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Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy and Assignment Sample

Contents of Integrated Marketing and Communication:

1.0 Introduction and Context

2.0 Campaign Objectives

3.0 Target market of the company

4.0 Integrated Marketing Communication

5.0 Sales promotion

6.0 Timeline, Cost and Return on Investment (ROI)

7.0 Timeline of the Company

8.0 Costing Strategy of IMC

9.0 Return on Investment

10.0 Conclusion

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1.0 Introduction and context:

Purition is an alternative to healthy meals and protein shakes.

They set out to create healthy and best possible protein shakes around the globe without adding the huge number of sweeteners and flavourings and no added artificial sweetener. This company is based on a protein containing drinks and shakes.

Purition is a perfect choice for women’s health because it is high in fibres, this binds with toxins and eliminate them out of our body.  (, 2019)

That’s why they produce a healthy dose of natural fats and fibre from whole food ingredients which is not commercially processed and has low nutrition powders.

This product has different flavours, each of its flavours contributes to the company’s good reputation. The company range is Coffee & Walnut, Strawberry, Macadamia & Vanilla, Chocolate (cocoa), Coconut, Almond, Pistachio, Vegan chocolate, Vegan hemp, Dairy-free Coffee & walnut, Dairy-Free Blackcurrant, Dairy-Free Strawberry and finally Dairy Free Vanilla.

The packaging of this product is unique as set by the company. It is tetra packed, which means the food product inside is safe from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Aim of the company is too artificial sugary shakes and try out there original and real food alternatives.

Purition is unique and is made with pure and simple whole food ingredients it is very beneficial for weight loss and key to success for healthy lifestyle their balanced blend of natural ingredients also provides fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy whole food fats, which treats your body with good health.

70 -75% of their ingredients come from Europe, which includes 45% from within the UK.

All of their ingredients are sourced via UK-based suppliers that are BRC accredited, and therefore it has procedures that include health & safety and more procedures

Assignment Sample

2.0 Campaign Objectives:

  1. Introduction of a Brand:

Purition first introduced itself in 2013 by Edward and Louise Taylor.

  1. Acquiring customers:

Started in 2013 Purition introduced itself to customers by sponsoring with the Fitness related companies and did many events to create awareness of the product among the public, i.e. Food Matters Live, Camexpo and Wholefoods 20% off Supplements etc. These events were organized in London, United Kingdom.

  1. Differentiation and value creation:

£22.95 each

If buy 3+ then for £16.65 each saving of 25%.

This price is according to the 500g pack, and it is used in 10-12 servings.

Purition is providing its customer with discovery boxes that contain all ranges of the products in 40g sachet, and the price of discovery box is just £12.99 (with free shipping).

  1. Increase sales and profits:

Initially, Purition staff started with an idea to provide athletes with a healthy diet with all essential nutrients in just one pack, this idea gradually grew by putting investment and organizing many events. Now Purition has grown to Large Company with many employees.

Purition increased its sale by building lucky draws such as World Chocolate Day giveaway which included bonus prizes and Whole foods 20% off supplements at London, these events automatically increased the turnover and profit of the company after the year 2014.

 (Bhasin, 2019)

Campaign Objectives

Businesses, G. (2018).


Natural Protein Powders and Meal Replacements | Purition. (2018

According to most of their customer’s review, most of their customers have this product with natural Greek yoghurt, in milk to make shakes, on its own and fruit may be added to make it a gorgeous smoothie. It can also be used in baking to make cakes, pastries etc. and customers also use in the making of sweet treats. (2018).

Natural Protein


Protein Isolate milk, golden flaxseed, coconut, sunflower cernels, strawberries black currant, raspberries, almonds, Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, psyllium husk, apple pectin, steviol glycosides.


Milk Almonds and sesame seeds

180 calories

15.6 g protein, 11g fats, 1.8g sugar.

