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This assessment is designed to qualify you for the Final Assessment. Your short paper should be around 1200 to 1500 words and will be submitted to the resignation box (unit 3.3) for analysis and feedback from your instructor.

There is NO GRADE committed to this paper. However, it is demanded that you submit the paper on or before the due date. This paper will also be sent within turn-it-in so that you have a good idea of the level of plagiarism that may be recognized through this study. The feedback for this study will be given on individual papers.

The turn-it-in report will be provided for each paper. Turn-it-in looks for beginnings that are copied or used before, therefore in most cases; your bibliography will be hailed as plagiarized. If that is all the community that is detected, you need not worry. If you have other paragraphs that are copied verbatim, then you need to rewrite these before submission.

Your final assessment needs you to provide a complete review of your company from the standpoint of a CEO. (Assume you are going to be the next CEO, what recommendations for change you would make to improve the company’s success). Therefore this Interim question allows you to start your research into the tools – Please do not provide your company assessment in your interim paper.


For this Interim Assessment, you will be expected to do research and find the assessment tools that are possible to provide an analysis of the Company. What are the various tools available to implement Company analysis? Your research should recognize the tools and how they are practiced. What are the benefits and limitations of these tools? What organization of tools would be best for your business & industry? Why?


  • The interim paper will be 1200 to 1500 words and will help you build a basis to complete your Final Assessment. WORD Documents only. NO PDF!
  • A Harvard Style bibliography (6-8 references) needed. Please add a Cover Page, and Index or Table of Contents and an Abstract.
  • This interim paper will not carry a standard – but will help you prepare for the final.
  • Do not your name on the Paper – it will be recognized electronically.

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