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GMF555 Global Macroeconomics and Finance Assignment Solutions with APA Style

Words: 2500

GMF555 Global Macroeconomics and Finance Assignment Answers

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Write a report in which you make recommendations for clear fiscal policies that can change the future of the country, choosing either your home country or another country that you are familiar with. The strategy ought to be modelled after the Marshall Plan (not for a period of fewer than five years).


The following information ought to be included in your report:

In a nutshell, these are the most pressing problems facing the nation.

The most significant geographical, political, and economic challenges the nation is confronted with at present:

The meat of the report addresses the problems that must be solved before your Marshall plan can be put into action.

For instance, the fiscal policy of your selected country would give it a comparative or competitive advantage over other countries. It is possible that you will only apply your policy to one industry or that you will apply it to multiple industries. It could be based on things like infrastructure, education, government services, or even helping to privatize businesses, amongst other things. Alternatively, it could be based on something else entirely.

Recommendation/Finishing Statement

It is imperative that you take note that your report needs to be addressed to the highest authority in the nation that you have selected. That is, either the office of the President of the country or the office of the Prime Minister.

Your report should not be any shorter than 2500 words, and it should include historical or current statistics, graphs, or any illustrations that you may require to strengthen your case for the fiscal policy (ies) changes that you wish to implement.

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Choose a country you want. You will choose an area one part and see if you can fix like education as an example, from WHERE and HOW it will affect your industry and then how you will come up with an idea of what you need to do to improve education ex Jordan is really good in education but ppl they can’t find industries to stuck in from my point of view, what my country needs to improve!

  • Country
  • Subject
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • How much will you pay for the solution
  • Recommendation
  • Any sources and quotes should be added to the references
  • Add graphs
  • Summarize the hall report in a letter to the prime minister.


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