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Finance assignment help on Market Hypotheses and Cost & Budgeting Practices for a company

Part (A) / (20 marks)

Write an Essay of 1,500 words on:

“Application and Critical Evaluation of Efficient Market Hypotheses for a company during 2 years period”

Guidance Notes:

  • Discuss about Efficient Market Hypotheses.
  • Take any one company listed on any stock exchange of the world as an example and study its share price over a 2 year period using the topics discussed in the module.
  • Take 2 years data and apply and critically evaluate Efficient Market Hypotheses for that particular company. Use the contents discussed in the module and the below mentioned 2 research articles in your analysis.
  • Show evidences for your arguments for special events like declaration of good / bad news, launching or discontinuing a new product, change of CEO, expansion, any other “news” and its impact on information and then impact on share prices. Provide clear evidences with dates and original news source.
  • At the end, summarise with your own conclusion.
  • The following shall be the criteria for marking the coursework:


  • Depth and coverage of practical issues and theory… 10 marks
  • Analysis and argument………………………….…….       5 marks
  • Originality & Presentation formatting……………….. 2 marks
  • Accurate Referencing of literature………………….…. 3 marks


Suggested Reference Research Articles: (read the below papers before you start working!)


EMPIRICAL WORK. Journal Of Finance [serial online]. May 1970;25(2):383-417

b) Fama, Eugene. Efficient Capital Markets – II. THE JOURNAL OF FINANCE . VOL.


c) Fama, Eugene. Random Walks in Stock Market Prices. Financial Analysts Joumal (September/October 1965):55-59.

d) Chung, Dennis, Y.; Hradzil, Karel. Market Efficiency and the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift, Contemporary Accounting Research Vol. 28 No. 3 (Fall 2011) pp. 926–956 1 CAAA. doi:10.1111/j.1911-3846.2011.01078.x


Part (B)     /    (20 marks)   Write a Report of 1,500 words on:

“Practical Application of Cost & Budgeting Practices in a company”

Learning outcomes: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 as per the Learning Unit Narratives of this module.

Relevant chapters from Core Text book: Drury, C (2015). Management and Cost

Accounting, 9th edition, Cengage Learning. eText: ISBN-10 1473722896, ISBN-13 9781473722897

Print: ISBN-10 1408093936, ISBN-13 9781408093931

Please refer to the Chapter numbers: 2, 3, 8, 11, 15 and 16 from the above core textbook before starting on this part of the coursework.


Guidance Notes:

  • Select any one business organization from anywhere in the world where you have direct access. It can be a small business / store / medium sized business or a large company. It may or may not be listed on a stock exchange.
  • Based on what you learn in the module, do a survey of the business about:
    1. Nature of the business in which the company operates and the company´s current situation
    2. Organization Structure
    3. Products / Services Portfolio
    4. Different types of cost with examples
    5. Budgeting practices
    6. Management control practices
  • Critically evaluate the organization’s current budgeting and management control practices
  • Critically evaluate (points in favour and against) the organizations costing and budgeting and then write your own conclusion and recommendations for the future changes / improvements of the company’s cost and budgeting practices.
  • You must have taken at least 1 interview directly with the person involved in the business. (provide contact details of the interviewee in the Appendix).
  • The following will the criteria for marking:

(i) Depth and coverage of topic:          10 marks
(ii) Quality of Interview & Analysis:       5 marks
(iii) Presentation and formatting:          2 marks
(iv) Accurate referencing of literature:      3 marks

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