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Information Systems Management

Information Systems Management 2500 words assignment.

Understand the central role of Information Systems in organisations

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Demonstrate knowledge of IT structures and emerging technologies

Comprehend the Internet and its place in the Information age

Online security

Hardly a week seems to go by without media reports of another computer system being “hacked” for financial gain, to cause disruption or just to show it is possible.

Your task is FIRSTLY to identify the common ways hackers use to gain access to systems and SECONDLY to analyse and evaluate the methods and systems that are being used to block the attacks and defend the systems.

Marking Criteria

Pass: In order to achieve a pass, your essay should accurately describe at least three strategies used by hackers and by organisations to counter those attacks.

Your essay should be clearly structured and written and make use of appropriate references and referencing style.

2.2: In order to achieve a 2:2 grade, your essay demonstrates a clear understanding of how those attack and defence strategies’ work.

Your essay should be clearly structured and written and make use of a range of appropriate references.

2.1: In order to achieve a 2:1 grade, your essay should locate those attack and defence strategies within the broader context of information syhstems management strategies.

Your essay should be clearly structured and written and make use of a range of appropriate references which you approach critically.

First: In order to achieve a First class mark, your essay should confidently locate, discuss and critique hacking and security strategies as they effect information systems management. Your essay should draw on a wide range of technical and critical literature.

Your essay should be clearly structured and written and make use of a range of appropriate references which you approach critically as well as material from news and current events.


  Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion Content, Style, Relevance and Originality Format and Referencing
  50% 30% 20%
0 – 30 Inadequate introduction, no evidence of background reading.  Poor discussion.  No conclusion. Poor presentation, no obvious structure, difficult to read. Spelling grammar mistakes. Limited, incomplete or no referencing.
31 – 40 Some attempt at an introduction; background information and rationale for the topic of the project, but not to an appropriate level.  Lack of evidence that student has understood the information, with a tendency to regurgitate facts.  Weak conclusion. Clearly presented, spell checked. Few sources referenced, only basic texts (e.g.Kumar and Clark) on a restricted range of subjects.
41 – 70 Adequate introduction. Adequate coverage of background information. Discussion demonstrates basic understanding, but limited to a factual account only, with little discussion.  Superficial reporting, no demonstration of in-depth understanding of topic. Conclusion does not raise issues for further exploration. Clear presentation with identifiable sections and conclusion. Basic sources listed on a limited range of subjects.  Referenced in Harvard.  Inaccuracies.
71 – 80 Appropriate introduction. Good coverage of background information on the topic. Discussion of area addressed shows good understanding. Good conclusion demonstrating curiosity. Readable and clear layout, good illustration with some diagrams and or examples, adequately annotated. Good range of literature and sources (since 1995), fully referenced in Harvard style.
81 – 100 Good introduction.  Interesting and comprehensive background information, demonstrating background reading/research. Discussion of topic covered in a way which shows a depth of understanding, exploration and synthesis of information, not superficial reporting of facts. Conclusion shows good integration of introduction and discussion, introduces issues for further exploration. Excellent presentation. Clear structure, well laid out (with signposts). Wide range of recent sources of literature listed, with full referencing in Harvard style.

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