I will be working in the Human Resources department in the Hilton and DoubleTree hotel. The HR department consists currently of 3 employees that run the department in both hotels. Lyn Blight is the Head of Department and is responsible for all the tasks the department carries out. Marjolyn (MJ) Ballevar is the Co-ordinator and is looking after all staff members of Hilton and DoubleTree in Cairns. She is mostly busy with tasks related to labour negotiations, employee relations, administrative work, employment contracts and payslips and employment in general. Bronwen Barry is Learning and Development and she is responsible that all external Hilton and internal staff trainings are carried out. Suzanne and I will be shadowing both MJ and Bronwen for 3 months. Via this way we will get the most out of our internship.

Introduction ll– Final Report

After completing a 6 months internship at the Hilton Cairns, I have an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I am grateful for all the opportunities I came across and the people that took the time to tutor me. It was truly amazing to see how I have been coached with encouragement, compassion and the biggest support. Due working in this positive environment I was able to grow as a person, learn more about Hilton as a company and hospitality in general. My knowledge about the Human Recourses department is grown intensively. How this department fits in the hotel and operates with other department is amazing to see. This experience has giving me more confidence, a better understanding about the hospitality industry and had has giving me possibilities for my own career future.

Placement Information and Research

Placement Company Data

Description of the Hilton Brand

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. finds its roots in the United States of America. The founder of the chain is Conrad Hilton and he did that in 1919. The 31st of May this year is the celebration of the 100th birthday of Hilton. Despites its old age is the corporation still growing with openings of new hotels every year and on top of that the launch of a new brand in 2019.

Hilton Cairns is operating in ASTRALASIA; the Asia/Pacific area of the Hilton worldwide collection.

The Hilton worldwide premises in Australia are located in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Surfers Paradise, Darwin, Alice Springs, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Cairns has two Hilton worldwide properties; Hilton and DoubleTree.


  • Waldorf Astoria
  • LXR
  • Conrad
  • Canopy
  • Hilton
  • Curio collection
  • DoubleTree
  • Tapestry
  • Embassy Suites
  • Motto
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Signia (New)
  • Hampton
  • Tru
  • Homewood Suites
  • Home Suites 2
  • Hilton Grand Vacations

Market position of Hilton Cairns

The 5 star Hilton hotel in Cairns meets the same minimum standards as any other Hilton hotel worldwide. The minimum standards are set for every Hilton hotel and are strictly followed and executed by the local staff members.

Hilton Cairns attracts Business people as well as people on holiday. The hotel distinguishes itself from other Hiltons by having an enourmess amount of holiday guests. This share is at some points bigger than corporate guests. The reason of that is simply the location of the hotel. A holiday resort attracts holiday guests. But also loyal business guests from Hiltons all over the world choose Hilton Cairns as hosts for their Holiday. Hilton can thank its loyaltee programmes for that. Hilton worldwide has a lot of programs for guests. One of them is the Hilton Honors Guest Loyalty Program. With this program guests have the opportunity to save points. Points can be earned by simply booking a stay. Due this system loyal corporate guests are more likely to book their holiday by a Hilton hotel as well. The biggest target group of Hilton Cairns are Asians. Hilton offers even the HUANYING program for Chinese guests. This program is mostly arranged for groups and includes a Chinese welcome letter and Chinese food items on breakfast buffet. The Chinese guests also get slippers and Chinese tea in their rooms.

Statements & Values of Hilton

Hiltons Mission statement:“To be the preeminent global hospitality company – the first choice of Guests, Team Members, and Owners alike”.

Hiltons Promise statement: “To ensure every guest feels cared for, valued and respected”.

H-I-L-T-O-N Values:
Hospitality – We are passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences.
Integrity – We do the right thing, all the time.
Leadership – We are leaders in our industry and in our communities.
Teamwork – We are team players in everything we do.
Ownership – We are the owners of our actions and decisions.
Now – We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline.

Conrad’s vision statement: “To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality”.

Description of Hilton Cairns

Hilton worldwide has a great hotel located in North Queensland. The hotel in the popular city Cairns is ideal for holiday and adventure seekers who like to experience the Hilton standards. The premises beautiful location at the waterfront is next to the most popular part of the harbour: ‘The Pier’. Due the ideal position of the hotel, guests are able to be at the airport within 10 minutes. The popular Zoom and casino are only 30 meters away.   The hotel is located at the harbour with an immediate excess to the Great Barrier Reef. Beside the Reef, Cairns is the gateway to the Rainforest village of Kuranda that has tropical hiking spots and heritage markets. The Hiltons lobby tour desk, allows guests to get easy access to all kinds of excursions provided to them with high class Hilton features such as a shuttle service and complimentary things (e.g. towels and water).

