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HRMA01-6 Principal of Human Resource Management Homework Answers

HRMA01-6 Principal of Human Resource Management Homework Answers


Assignment detail:

  • Words: 4000


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Answer the following questions.

 Question 1 (20 marks)

Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow:

Moving back to the office post-Covid

 The human resources department for ABC Industries saw that their employee workforce was aging and that they were not attracting younger staff. They consequently decided to become a future-proof organisation by changing the way they recruited employees and also the working conditions of the staff.

The department started recruiting millennials by targeting them on online and social-media platforms. New skills were sought in these employees. In addition, they changed the rigid nature of the work environment by allowing for flexible working hours, and having games and other recreational tools in the break rooms.

Just as they started making progress, however, disaster struck with the Covid- 19 pandemic. During this period, the company was forced to change to a work- from-home operation, as staff could no longer work from the office.

At first, there were various challenges to overcome; generally, however, it seemed that things were working well in this mode of operation.

ABC Industries adheres to the trends set by relevant industry bodies and, as the global approach was to move back to the work-from-office mode of operation after lockdowns were lifted, the company instructed staff to go back to the office.

The older employees were happy with this approach, as they felt that it was important to see people in the office environment on a daily basis, in order to collaborate well. The younger staff did not appreciate this change, however. They approached their union, and a grievance was lodged against the return to the work-from-office approach of the company.

One of the reasons the company stated for the change was that over-the- shoulder training and mentoring were far better methods of ensuring the cost- efficient upskilling of staff. In response to this, however, the younger staff claimed that web-based training is far more cost-efficient and relates better to general industry changes.


  • Deloitte conducted research on human resource challenges experienced in South Africa (Milpark Study Guide, 2018:26). Explain any top five human resource challenges according to this research. Also provide an example from the scenario to prove that ABC Industries has adapted to each challenge.
  • Has ABC Industries adhered to the provisions made in Section 23 of the Constitution? Identify the specific provision evident in the scenario and motivate your answer with evidence from the scenario.
  • Have the employees of ABC Industries adhered to the provisions made in Section 23 of the Constitution? Identify the specific provision evident in the scenario and motivate your answer with evidence from the scenario.
  • Compare any two potential benefits of mentoring, as well as mentoring with web-based training/e-learning, as mentioned in the scenario. Use the following table to answer the question:
No. Mentoring Web-based training/e-learning
Total /2 /2

Question 2 (25 marks)

 Review the following job advertisement and answer the questions that follow:

 job advertisement

Source: Zojceska, A. 2019. Top 10 Best Job Ad Examples. [Online] Available from TalentLyft: [Accessed: 12022-10-19].



  • Evaluate the bartender advertisement above against all four of the AIDA principles and motivate each evaluation.
  • The human resource manager of The Dallas Restaurant and Bar places the advertisement in the local newspaper. Evaluate the advertising medium’s effectiveness for this particular position, and motivate your answer considering both effective and ineffective aspects of the medium.
  • The Dallas Restaurant and Bar pairs new bar tenders with experienced bar tenders, and follows a formal programme to train new recruits. Identify the training technique Then, explain five advantages from which the restaurant and the new recruits benefit by using this training and development technique.
  • Write a job specification for the position advertised by the Dallas Restaurant and bar.



Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow:

Vacant position at ABC Events

 Pete and Mitchel are having drinks after a game of tennis. Pete is the branch manager of a local events management company, ABC Events. He asks Mitchel if he remembers Steve, the events supervisor to whom he introduced Mitchel previously, when he was at the office. Mitchel says yes, and asks whether Steve was the guy that Pete said was so good at taking responsibility and making quick decisions when necessary. Pete says yes, and explains how important it is to have someone with this skill set in such a position. Pete informs Mitchel how sad he is that Steve decided to emigrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Mitchel asks Pete whether Steve reported to him and whether Pete would now be responsible for sourcing a replacement. Pete replies that, luckily, sourcing a replacement is not his responsibility and that human resources will have to find him the right person for the job.

Pete continues by stating that, until a replacement is found, he would, however, have to take on additional tasks. Mitchel asks what this would entail. Pete explains that he would have to oversee and direct events staff, and also teach and enforce operating standards. He would also have to serve as the principal source of information on rules and procedures governing security and other events management operations. Communication and the briefing of event staff would also fall under his purview.

Mitchel asks Pete whether there are other requirements for the position, on the odd chance that he, Mitchel, might know someone who could fit the position. Pete says that the person would need at least four years’ related work experience, a general knowledge of computer operations, and a security guard licence.


Question 1 (20 marks)

  • Write a job description [counting six marks] and a job specification [counting three marks] for the vacant events supervisor position.
  • “Luckily, this is not my responsibility. Human resources will have to find me the right person for the job.”
  • Comment on the accuracy of this statement in relation to each of the four roles played by human resource and line managers in recruitment and selection.
  • ABC Events decides to post the vacant position internally. Is this a good source of recruitment for this position or not? Motivate your your answer.
  • The short-listed candidates are invited to attend an interview. Write one relevant situational question and one job knowledge question that the interviewer can potentially ask the candidates.

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