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FINANCE Professional Ethics Assignment Help

Professional Ethics

Task and Assignment question

You are required to complete the task below:-

“Corporate social responsibility is the highest realm of ethics. It is about integrating ethics into business considerations”.

Discuss the above statement by using any two (2) examples (or case studies) illustrating how companies and business firms have effectively integrated ethics into business concerns.

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(Approximately 1,500 words) Objectives:

The task is aimed to examine students’ awareness in terms of a business firm’s moral responsibility towards their clients. It would be interesting  to examine to examine the extent in which firms are beginning to be a little more sensitive towards these ethical concerns. Yours task is then to examine any two companies (preferably public listed companies) on how they have tackled these ethical concerns within their business operations. You may analyse their annual or sustainability reports (obtainable from the company’s website) and examine how these ethical issues are appropriately addressed. You are advised to select a company each from manufacturing and service industry.

Assignment guidelines

  1. 1. Two companies as below:-
  • Service is Maxis
  • Manufacturing industry is L’oreal.
  1. 2. What do you understand about business ethics?
  2. 3. Should company engage in biz ethics?
  3. 4. What are the factors causing a rise in biz ethics?
  4. 5. How can ethics be integrated into biz?
  5. 6. Critically explain how ethics can apply in company?

Explanation of mark scheme

A good case study should exhibit the following traits:

  • Identifying the ethical and governance issue.  Students should provide a general explanation of corporate governance in Malaysia particularly the MCCG 2012 and other .
  • Critical discussion of the main ethical and governance issues in case study and being able to relate to relevant theories.  Students are then required to justify the reason for the selection of the companies for case studies. Students are then required to identify the ethical and CSR activities conducted by the said companies.

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  • Evaluation on how these companies fulfilled their professional ethical and responsibilities. Students need to identify how the activities and programmes that these companies execute to fulfill their ethical responsibilities.
  • Recommendations for improving the companies that you have selected. Students are required to identify the possible weaknesses of the company’s execution of ethical issues and how thi may be improved.
  • Discussion supported by reliable and credible references. Must use high quality journals, reports and others. Avoid using blogs, Wikipedia and other non substantiated journals and websites for your discussions. Also, please provide a good width of references and that can range from multi disciplinary studies.
  • Student contribution statement. Students need to critically evaluate what they have learnt from these cases and if indeed the CSR implementations are strategically coherent or merely philanthropic in nature.
  • Harvard referencing. Essay must exhibit referencing methods. Each point taken should be properly referred to i.e. the author and the date (Smith, 2001). You must also provide a full list of references at the end of your assignment.
  • Clear and comprehensive writing style. Ensure that you label the headings and sub headings of your essay. Bold your heading and subheadings but do not underline them i.e 1.3 Corporate philanthropy.

Format of written work

Required to adhere to the following instructions: Front Page- Cover page with plastic cover.

Page 2- Assessment Sheet.

Page 3- Executive summary or abstract (100 words), where the main points of the work are highlighted.


Page 4- Table of contents. Page 5- Table of Diagrams.

2nd last page- references.

Last Page- Hardcover. Note:

  • Use Times New Roman, 12 normal fonts.
  • 1.5 single spacing.
  • Numbered the pages (at the bottom centre) except for the Cover Page.
  • Tables, graphs and other diagrams referred to and sourced.
  • Appropriate Harvard referencing. Footnotes may be used to direct readers to appropriate appendices.

Please CHAT WITH LIVE Assignment Advisor to know more about Referencing styles and Citations.


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