Facilities of Hilton Cairns

Open 24 hours

Open 6.00 am – 9.00pm

M-F: 8am – 11.30am; 5pm – 9pm
Weekends: 7.30am – 11am; 5pm – 9pm

Internet desk available in the lobby 24/7

Available 7.30am – 7.00pm
No self-laundry facility for guests

M-S 10.00am-9.00pm
In room massage available

* Grand Ballroom
* Meeting Room 3, 4, 5 (can combine to one space)
* The Hub
* Marina View Terrace
* Pool Side
* Waterfront Gardens
* The Gardens
* Blue Horizon Chapel (popular for weddings)

JTB LOUNGE (Executive lounge)
Located at 9th floor
8.00am – 10.00am (breakfast)
5.00pm – 8.00pm


Daily from 12.00 pm till 9.00pm

Leadership Team & Structure Hilton Cairns

Leadership Team & Structure Hilton Cairns

Competitive set

Crystal Brook Hotels *****

Crystal Brook is currently developing 3 new premises in the Centre of Cairns to expand its collection. At this moment Crystal Brook has its Riley building already up and running for a year and it is a success. The rooftop bar (42 meters above sea level) in the hotel is already a real attraction in Cairns. The 5 star building is built on such a way, that almost every room has a Seaview.  Despite all the luxurious features the hotel has, the location is therefore perfect.

At this moment the Crystal Brook collection is building 4 more new premises in North Queensland. 2 of them are having their big opening in 2021 in Port Douglas. The other 2 are new premises next to the city center in Cairns. All 3 hotels will have 5 stars, but they made sure that all 3 hotels are slightly different from the others.


Has its opening mid-2019 and has a beautiful artistic design. They created a Thoughtful and Arty hotel to give focus on the Artistic site of Cairns, who is the ART capital of North Queensland.


Has its opening early-2020 and has a more playful and wild design. With six restaurants and bars over three floors and two glass swimming pools, they make their hotel seem very interesting for multiple target groups.

Despite Crystal Brook is actually creating new target groups and demand, they still will attract guests from Hilton.

They not only attract promising and loyal guests of Hilton, but also team members.

One can imagine the impact that has on a hotel. A new management team was hired/trained and the staff members are trying to fill up the gaps. Till this point, they are doing a pretty good job with keeping their guests loyal to the hotel. I think they can thank the Hilton Honest program (a loyalty program for guest) for that. Attracting new guests and clients will be a possible big challenge in the future.

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino *****

Stars Location Price one night stay. 5-03/6-03 Standard King-size bedroom Reviews / Rating
Crystal Brook Hotels ***** All in and nearby city centre. Riley on Esplanade. Variates from € 195,- and € 220,-
Pullman Reef Hotel Casino ***** Nearby harbour and city centre € 215,-
Shangri-La Hotel the Marina Cairns ***** At the Pier, harbour and lagoon. € 235,-
Pacific Hotel Cairns **** On the Esplanade € 225,-.
Hilton ***** On the edge of the Esplanade and at the harbour. € 205,-

Compared to the newest buildings of the Crystal Brook hotels, Hilton as well as Pullman Reef Hotel have a more classic style look. They have both been renovated a while back and you can clearly see difference in appearance.This hotel is located next to Hilton. The location is almost the same as Hiltons and has therefore a perfect spot in Cairns. The luxurious hotel does have rooms with Seaview, but less than Hilton. The Reef Hotel knows how to entertain his guests. Besides all the facilities that you would expect from a 5 star hotel, has the hotel its own casino. The hotel lobby is a real entertainment area with BAR36 running the show. The bar has international live music acts, talented mixologists and even award winning food. This combined with the casino, The Reef Hotel attracts a lot of wealthy guests. With more evening entertainment, guests of the Hilton might get seduced to drink their cocktail in the BAR36, instead of the Hiltons lobby bar. The hotel has slightly fewer rooms than Hilton.

