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Apple Product Design Process


The Apple iPhone

Not subsequent to the presentation of the first Apple Macintosh has a product presentation been met with so much suspicion. The Apple iPhone is a richly designed data communicator produced from steel and silicon that runs spearheading software under Apple’s OS X in a Unix Kernel. The iPhone joins advanced cell capacities with an easy to utilize graphical interface anticipated on an expansive ‘multi-touch’ show. Apple has figured out how to make a Macintosh PC with cell telephone abilities, packaged inside of an Internet empowered PDA and an iPod body (Bai, Yue, Yuan and Zhang, 2010).


The iPhone’s usefulness is gotten to through its 3.5-inch touch screen showcase and one “home” catch. Utilizing just finger summons, a client can explore flawlessly through iPhone’s components, conjuring up a console when required. At a determination of more than 25,000 pixels for every inch, its photo quality for recordings and photographs is shocking. An encompassing light sensor consequently conforms the iPhone’s presentation brilliance improving perceivability and sparing force. Sound is given by a standard earphone jack, an inherent speaker or through Bluetooth (stereo) transmission.

Pricing and Specifications


Model Price
4gb model 499
8gb model 599



Ship Date Ship Date
United States June 2016
Europe December 2016
Asia 2016


Technical Specifications:

Screen size 3.5 inches
Screen resolution 320 by 480 at 160 ppi
Input method Multi-touch
Operating system OS X
Storage 4GB or 8GB
GSM Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)
Wireless data Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0
Camera 2.0 mega pixels
Battery Talk / Video / Browsing – Up to 5 hoursAudio playback – Up to 16 hours 
Dimensions 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches / 115 x 61 x 11.6mm
Weight 4.8 ounces / 135 grams

Software Capabilities:


  • Full OS X
  • Multi Tasking
  • Networking
  • Syncing
  • Low Power
  • Security
  • Video
  • Cocoa
  • Core Animation
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Widgets


Market Statistics:

There have been over 100 million iPods sold.  In 2015, the following amounts of systems were sold:

System Number sold
Game Consoles 26 M
Digital Cameras 94 M
Mp3 Players 135 M with iPod having 80% market share
PCs 209 M
Mobile Phones 957 M


Apple will probably accomplish 1% piece of the overall industry which is 10 M telephones by 2016. They are pursuing the world business sector.

Value proposition

Proposed for style-cognizant wireless shoppers who might want to scan the Internet and appreciate diversion to-go, the iPhone is an advanced mobile phone that consolidates a web program, email, iPod and PC into a solitary, elegant, simple to-use gadget. The accompanying technique canvas outlines how the iPhone is separated from the BlackBerry Pearl (a PDA) and Motorola’s RAZR (a well-known, sleek buyer telephone) 

Consumer Targets

In spite of the fact that the iPhone’s usefulness would be alluring to business clients, its cost is impressively higher than that of Blackberries (~40% higher). This makes undertaking buys impossible, since organizations are commonly value touchy.

Be that as it may, the iPhone’s convincing blend of components makes it appealing to an expansive arrangement of wireless customers. The iPhone’s business sector is restricted by two variables: 1) the high cost ($499 for 4gb) and 2)Apple’s selective US transporter concurrence with Cingular.

Growth and Competition

Barriers to Adoption of iPhone

Since iPhone is just offered by Cingular, clients of different systems will need to hold up until their agreement lapses, or pay an early cancelation charge (ordinarily $200). The normal length of time of a wireless contract is 2 years, which implies that 25% of purchaser’s arrangements will terminate in the following 6 months. Since a $200 exchanging charge makes the iPhone extremely costly, Cingular will most likely bring to the table reduced iPhone service groups to lure clients to switch. Cingular would need to recover this charge by offering esteem included services.

Growth Potential

It is likely that future arrivals of the iPhone won’t be limited to Cingular. This would expand the potential business sector for the iPhone extensively: in 2015 there were 201.4m remote supporters in the US, contrasted with Cingular’s 58m endorsers. Apple’s key rival, Rhythm in Motion (RIMM) gauges the Total Addressable Market of its BlackBerry Pearl to be 84 million individual “master sumers” in the US. Globally, the cellphone business sector is much bigger (1.8bn around the world, IDC), and non-US iPhone deals are not limited by the Cingular assention.

Pricing Policy

By setting a high value point, Apple is receiving a skimming procedure, whereby it at first focuses on a slender fragment of the business sector with a high ability to-pay, rather than the mass business sector. In any case, most handset costs diminish impressively following a year, now and then by half. On the off chance that Apple lessens its costs or presents new models for value touchy shoppers, then its deals could grow significantly. Since the iPhone has edges 30% higher than practically identical advanced cells, Apple has a few chances to enhance with its evaluating.


Not at all like iPods, which are accessible through numerous retail channels, might the iPhone be sold through Apple stores and Cingular stores.

Barriers for Product Entry to the Market

Apple not just needed to confront various hindrances to section in the advancement of the iPhone yet they should likewise stress over potential contenders (Google, Microsoft) overcoming them also.

  1. Economies of Scale

Apple as of now had previous involvement in assembling mass-market purchaser gadgets, huge numbers of which share parts of the iPhone; so Apple was not unfavorably influenced by this boundary. New participants, in any case, might not have that extravagance and the PDA business sector is verging on characterized by its mass-market (which requires large scale manufacturing and utilization) nature.

