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Get the answer on NURS 463 Leadership in Practice Practicum Assignment

NURS 463 – Utilize Leadership and Management Principles


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: NURS 463
  • Course Title: Practice Leadership
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 5500
  • University: Capital University
  • Country: US


Assignment Task:-


Overview and Purpose Using existing agency community assessment data, the student, faculty, and preceptor identify a problem associated with an aggregate at risk. The problem should be narrow enough to allow the student to conduct a needs assessment and develop, implement, and evaluate a primary or secondary prevention program within the course of the semester. This assignment addresses all the objectives for this course.


There are three parts to this Project:

  • Aggregate Focused Project Proposal
  • Aggregate Focused Project Final Report
  • Aggregate Focused Project Presentation


The Purpose of this assignment is to:

Utilize leadership and management principles along with principles of Population Focused Nursing in developing, implementing, and evaluating an evidence-based aggregate-focused project.

Expand the student’s clinical skills and practice perspective from working with individuals to working with groups and communities.

Create, implement, and evaluate evidence-based interventions to enhance the health of diverse aggregates.


The project proposal (parts A, B, & C below and reference page) begins the formal writing process for the final report. The proposal communicates to the instructor, preceptor, and others the plan/purpose of the Project as well as lends research support for the importance and need of the Project.

After the proposal is submitted and evaluated, I am available to meet one on one and discuss any revisions that need to be made prior to the project implementation and final report.



  1. Aggregate Needs Assessment (building a database) I’m doing a clinical at a nursing home facility. My topic is to have a sitter to reduce falls. By the end of 7 weeks, my goal is to reduce falls in high fall risk patients at Beacon Heights Rehabilitation Center using a one-on-one sitter. By the end of 7 weeks, the rate of injury falls will decrease by using a sitter.
  2. Introduction to health care problem-this needs to capture the reader’s attention and be heavily referenced. This should clearly let the reader know what the problem is and why it needs to be addressed. This section includes the problem statement.
  3. Review of the literature related to the problem (refer to NURS 301/Nursing research content on writing a review of the literature). This is very important as it is the basis for your intervention and should include nursing literature-you are creating an evidence-based intervention. Here you will be searching the literature for what is already being done to address the identified problem. Need to include at least 5 professional nursing or allied health references within 7 years must be in the US. No other countries.
  4. Description of the target population in relation to the identified problem (at the agency level and/or national level as appropriate) in terms of demographics, socioeconomics, health indices, and other pertinent data-the agency may already have data. Who is the Primary Population (the one you are doing your Project with)? Is there a Secondary Population (if applicable – i.e., if the primary population is nurses, you need to also assess your secondary population, which is the one that the nurses work with? You will need information about this population to provide the framework for what the nurses caring for them need to be taught and the strategies they will need to use to meet their patients’ needs) longer-term facility, older people.
  5. Assessment of community resources appropriate to the identified problem-what is already available to your population regarding the identified problem-remember we do not want to duplicate services. Is there a gap in services? All other fall prevention was followed see communication log.
  6. Analysis of the Assessment Database
  7. Identify aggregate strengths and limitations related to the identified problem-what are your group’s specific characteristics identified from the aggregate assessment?
  8. Develop a community health nursing diagnosis statement based on the identified problem. Use the format- Risk of (problem), Among (population), Related to…
  9. Aggregate-Focused Intervention and Evaluation Plan
  10. Program Goal (stated as an improvement in aggregate health status)
  11. Learning Objectives (measurable and specific)
  12. Three objectives are required, with one from each learning domain
  13. Cognitive, psychomotor, and affective-see Bloom’s taxonomy


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