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IBM: PROM02-6 Project Management Case Study Assignment Questions and Answers

PROM02-6: IBM Project Management Assessment – Online Submission


Assessment Brief:

  • Subject: Project Management
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


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Online Submission – Summative Assessment

Total: 70 marks



IBM Case Study Solutions

On March 1997, the IBE Project Management Centre of Excellence (PMCOE) came into being, with a charter to drive transition to and support of project management worldwide. This competency is deemed necessary to ensure success in a matrix enterprise.

Since then, the IBM PMCOE has worked closely with business units worldwide, ensuring a project-based enterprise that integrates project management disciplines into all core business processes and systems.

The initial charter drove more consistent and broader use of project management disciplines, including the formalisation of the project manager position. Over time, project management has become integral to the organisation. IBM is a global business and technology leader, which shapes the future of society.

We regard ourselves as more than an IT company. In 2016, CEO Ginni Rometty described the dawn of a new era, with the IT industry fundamentally re-ordering at an unprecedented pace. In response to this, IBM is emerging as an AI solutions and cloud platform company.

The skills and abilities of our workforce drive transformation and ensure relevancy to the marketplace of tomorrow.

We are encouraged to:

  • Spend 40 hours every year to upskill;
  • Have a point of view;
  • Be socially eminent; and
  • Comfortable in a customer-facing situation.

We are provided with tools; for example, video, gaming and interactive eLearning techniques. New phrases and concepts are becoming part of our everyday vocabulary: agile, design thinking, calculated risk-taking and better collaboration.

IBM’s PMCOE is no exception to this transformation, and 2017 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Centre of Excellence. This clearly shows our ongoing commitment to project management as a key profession within the corporation. Our PM curriculum delivered globally and across all lines of business, consistently driving terminology and understanding across the company.

Question 1 (10 marks)

In the case study, IBM implemented project management. Provide five (5) reasons for the company’s increased interest in project management.

Question 2 (10 marks)

Over time, the IBM PMCOE has driven the integration of project management. It is, therefore, evident that this company continues to align to this strategy.

  • Discuss the importance of IBM PMCOE’s alignment of projects to strategy. Provide two reasons to substantiate your (4)
  • Provide three (3) examples to justify why the IBM PMCOE project manager should understand the strategic position of the (6)

Question 3 (10 marks)

You are the project manager at IBM, which operates in a fast-paced IT market. You need to convince management to implement a sound project priority system. Develop a process guide and indicate two (2) fair system selection techniques.


Question 4 (25 marks)

IBM Construction Company has set up a weighted scorecard to evaluate potential projects. Below are five projects under consideration.

Criteria Weight Project A Project B Project C Project D Project E
Strongsponsor 20% 5 1 8 9 0
Supportbusiness strategy 40% 0 0 3 10 2
Urgency 10% 9 3 6 1 10
10% sales from newproducts 10% 2 5 6 6 10
Competition 15% 2 2 2 5 5
Fill marketgap 5% 5 7 8 1 7
Total 100%
  • Use the weighted scorecard above to calculate the project with highest Motivate your answer and show your calculations. (10)
  • If the weight for “urgency” is changed from 10% to 50%, and “business strategy” is removed, will the project selection change? Calculate your answer and include the three (3) highest weighted project scores with the new (10)
  • Why is it important that the weights mirror critical strategic factors? Provide five (5) (5)


Question 5 (15 marks)

You are a project manager at IBM, tasked with building a community hall, estimated to take six months. The community is very interested in the project. Your sponsor, the municipal manager, requires frequent updates. Thirty staff members are involved in this project.

Use the table below to develop an appropriate communication plan to engage with all the stakeholders. Mention a minimum of three (3) types of communication that will be used.

Frequency Name of communication Objective/Rationale Communication channel Description
Mark allocation /3 /3 /3 /3 /3



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