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Human Resource Development Case Study Assignment Answer

Human Resource Development Case Study Assignment Solution


Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Human Resource Development
  • Document Type: Essay (any type)
  • Subject: Management
  • Number of Words: 4000
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Apple executives are certainly in high demand at other firms that seek to be equally as innovative. Despite this demand, Apple certainly does not have any significant turnover problems. Some describe Apple’s approach toward employees as a bit arrogant, and employees are certainly pushed to their limits. If you do not “bleed six colors,” you simply will not enjoy your experience at Apple for long.

Although Apple clearly produces extraordinary results, its approach to talent management is totally different than that of Google and Facebook, which also produce industry-dominating results. As Apple has grown larger, its rigor around sustainable innovation has grown as well, a feat that proves impossible for most organizations including the likes of HP, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

The three “big picture” learnings from this case include:

  • Focus on “the work” — it is management’s responsibility to do whatever is necessary to keep work exciting and compelling.
  • Strive for continuous innovation — Apple’s emphasis on being “different” is so strong that it cannot be overlooked by any employee or applicant. It delivers industry-dominating innovation levels because everyone is expected to.
  • Deliver on your brand — Apple works hard to make sure that potential applicants, employees, and even competitors admire its products, the firm, and how it

These three factors are not easy to copy, but they are certainly worth emulating. If you can bring them and the results that they produce to your firm, there is no doubt that you will be a hero.

Source: Talent Management Lessons From Apple: A Case Study of the World’s Most Valuable Firm (Part 1 of 4) – Dr John Sullivan

As a Human Resource Management expert in your organisation you are tasked to address the following;

Answer all the questions in this section.

Question One 

As the lessons from Apple on Talent Management have shown, creating a talented workforce can make a big difference in the world of business. Critically discuss your role as a talent management professional in elevating the business entire talent management lifecycle.

Question Two

Analyse current trends in talent management as pertaining to;

  1. Technology and talent management,
  2. Population demographics,
  3. Promoting talent

Question Three

As a Human Resource Management expert in your multinational organisation, through your lens of experience, analyse the “War of Talent” and its implications for your multinational company.

Question Four

Discuss the benefits that your company would receive from nurturing, enabling and empowering its talent.

Question Five


Globally, organizations are of the view that managing people is a strategic priority. Comment critically on the shortcomings of those responsible for implementing talent management.


Propose solutions to the obstacles preventing talent management programs from delivering business value.


1 Learners are   required   to   articulate   clearly   who   theseprofessionals are as well as discuss their contribution towards a successful talent management process 20
2 Learners’ ought to extensively research on the current state in industry and the new world of work all pertaining to Talent Management with reference to the specific areas stated inquestion. 15
3 Owing to the grave challenges and shortages in terms of talented talent. Organisations are in constant competition to attract, motivate and retain their talented talent. Learners are meant to analyse and address the conditions around this talent competition and how it affects the company you work for asa talent management professional. 20
4 Learners are supposed to provide thorough feedback pertaining to the advantages that their organisation will reap from nurturing, enabling, and empowering their talentedworkforce. 20
5.1 Learners’ ought to identify the personnel responsible for implementing talent management as well as to extensively comment on the challenges or shortcomings they face on theirrole. 15
5.2 Talent management is now observed as a strategic priority. Learners are thus required to provide working solutions to address the shortcomings of why talent management is failingto attain the business objectives. 10


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