  1. Product Differentiation

In general this characteristic sides positively for Apple (at this moment) on the grounds that the iPhone is essentially not quite the same as its closest rivals. Apple likewise has a specific measure of security through the quality of its image personality. Be that as it may, this product separation can be imitated, to a specific degree. Mobile phones, as a rule, are really uniform in usefulness and use and subsequently not excessively separated between each other.

  1. Capital Requirements

Apple appreciates a slight point of interest here, however it’s favorable position that might be rapidly lost. The other wireless makers have a great deal of experience making phones, however not as a matter of course software. Thus, to most viably contend with the iPhone they should put altogether in specific regions.

  1. Cost Disadvantages Independent of Size

Apple has various assembling assets and channels accessible to it and could minimize the effect of this attribute; however this would be a critical boundary a hoping for participant who did not have these qualities.

  1. Access to Distribution Channels

While Apple was fruitful in accessing a dispersion channel, they additionally attached themselves only to a solitary mobile phone system. Besides, the iPhone will be just accessible at Apple and Cingular stores and it is just upheld by the Cingular system.

  1. Government Policy

Two elements might work to keep contenders from entering this market: the quality of current players’ licenses and the administrative commitments and endorsement necessities of the FCC, which oversees correspondence innovations (radio, TV, wire, satellite and link) in the United States.

Forces Analysis of the Product

Buyer Power

The purchasers of the iPhone are fairly all the more capable, nonetheless. Comprehensively talking the buyers as a gathering can be viewed as the guideline buyers of the iPhone, a case that acquires belief given the way that no expansive affiliates will be offering the telephone.

Threat of New Entrants

At last the iPhone is going to confront the most rivalry from imitators who can offer a comparable or practically identical gadget at a lower cost. The greater part of these risks are going to originate from set up players in the PDA business, (for example, LG and Samsung) as opposed to organizations attempting to enter the wireless market over again.



The iPhone mostly separates itself from contenders over its client interface which is driven by a multi-touch screen. Apple claims different licenses identifying with this innovation. In any case, it is still likely that different players in the business sector will soon have the capacity to convey comparable products. Synaptics and LG have effectively revealed points of interest of coming products which highlight touch-screen interfaces, also.


There are two noteworthy supplements to the iPhone: mobile phone service and remote Internet access. Telephone service is as of now altogether given by Cingular, remote Internet is given through a Cingular information arrangement when no other/free wi-fi is accessible. On the off chance that “the quality [of a product] to the client relies on upon the whole framework” (Varian), then it is to Apple’s greatest advantage to commoditize telephone and information services. Interestingly, there are no indications of Apple opening up the product to clients of different bearers. Despite the fact that it is not by any stretch of the imagination clear why Apple consented to such a select contract, it is likely because of both specialized reasons (Apple having the capacity to calibrate the gadget to Cingular’s services, as visual voice message) and promoting (however not affirmed, Cingular likely gives appropriation to the telephone).

SWOT Analysis


The iPhone has a few elements that add to the quality of the product. These incorporate its remarkable look and feel joined by a portable working framework. It has telephone sensors that work with the multi-touch screen, which is another protected innovation. These new components are exhibited to a vast and faithful client base that Apple has accumulated throughout the years. Moreover, showcasing was given backing from everywhere throughout the internet, sparing the organization more than 400 million in publicizing charges. At last, the way that the organization is first to convey in this stadium of PC telephones is one of its most prominent qualities


Like each new product, there are is an arrangement of shortcomings. The iPhone is not a 3G gadget and won’t work in innovatively propelled nations, for example, Japan and Korea. The greater part of their telephones are 3G consistent. A few of the iPhone components are likewise not especially amazing. These incorporate the way that it has a less than impressive camera, remaining at around 2 megapixels and in addition its memory not being removable. The telephone is estimated around 500 to 600 dollars and reviews have demonstrated that 52% of shoppers are content with their present cell phone; basically, this telephone is outfitted towards the top of the line buyers. Apple’s decision of dissemination channel has additionally been interpreted as a shortcoming as they’re constraining it to just Cingular and Apple retailers. At long last, its motivation is to be addressed – does the telephone satisfy corporate obligations or is it only a diversion framework.


There is a significant interest for a superior portable processing background. The iPhone tries to join both intense registering and additionally stimulation into one framework. Individuals have additionally noticed that the Mac OS applications for desktop can be consistently adjusted for the iPhone (Zott and Amit, 2010). Likewise, this is the initial move towards an Internet Protocol-based system. The rise of Wi-Fi systems is pushing for there to be guest charges as opposed to having a supplier lock in clients. It is likely for the gadget expenses and pay-per-view framework to take flight, wiping out the month to month membership charge.


The larger part of risks originate from different organizations including Nokia, Sony, and Google with their individual products. Advanced cells are one well known case that stands to contend with the iPhone. The way that these telephones keep running on the 3G organize likewise puts iPhone behind in the rate race. Despite the fact that the economy is no more in its unpredictable stages, the arrival of the iPhone is still in a period where individuals are careful of burning through cash. The last risk is the Cisco versus Apple trademark-encroachment claim that could possibly have detracted from the product dispatch steam.


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