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Financial Accounting Formative Assessment Task Solutions

Financial Accounting Formative Assessment Answers


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1. Assessment Brief

You work as a junior accountant and financial analyst for Alset pie in London. You have been working for the firm for six months.  Your line manager has been pleased with your work to date and is looking to assign you more responsibilities. She has asked you to complete a series of five initial (formative) tasks to test what you can do.

All your solutions are to be provided in one Excel file. Please download the “MBF Formative data.xlsx” Excel file from the formative assessment area of the Hub. Please complete your details on the first tab of the spreadsheet and then answer the task questions. The spreadsheet has a Cover Sheet tab and then five other tabs, one tab per question. Each task is worth ten marks and will have one or more parts associated with it. Where relevant, data has been pre-loaded into the relevant spreadsheet tab to save you time. For written parts please just enter your textual answer as needed in the spreadsheet tab. Make sure that all your work is visible and steps in your answer are appropriately labelled.

You must submit your answer spreadsheet with the following name format: [Student number]-MBF-Formative.xlsx

For example:     BP0123456 – MBF Formative.xlsx

Please note that if you do not use this format then your paper may not get marked. Please do not submit in any other form than Microsoft Excel, otherwise your paper will not be marked and it will be considered as a non-submission. Ensure also that you explain your

step-by-step working in your spreadsheet: Do not assume that your marker is able to access the underlying formulae in your spreadsheet. Unless otherwise advised provide answers to two decimal places.

Please note: All names used in this paper are purely fictitious. Na identification with actual companies or people is intended or should be inferred.


Task 1 – Investment

Scenario: British investment fund Beta Capital Limited (Beta) plans to lend $100m at an annual interest rate of 11.3% for five years to a UK start-up company called Big Bytes Limited. Beta has fixed its initial exchange rate to 1.2 dollars to the pound and the initial principal will be converted into pounds at that rate. There are no stage payments involved in the deal. Give your answers below to the nearest penny.

(a) What will be the pound-value of the loan at the start of the loan period?

(b) What will be the pound-value of the loan at the end of the loan period?

(c) If Beta had fixed its forward exchange rate at the end of the loan period again to 1.2 dollars to the pound what would be the nominal dollar value of the loan be to Beta Capital?

{d) If Beta had not fixed its forward exchange rate, in what exchange rate circumstance would their actual loan value go up?

(e) Again, if Beta had not fixed its forward exchange rate, in what exchange rate circumstance would their actual loan value go down?

(f) Identify two other situations in which Beta’s loan return might be worth less than originally anticipated.


Task 2 – Percentages and Loan appraisal

(a) The data for this task is preloaded into your Formative Excel workbook. Magpie Bank is deciding whether to grant a loan facility to a new customer. As part of the analysis, calculate the percentage change for each of the headline numbers in the summary table in your workbook. Give your answer to the nearest percentage point.

(b) Based on the percentage changes should Magpie consider lending to this new customer (yes, no)?

(c) The government has released the latest retail price index which suggests inflation was 6.3%. A typical basket of food at the supermarket this week costs £125.42. Calculate the cost of that typical basket (i) a year ago and (ii) one month ago (assuming inflation occurs evenly throughout the year).


Task 3 – Algebra

The data for this task is preloaded into your Excel workbook. Hal Mart Supermarket has ordered three own-brand health-food energy drinks from a particular supplier over the last month, as listed in the workbook.

(a) Complete the table by filling in the cells marked in yellow.

(b) A new Chinese supplier has approached the supermarket, offering the same items at 45% less than the overall price that the supermarket has paid. If the supermarket accepts the offer what would be the equivalent price from the new supplier?

(c) Expand the following expression:

(2m – 3n} (4m – 6n}

(d) Factorise the following expression:



Task 4 – Statistics

The data for this task is preloaded into your Excel workbook.  This data relates to the marks (out of 100) of a sample of 100 students.

(a) Use the Excel functionality to calculate the statistics

  1. Highest, lowest and range of marks
  2. The mode of the sample
  3. The median of the sample
  4. The mean of the sample
  5. The standard deviation of the sample

(b) Aggregate this data into a suitable frequency table using the COUNTIFS function and using an interval of 10

(c) Plot a histogram of the data.


Task 5 – Visualising and charting data

The data for this task is preloaded into your Excel workbook. Arctic Cruises provides a range of cruise service types to customers in different age groups as indicated in the data.

The table in your workbook shows the sales during Ql 2022 (January-March).

(a) Produce a stacked vertical bar chart to show the number of bookings by age group (bars) across the service types (bar segments)

(b) Produce a clustered horizontal bar chart to show the relative popularity of the different services (bars). Broken down by age group (bar segments).

(c) Produce a pie chart to show the overall percentage of bookings by service. Include percentage data labels on your pie chart, to the nearest percentage point.

(d) Interpret your results. Which is the most popular service? Which age group is the best market for Arctic Cruises?


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