Shangri-La Hotel the Marina Cairns *****

The Shangri-La Hotel is at the Pier near the Marina based located. This 5 star hotel is located in an even better spot than Hilton. Immediately at the waterfront and next to the Lagoon, the Esplanade and on the edge of the city center, makes this hotel ideal for less mobile persons. A lot of their rooms have features that will be seen as comfortable for elderly people. The rooms are very spacious with clean and comfortable bathrooms. This hotel has got three swimming pools, two jacuzzies and a big sauna. Moreover, the hotel has a big tropical garden in the middle of the hotel. This gives the hotel the opportunity to sell out rooms with Sea- and Waterview. As well as the Pullman hotel, this hotel does a lot to entertain its guests. As a result, the guests will spend more time in the hotel itself during their stay than in the city.

Pacific Hotel Cairns *****

The Pacific hotel Cairns is situated close to the heart of the shopping center of Cairns. Despite other hotels, the Pacific does not need lot of land for its property or a nice location immediate at sea. The enterprise has beautiful 5 star facilities and extra features to cover these. With a rooftop swimming pool with sea view the hotel is very popular. At low season, the hotel let locals swim in their pool and have a in one of its funky bars. At high season, the swimming pool is only accessible for its guests. The hotel characterized itself by having spacious rooms with big balconies. The Bushfire Flame Grill Restaurant in the Hotel is an award winning Brazilian-inspired Australian style BBQ experience. This restaurant provides incredible food with an exceptional entertainment service.

Review on competitive set:

The department of Sales does research about activities organised by competitors in town. Thereforethey generally look into what kind of events are happening at those venues. A possible result will be that the Sales team in Hilton will try to provide a better environment and better features for organisations to held their eventsin Hilton and they try to attract those companies to choose for them.

During my internship I noticed how self-Focus Hilton Cairns is. I noticed that Hilton has an enormous faith in its own brand. Focusing on the marketing for events to create more demand and supply is time assuming. Therefore Hilton prefers to look at their own company for improving points.

Research topics within Hilton Cairns & DoubleTree by Hilton Cairns

Brief description of the Company Assignment.

Improving Internal Communication.

In my company assignment I will explain how the Internal Communication is done in DoubleTree, analysing possible causes of failure and the actions they might need to undergo to provide the right solutions.

I am interested in breaking down the constant miscommunication within the property and I hope to make every team member’s job be more efficient and comfortable.

Josh Davies, Bronwen Barry and Lynn Blight are the persons who can and will support me during my research. Lynn, Bronwen and Josh have access to the needed information to help, offered support and have the right title within the company to make differences.

Brief description of the Finance / Quantitative report.

I will be doing research on the payroll activities within Hilton and DoubleTree of Hilton. I am curious about the payment method in both properties as I can compare them both. Furthermore, the information that I will be learning could be useful in my future career. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how the Australian payroll method is different as the of The Netherlands.

MJ will help me with my research and will be providing me with the needed information.

Company Assignment– Improving Internal Communication


During my placement at Hilton Cairns I was working in two properties. As I worked in Heart of House (Back of House)at both venues, I only worked in the Front of House at hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Cairns. I was hired as a Porter (Concierge) in the Front Office department. Besides my regular work in my own department, I often helped out the Food and Beverage department. At moments that I had to help out, I had simple tasks as: Running food from the kitchen to the particular area´s such as the restaurant, the café, the pool area or guests room.

I noticed that the F&B department of DoubleTree did not run smoothly. Often issues occurred that resulted in unhappy guests, frustrated colleagues, more time pressure and finally; loss of money. I was interested in why a ‘’simple’’ process ofdeliveringfood and drinks seemed to be very difficult.

First I give a description of the problemand the research questions I used that gave me a better insight of the actual problem. Secondly I summaries my approach, including the SWOT analysis and the methods of research used. Finally, I give insight in possible solutions and which solution will be the most relevant.

Analysis of the problem

What is the problem?

Who is involved?

Where does the problems occur

When does the problems occur

Why does the problems occur?

What is the desired situation/Best outcome possible.

Research Questions

Wat are guests expecting of the hotel when ordering food or drinks, measuring with the global expectancy level of the Hilton brand?

How are guests being approached when they (and staff) are facing issues?

How is the guests satisfaction being measured?

Plan of Approach

/ First bullet points and then per question an explanation/

Where do you want to be?

Where are you now?

How will you get there?

Key performance indicators?

  • Research Method(s)                 (optional)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Possible solutions
  • Plan of implementation
  • Conclusion

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