 Milk Almonds and sesame seeds

3.0 Target market of the company:

The second most important apex in the strategic planning triangle is the target market. Identification of targets involves examining the best consumer prospects along with the various influencer, or channel audience’s multiple targets are frequently used, and it is important to understand and distinguish the potential interactions between these multiple targets, the multiple target’s descriptions should be precise impersonal.

In this company’s prospect, the target market or the customers are those people who are looking to lose their weight, body builders, people who love their body and wants to look smart and multi-age people who are need of nutrition or prescribed by the doctors to eat more nutritious, rich food.

Mostly targeted customers are middle age groups.

Professional athletes and other sports players:

Protein is an important diet for athlete and it is an important factor in workout fuel that it contains protein because working for two hours or beyond, researchers show that it burns 15% of calories of the total amount of calories obtained from protein by hydrolyzing the peptide bonds between amino acids and extracting them from muscle tissues, if this protein is not provided to the athlete more lean muscle tissue will be sacrificed. This is the big reason that in the market, the main customers are athletes, sportspersons and bodybuilders. [Lemon, PWR “Protein and Exercise Update” 1987].

Protein is consumed 1.2g to 2.0g per kilogram per day.

And this dietary requirement makes them the leading buyers of this protein product.

Protein – Why it’s Important for Endurance Athletes. (2018).

Health conscious consumers:

Individuals who follow well-oriented lifestyle are curious about nutrition fitness stress and their ecosystem they consider their responsibility and fitness, as well as they are brilliant buyers for health-related services and products, these are the people multi-age groups for the health and fitness are the rule of their life. These people buy products if they show a healthy status.

PW, K. (2018).

Trend Lovers/ Revolutionaries:

These types of customers love following current trends that rise on media. The mostly young generation is part of this where social media plays a significant role, they consider revolutionizing their lifestyles as the world is progressing.

Economic buyers:

These people buy products if they manage their budget well.

4.0 Integrated Marketing Communication:

Integrated Marketing Communications are those messages that address multiple consumer and non-consumer audiences and achieve synergy of messages and timing.



“ To communicate to specific audiences, to develop brand awareness, values and associations”. (Fill,2009: 483)

Two major aims of advertising:

  • Advertising is very effective and convincing as it increases buying rates of the consumer, and it builds up long lasting sales.
  • Purchasing attribute of the consumer is based on attitude and advertising influences the consumers with more knowledge, and it also makes the consumers exiting behaviour to buy product.

Advertising this new product Purition will be the best option for a start the sale and influence the people to buy this product and by targeting certain marketing places, this can be achieved through a social media campaign, newspapers, TV, Internet, radios etc.

5.0 Sales promotion:

A promotional activity or product that acts as an encouragement and appreciation to buy a product with a sudden and immediate response, it can be referred as directly to consumers, resellers or sales forces.

It is combined with other promotional activities to influence the selling and advertising of this product.

Sales promotion of Purition work as it is advertised and the benefits of using this product propagated through social media and as no other industry or company is involved in the production of this products, so this product or company out compete for the other companies in the market.

Methods for sales promotion:

  1. Deals and Discounts
  2. Product sampling
  3. Rebates

(, 2019)

Deals and discounts:

Price of the product is the main factor in the company’s target markets/ individual’s purchasing decisions. Not everyone has the capability to buy the expensive items.

Here Deals and discounts come into play. Deals can be really useful in attracting new customers. According to Hubba, a Canadian Online Retail Platform.

  1. Practically any item can be offered on sale, category of the product plays the main role in the frequency and timing of the company’s sale promotion
  2. Back-to-school is another type of trade promotion timing.
  3. Putting discounts on items may become a necessity, to attract customers on new products that the competitors have put on.

Product Sampling:

Allows customer to experience the company’s product via free samples.

An article published on times reports on the power of free samples. Companies like General Mills, Kraft, Unilever, and Procter and Gamble experienced that ” Free samples are power and cost less than the normal advertisements”.


Rebate gives money back to customers. Rebates can be gained as

  1. A coupon/ reduction in price
  2. Mail-in rebates or can be claimed later.

(Osborn, 2019)

Case Studies


Company profile: Producing a carbonated soft drink since 1893.

