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IR5001 Theories and Concepts in International Relations Essay Assignment

IR5001 Theories and Concepts in International Relations Assignment Help


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 1500


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Your assignment for this course is a 1500-word essay. To do this, please pick ONE of the questions from the list on the next page, being careful to copy and paste the concept you have selected at the top of your essay, so that your examiners know immediately which concept you wish to discuss. Please DO NOT make up your own variation on the concept, or discuss a dictionary meaning of the term you select.  Please remember that you are being examined on the quality of your academic research and academic understanding, as well as your presentation and referencing. So please make sure you avoid overly descriptive passages.

Once you have selected the concept you wish to discuss, begin by defining and discussing the concept in detail and how it is central to understanding substantive topics in International Relations: for instance, the concept of the coloniality of power challenges claims that knowledge about IR is universal and/or objective and calls attention to the history of violence that has shaped hierarchies in the ‘international’.  This approach to IR leads to very different understanding of substantive issues (and policy recommendations) across the field of IR. Each of the concepts listed is core to a theory of International Relations.  Identify the theory, discuss how the concept orients analysis; what are its strengths and limits? Does the concept provide a more effective analytical tool to diagnose a substantive topic (in the example provided above, the ‘coloniality of knowledge’ helps us understand why and how hierarchies in IR are produced and sustained, why a cosmopolitan global civil society cannot be easily forged and why the standards of civilization remain resolutely European).

Essays may include references to industry literature and debates, but they must include a thorough critical discussion of the ideas in at least 3 academic texts. These academic texts should usually be selected from the lecture reference list, as students are being tested on their understanding of this course. Occasional exceptions to this are permissible, as and when a student wishes to use their own initiative in the research process, but key theories need to be drawn from the course.

An additional word of warning: students should be careful not to rely too much on texts included in other assignments for this course, or for other courses (as this can easily lead to self-plagiarism). They also need to be very careful to consider whether texts chosen from outside of the course are appropriate for an examination in this subject. Performing keyword searches on Google without enough academic understanding can lead to students picking some very inappropriate choices, which can lead to the deduction of marks.  So, if in any doubt, stick to the texts discussed on the course.

In terms of presentation, all essays should be double spaced, and should include appropriate references inside the body of the text, and in the Bibliography. Any standard reference style may be used (Harvard or Chicago, for instance), but you must use it consistently throughout the essay.

For the purposes of this assignment, the Bibliography does not count towards your word limit. Students who need to do so (for language or disability reasons) may use a professional proof-reader to check for basic grammatical and spelling errors. They are not permitted to use a proof-reading service which would significantly alter the structure or sense of their essay: that constitutes academic misconduct. Students should also be careful not to work too closely together with peers, as this can also lead to too much overlap between their assignments, which may also constitute academic misconduct.




White World Order

Global Colour Line

Ontological Anti-Blackness

Security Dilemma

Balance of power and balancing

The ‘logic of appropriateness’

The ideational/normative structures of the international system

The (social) identities of states




The colonial gaze


Civil Society


Regime of Truth



Feminist Curiosity

Gender Mainstreaming

Feminisation of Labour

Visibility in Global Politics

The Aesthetic Turn in IR

Compassion Fatigue (in the context of Visual Politics)

Affective communities

Emotion Norms

Emotional Labour




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