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How Would You Handle the Analyze Certain Situations of Conflict?

Description/Focus:   Written assessment

Value                     : 50%

Length                  :  3500 – 4000 words (without list of references, appendix)

Task                      :  Analyze certain situations of conflict and come up with a solution.

Presentation   :  Submission in a word document. Include appropriate headings; font Arial 11. Submissions via Learn line through safe assign submission point.

The Task:

Below you will find 4 situations of conflict. Analyse each situation and come up with a solution. At the end of the description of each situation, some additional questions or statements provide you with some hint what you should address in your answer. In your answer refer to concepts (from the textbook) as appropriate and also critically reflect on the concept(s) you have utilised. Insert your answer right after the additional questions or statements by expanding the space. Your answer to each of the 4 situations should be about 800-1000 words (i.e., all 4 together 3500-4000 words).

ATTENTION: Your report will be checked for plagiarism (i.e., copy & paste / using any material from any kind of source, including from other students, without referencing it properly). Plagiarism will lead to fail and might trigger further consequences.

  1. Developing Self-Awareness (Chapter 1)

You are a sales manager in the North-western division of a large clothing manufacturing company. Recently, you and some other managers in your division attended the yearly national sales meeting in Chicago. Just now one of the other managers who attended the conference has come to your office. He says, “While I was at the conference, I took out some friends of mine in Chicago to dinner at an expensive restaurant, and charged it to my expense account. I said they were potential clients. Now my boss is questioning that. He says he wants proof. Would you write him a note saying you were there and that they were really potential clients?” What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

Identification of personal stage of moral development, explanations of how the stage is likely to influence behaviour, identification of own interpersonal orientation, explanation of how orientation is likely to affect what one is likely to do.

[Your answer starts here]

  1. Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively (Chapter 3)

You are working in a lower-level managerial position in a Boise firm. Your boss stops by to visit you one day and says “I have got this problem with my boss. She is new to the firm and seems to be taking pleasure in turning everything upside down. She has instituted new reporting procedures, new meeting schedules, new budgeting process, new everything! Now, I have been here for 15 years, and the old system makes sense to me. I have tried to be diplomatic by holding my peace, but I do not see any reason to change. If you ask me, I think she is one of those libbers, out to show her power.” What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

Aspects that should be addressed/included in your answer:

Identification of possible blocks to creativity, identification of a creative analogy, bringing back analogy to provide a creative solution or a new viewpoint.

[Your answer starts here]

  1. Managing Conflict (Chapter 7)

Your office neighbour talks very loudly on the phone. It is very hard for you not to be disturbed in your work. You have talked to her about it in the past, but it keeps going on. You are sitting in your office. It is happening once more, and you are quite irritated about it. You have decided to confront this person now. What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

Use of recognizable conflict resolution approach, explanation of why this approach is appropriate, identification and explanation of reasonable alternative.

[Your answer starts here]

  1. Leading Positive Change (Chapter 10)

You are in charge of a large sausage manufacturing company.  Up until now, everything has been running smoothly, but you believe it is time for a change.  You have been reading about empowerment and teamwork, and you think that if you can reorganize the employees into self-directed teams, your sausage company has a chance of becoming the most profitable sausage company in the United States.  Your management philosophy is that any profits the company makes should be shared with the employees.  Employees are concerned, however because they think that downsizing and layoffs may accompany any change. What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

Establishing a climate of positivity, creating readiness for change, articulating a positive vision, identifying and explaining actions to be taken.

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