Campaign goals of Pepsi:

  1. Increasing product sales
  2. Increasing brand awareness by offering a billion dollars cash prize.
  3. Gaining sponsorship from many companies.

Steps taken by Pepsi:

Printed out unique codes under a bottle cap which coincided with Live Game show on WB channel. 1000 contestants were selected for this game show.

The contestants had to play an eliminate round to win the money.


The key is an effective strategy which Pepsi showed during it’s campaign. Giving away billion dollars is not an easy job and company is at high risk of losing money, but Pepsi partnered with SCA ( A provider of promotional risk coverage).

Steps followed by Pepsi,

  1. Coupons, i.e. QR codes printed under the bottle caps.
  2. Product Sampling: Lucky Draw in this case, attracting more customers to the product.

GB TGI, Kantar Media UK Ltd Q1 2007-11 (Oct-Sep)/Mintel

6.0 Timeline, Cost and Return on Investment (ROI):


It lets us view the chronology of the company’s marketing plan over time, from the objectives and strategy to completed action items. A timeline maybe a Gantt chart, calendar, or handwritten document which gives us the basis of organizing their marketing plan and provides a schedule that needs to be followed by the company.

7.0 Timeline of the Company


It is the total amount of cost that is associated with delivering the products or services that are given to the customers. It may also include the expenses that are linked with transferring title of goods to a customer, storing goods in company’s warehouses or in the promotion of goods or products that are sold and the distribution of the products.

Marketing Timeline Tips and Free Templates. (2018).

8.0 Costing Strategy of IMC:

Price of product:

£22.95 each

This price is according to the 500g pack and it is used in 10-12 servings.

Pricing strategy:

The company has very decent prices of all the products with keeping in mind the competitors in the markets and the company makes sure that the products they are producing are all good quality products and according to their aim (to provide natural protein shakes and nutritional shakes made with real food ingredients). According to one of their customers review that prices of Purition are cheap and the customers consumes it every day before going to work. The customers are also fascinated by the excellent delivery service, which in context with the product is free shipping. This shows that the company is well established with suitable prices that are not too high or too low.

The other IMC to consider are that to understand the market in depth.

Target the customers that are in need, the customer has a clear differentiation of alternative, not natural protein shakes. Company is well established, and now it is a know brand due to its Uniqueness and aim.

For promotion of their company is to get forward in their strengths and lower in their weaknesses and consider the future problems.


9.0 Return on Investment:

A measurement aimed to evaluate the ability of an investment to generate income. This ratio compares different investments choices made.

Formula to calculate Return on Investment:

  • Subtract the cost of investment made from its sale price
  • Divide the result by the cost of investment made


Net after tax income ÷ Total assets invested= Return on investment (Bragg and Bragg, 2019)

10.0 Conclusion:

The overall outcome of this Integrated Marketing Communication are the benefits that the company is bestowed with. Advertising promotes a new company into a recognized one, and it start its sales through this company’s pricing status takes ups and downs, and it is where the company make it marks and is known by millions. IMC is the most important element in the company’s development. Company’s owner recommendation to its client is that to have protein in their breakfasts to stabilise their blood sugar levels, improve mood and to transport hormones this all contributes in a fresh start of a day. Pricing strategy of the company is very reasonable, and they have the same prices for all their products depending on the size and Grams of product. This product is consumed by athletes, sports person and bodybuilders which need protein because they work for more than two hours or maybe three hours and if they do not have enough protein their muscle tissue gets used up.

Overall Purition is an excellent product for food, and its advertising is easy and effective. It can be easily propagated in the society among the friends and staff members because of its uniqueness, and it is used daily.

Integrated Marketing Communication provides the opportunity that reduces communication costs, it also has the potential to produce more effective communication, it shows clearer positioning, it leads to a cut in the number of supporting agencies. Most importantly, the above procedures encourage harmonized brand development in correlation with internal & external participants.


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